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Attempt to make adoptables
Ok so I would advise you to read my AU story to buy 1 and 6

#1: Marionette x Kristian
50 points

#2: FT. Foxy x Nightmare
Nightmare Fox
50 points

#3: FT. Freddy x Ballora
Funtime Bear
50 points

#4: Foxy x Toy Chica
Hybrid chicken fox
At this point

#5: Phantom Chica x Phantom Mangle x Phantom Marionette
I don't even know what it is
you should know

#6: R. Freddy x Playtime Bonnie x Foxy
Like a Fox, bear, rabbit hybrid
that all

#7: Lolbit x Golden Freddy
Golden Fox
of these

#8: Withered Chica x Mangle
Chicken Fox Hybrid

#9: SP x Scrap Baby
Puppet Clown

#10: Nightmare Freddy x Rockstar Bonnie
Nightmare Bear
last night I had a dream and my father was Lucifer/Satan. Hand down, best dream I've ever had
KP-ShadowSquirrel I took the Icegirl drawing and I ruined it
I am so sorry



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

As you all may or may not know, I have created a FNAF AU
So I might as well talk about it, but first, here:
Playtime animatronic for AU
This link will show you what the animatronics should look like, but it's very basic.
ANYWAYS, lets begin.

The story begins where this girl (but refers to herself as 'Mr. Fine', though we'll call her K) begins to work in the Pizzeria known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria with her brother, William Afton. K heard that her brother wasn't doing so good in the Pizzeria that he worked in, which contained the Toys and Funtimes/SL mascots. She offered to take over in working in the new Pizzeria, and Afton agreed. She started working for many years. Soon the Pizzeria became unsafe for her, her brother, the animatronics (who became really close with her), the kids, and her assistant, Toby (who is a girl), so she lit the Pizzeria on fire. All the kids fled the establishment, leaving K, Afton, Toby, and the animatronics inside. The only ones who survived were K, Afton, Toby, Golden Freddy, The Marionette, Lefty, and Mangle. They found all the burnt animatronics, but the one thing that survived are the memory chip. Toby, K, and Afton rebuilt the animatronics and Pizzeria. Funtime Chica, Music Man, Pluto, and the Mediocre Melodies are still the same, BB and JJ are Rockstars, and Kennith is now a FunTime.

EDIT: I FORGOT TO MENTION some of the animatronics have different names now!
Foxy: Felix
Molten Freddy: Malfred (It's like Alfred but his first name is Mal and last name is Fred so we just call him Malfred)
Scrap Baby: Service Baby
Ballora: Service Ballora

The Fanchildren I created are now the PartyTime models.
If you guys wanna join the AU, go right ahead! Just send me the link of your character.
BTW Mr. Fine's real name is Krista/Kristian Afton. Also the reason why her other name is Dr. Fine is because she fixed the animatronics.


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Mr.Fine ~ Dr.Fine
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
My favorite FNaF ships are Molten Freddy x Lefty, Jack-O-Chica x N. Mangle, FT. Lolbica, and Golden Trap.
Please respect my and other people's ships
I might not like every ship (and some of them I hate), but don't be mean about it
*cough**cough* Fangle fans *cough* *COUGH COUGH* *GAGS*
ALSO I am a female, but PLEASE don't call me Ms./Mrs. Fine, call me Mr./Dr. Fine
thank you


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