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Prism Ponies - also known as prism-wing ponies, resplendent wings, radiant wings, and less frequently rainbow wings - are a specific breed of pegasi who possess vibrant multi-coloured primary and secondary feathers which typically match the color patterns of their manes and tails. Although three or four-toned manes/tails/feathers are among the most common, a considerable number of the Prisms have been documented as only having one or two tones. The prism pony population is primarily an artistically/philosophically minded society who favor stories, mythology, architecture, song, and dance over warlike aggression. History has proven that even in a hostile wartime scenario the prisms fighting approach on the battlefield relies heavily upon tricks and intricate aerial displays in which they they soar swiftly in vast numbers and utilize their colorful feathers to both perplex and instill a strong sense of frightened awe in their foes (hopefully forcing them to flee in either panic or confusion so that no physical injury is necessary on either side)

This deceptive approach to threatening rather than destroying malicious outsiders is nothing new, as is demonstrated by a centuries old prism pony legend centered around the ancestors of the current prism-wings and a massive hydra which was said to have one-hundred heads which spat fire and poisonous black bile. The hydra, according to legend, had terrorized Ponyland for many months and no great hero nor army had yet possessed the strength to slay the beast despite numerous attempts and the most advanced weaponry available at the time. When news of the hydra reached the throne of the prism queen, she devised a clever plan to save her subjects from it's path of destruction: she would gather everypony in her kingdom capable of flight, young and old. Then she would arrange them in several very long lines which were said to touch the horizon before directing the lines to stand in rows. When the time came, her subjects would take to the skies and pursue the hydra. And believing itself to be under attack by a massive, multi-colored, airborne rainbow serpent of some variety, the hydra did indeed flee beyond the boundaries of Ponyland and was never seen nor heard of again.

There appear to be many documents from various cultures which date back to the same period in history and corroborate this legend, and so many pony researchers currently believe the story to be much more than just a mere fillies tale.

(P.S. The prism ponies are nothing more than a concoction which I quite literally dreamt up and do not actually exist in the form of any cartoon character, stuffed toy, or plastic figurine (well, apart from the extraordinarily rare G1 Ringlet!). I thought that it was only good manners to inform you all of this unfortunate fact right from the get-go so that no one would later vainly and sleeplessly comb the web for a non-existent prism pony plaything. D:)
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