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Published: March 17, 2003
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I did this because... well, you surely know why.
I know i'm late.. but i think its never too late. Never.

All profits generated from sales of this print, by both myself and deviantART, will be donated to an aid organization that provides direct help to civilian victims of the war in Iraq.

Thank you.

If you like you may freely use/show/post/print this, whithout any special permission, on the web or anywhere else, as long as you leave it as it is.

Renderings done in Cinema 4d, everything else in Illustrator.
Text partial taken and changed from: 'The Matrix' (C) Warner Bros.

UPDATE: I realized that my first font selection wasn't that good. I love the broken helevtica, but it simply doesn't looks very good on a big poster.

° thisign ° (03/2003)

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SeraphoidStudent Digital Artist
the blu pill!
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Ancient-HoofbeatsStudent General Artist
You've been featured in an article called "More Precious Than Gold"! [link]
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sehr schön :-). allerdings hätte ich vielleicht die anspielung auf bush weggelassen und es passend zum text auf der frieden-packung gestaltet, der kerl ist zwar ohne zweifel ein riesenarsch aber die geschichte hat noch einen ganzen haufen anderer kriegstreibender riesenärsche hervorgebracht.
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KenjiliciousProfessional Interface Designer
best piece of art I've seen since centuries. Well done <3 :+fav:
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Tei-reiHobbyist Writer
Instant classic. Just add people.
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xaphan Interface Designer
eh, i don't agree fully with the message being given to the viewer here, mainly because you are mixing politics with emotion, which shouldn't always be the case.

i consider myself a super liberal, but i'm gonna have to say that ignorance does not breed war. it sometimes breeds peace because people refuse to stand up against passive opression and silent hatred.

if anything the piece made me think.

good job on that.
the 3d work is quite nice too.
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NatureofMindProfessional General Artist
absolute and undying love for this work right here, love it
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melihProfessional Digital Artist
Hey, I loved this one.
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westcoaster Photographer
Great concept.
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girl-withagunProfessional Digital Artist
I'm sure you've been told this a thousand times - but I absolutely love this piece!!! Did you make these in photoshop or render them in a 3d program? They look stunning.
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December 22, 2004, i swore to follow the orders of the commander-in-chief - not like them. and i don't. four of my family members served over in the persian gulf, and i most likely will too. i hope that all of the civilians in the united states realize that not all of us soldiers are bloodthirsty, warmongering evildoers. we just want to serve the country that gave us all this oppurtunity.

peace out, yo.
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Thanks for your comment.
I understand that patriotism is a strong force -not only, but as well- in the U.S. But please consider that the stonger the patriotism, the easier it is for the people who are impersonating the country at a time (the government) to misuse that patriotism for their own goals.
In my opinion there are much better ways to serve a country than to be a soldier, who is just to be expected to follow orders without thinking about them.
The greed for power is a very stong force. There is only one medizine against it: knowledge.

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this work is really great! lots of respect!:)
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This is probably one of the best devitations I've seen on dA in a very very very long time..

Absolutely great fucking job. :thumbsup:
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FreakingMuseProfessional General Artist
the idea is great. i wish more people would take the blue pill :/
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beautiful work,
sending this link to all i know.
you really put a lot of though into this- its quite clear. Using the matrix(a popular theoretical/action film) to engage with the general consensus of deviantART viewers. The detail you have put into the capsules and their boxes are beautiful. I love the small writing in the top right corner of each box. The war capsules are heavier than the Peace ones. I hope im picking up on the symbolism that its easier(lighter) to pick up a gun then to help up an innocent. But we must work hard to change they're expectations of us. We will stand up and choose to think, to question and to doubt their leadership- doubt their goals. Hope i got that correct, im sure you didnt just enter that information in for no particular reason. Excellent subtlety, "Remember: the world is not like they want you to believe it is." I'm sure someone else saw that this statement isnt about George Bush, but about politicians as a whole. The world does not need guns, the world does not need policing or enforcement of these politicians laws. WAKE UP. Realise that this is not the world, war is not an answer- it is a problem.

also- a dozen ninjas couldve got saddam out with a lot less bloodshed ;)
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Thanks for your nice comment. I'm especially happy when someone take the time to look at the little details...
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shutterbabe81 Photographer
I don't agree with what you put down here....but that's not why I'm posting. I love the seamlessness, the simplicity and the overall precentation (very professional). Wonderful work. !!! Just remember freedom is never free, someone has to fight for it, whether it's you or someone else. But again I love the work you've put into this!!!

"the price of freedom is eternal vigolance" -- thomas jefferson.
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I dont agree to parts of your post either, but hey, thats what freedom of speech is about, right? :)
Just one thing, you're absolutly right, peace is not free at all... and if you think about the text on the picture a bit longer, you will maybe come to the conclusion that this is also not the meaning of "available for free".
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MyangelofmusicHobbyist Digital Artist
Brilliant idea!
Excellent message delivered!

No more words need to be said.
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nordlanderProfessional Interface Designer
Amazing, a favourite for sure. On the subject of propaganda, check out Machinae Supremacy's two latest songs, related to this context...


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fantastic. the concpet of the idea is brilliant, as well as the composition and design. shame I missed it as a DD the first time. excellence all round! :)
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