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October 29, 2006
From the Spice Girls to Charlie Chaplin, Richard Simmons to Darth Vader; there's something for everybody in 150 Cartoon Friends! I'm once again breaking my own guidelines to feature this. The crisp lines, wonderful colors and the fact that everything is perfect right down to the smallest detail won me over. This is a fantastic project that was well worth the time spent bringing it to life. Be sure to stop by ~thisisanton's gallery!
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150 Cartoon Friends



UPDATE 06-18-09
I finally made a book! :clap: If you fancy a copy you can get it here: [link] or [link]

Well I'm glad this little project is over. Here are 150 Cartoon Friends you can enjoy. Most of them are from TV, movies, video games, comics, etc...I also managed to include some of my friends. I might do another set of Cartoon friends (I know I left some cool characters out) but not anytime soon...If you have any suggestions for characters let me know, I'll be sure to add them on the next set.

Best to look in full view. Oh, the file size might be kinda big so be patient.

Thanks for checking it out.

UPDATE: 10-29-06 - Holy crap I got a daily deviation. That's pretty damn cool, thanks a lot for checking this out and adding it to your favorites. I'll be working on a second one soon, and I'll keep in mind of all of the suggestions I've gotten. Rock on!

UPDATE: 02-20-07 - The second set of Cartoon Friends is finished, if you haven't seen it check it out [link]

There's been a lot of people copying this lately and I'd really appreciate it if you come up with your own stuff. Just be creative!
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What...? No Sonic...?