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My Little Size Chart

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Herr Strider and I thought our ponyverse was so big and had so many races it warranted it's own size chart. We wanted to make a great big one which included every pony race, but it got to the point where we couldn't extend the image's witdth any further and had to stop. ^^;

From Left to Right/Largest to Smallest:

Eisen Drache, a male dragon/Hengstan mare hybrid. There aren't any Hengtans on the chart, but they're about the same size as the Balkarian (the grey/white splotchy one). Equids don't come any bigger than Eisen, not unless they're part alicorn. This pony powerhouse needs a lot of meat to haul his big muscles around, and a wingspan that makes a condor's look like a hummingbird's to lift them off the ground. Despite their appearance, dronies are gentle giants.

General Klaus, a jumbo-sized Hengstan gryphon. He's isn't as strong as the younger Eisen Drache, but he's old and wiley and full of tricks. Notice anything different about him? :D

Queen Celestia. Because there's a word for a female royal who rules a country, and despite what Hasbro thinks it's not princess.

Samodeervi, from the Slavic Samodivi, which is the Eastern European equivalent of a fairy. Half doe, half pony, these desceptively fragile-looking xenophobes can be found deep within the dark caves and ethereal forests of Balkaria. They never stray far from their magical pools, which they guard fiercely.

Amircorn. Amircorns are invariably white with blue manes and eyes. All Amircorns are female, and like Samodeervi they prefer to be left alone but will occasionally allow the odd lost stallion to wander into their groves for procreational purposes. If a colt is born  - which will take after it's father and only resemble an Amircorn, if at all,  in little ways (a curvey horn, unusual eyes, dainty body, et cetera) - it's mother will visit the nearest settlement to scout for a suitable family before depositing the foal on a their doorstep to be adopted.

Amunet, Queen of Kemet (or Zegypt, as I like to call it. :D) Kemetian nobles shave their manes and tails and don wigs to prevent lice.

Umkhonto. Inspired by the Zulu tribe, the name Herr Strider and I settled upon means "spear," a weapon their real world counterparts are famous for.

Sharifa, Saddle Arabia's Calipha. Saddle Arabian royals are slightly taller than commoners. A rare handful of Saddle Arabians are pegasi, but for the most part earth ponies rule the roost.

Amira, a Saddle Arabian delegate.

Balkarian. Balkarian unicorns have an unusual feature not found in any other pony race - their horns spiral in the opposite direction. She towers over the citizens of Ponyville, but this Balkarian is of an average height for the mares in her neck of the woods. This is because Balkarians (and everything to the left of Shining Armor apart from Luna and Celestia) come from a different continent where magic isn't as common and couldn't always be relied upon to fend off danger, so the ponies grew larger and relied mainly on physical force to survive.

Princess Luna. After losing her cutie mark in Twilight's Kingdom, Herr Strider and I noticed that the black blotch on her flank stayed put, meaning it was a patch of fur. We came up with the idea that Luna was actually Celestia's half-Balkarian half-sister (possibly illegitimate, which could explain her unpopularity.)

Thrushian, and a blue-eyed blonde at that! Careful now, don't let The General spot you! I'm just kidding, Klaus is already married. To Germany.

Shining Armor's throne should be shaped like a surfboard. He's the same height as any other royal guard/clydesdale.

Flutter Pony. Benevolent nectar-lovers, these peaceful insectoid ponies prefer to distance themselves from other races. A sparkling powder on their wings is the only thing capable of dissolving smooze.

Zecora. Herr Strider and I pondered for a while how we could make her fit into our ponyverse even though zebras, in our fannon, are much taller than she is. And then we remembered the pygmies of the rainforests of Central Africa. It would certainly explain her expertise with plants, and why she prefers the dark, misty Everfree Forest to something more stereotypically African, like the hot dusty deserts of Appaloosa.

Princess Twilight Sparkle is going to outlive all her friends. :dummy:

Gilda. We had a hard time fitting her into our fannon too. She could be a pygmy gryphon, there are all sorts of birds and since the Thrushians designs are all based off real birds they must vary widely in size. I also like to think that a roving band of gryphons lead by one Leif Eagleson stumbled upon Equestria long ago, became smaller over the generations like the little ponies, and Gilda is one of their descendants. :D

Twinkleshine is my favorite background unicorn. She's plain, but somehow always manages to catch my eye.

Scootaloo should've gotten her cutie mark in Flight to the Finish! I mean, für Gott's sake! :stare:

Equestrian Toddler.

Equestrian Newborn.

Sheltic Pony. Though no bigger than one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, this mare is a fully grown adult. Sheltics have longer, scruffier pelts than other ponies.

Sheltic Child. He's the same age as Scootaloo, despite being half her size.

Sheltic Toddler.

Sheltic Newborn. He's so tiny he could stretch out and fall asleep on Eisen's head.
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Eisen Drache is my favourite. Yay for gentle giants.

Thrushian is a cutie as well. <3
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I admit that I just looked at all the pretty Horses/Ponies, or the "Bobbies" as I called all horses for years of my childhood because the first horse I ever met & LOVED was called Bobby. I didn't read the descriptions but Even so, I LOVE the cultural respect shown here. It's not just Western- stereotypes of "native clothing" but what looks like well researched attire & the icing on the top of your brilliance? You have different characters from the same backgrounds choosing to "represent" differently. Not everyone lives in strict adherence to the tenants of their culture but that doesn't mean they abandon all fath in or signs of their people's way of life.
Really Well Done (both of you)
Galaxyart7's avatar
i love your art style 
NEOVOIID's avatar
Oooh now I wanna draw General Klaus confronting Celestia... I don't know but Crispy your artwork is beautiful!
equigoyle's avatar
I'm not sure why you paved a mature filter on this. I like these sketches. The details arts great! I haven't drawn much of my own draconian ponies but hopefully soon I'll get around to it.
AdrenalineAndSoma's avatar
Because nazis. One of these characters is blatantly a nazi.
DragonStrider's avatar
There are no Nazis in this picture.
AdrenalineAndSoma's avatar
??????? Yes? There are? The lack of a swastika doesn't make General Klaus any less of an obvious Nazi. It's still pretty damn obvious.
DragonStrider's avatar
None of the characters represented here are political Nazis including Klaus' current incarnation.
equigoyle's avatar
Ah. Gotcha. 0.o
ChrisSawyerArt's avatar
I really really love this! Everyone looks fantastic, and it makes me wish there could be a movie with characters styled like yours. :)
Drangelu's avatar
Awesome designs!! :wow:
Khimera's avatar
This is absolutely amazing!
SummonerStripclub's avatar
those Zebra are absolutely gorgeous!
Kodelaine's avatar
I never realised how big General Klaus is! OuO;
This is so cool, I love lineups like this :heart:
Shadowwolf's avatar
holy crap, I LOVE this! Your concept of the canon character is beautiful, just wonderful! And these other characters you've created, wow! I want to see moreeee
the reason celestia is called a princess can be explained in two ways, both easy. first, equestrian might use different names for people in power than earth, but I feel that one is a copout. the other is that she is not the sole ruler of equestria. she shares power with luna, and even kept the title of "princess" while luna was banished out of respect.
kilarbos's avatar
You have a really good art 
too bad you make nazi shit
that kind of ruins it
Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
Ikr? x.x
when I look at her gives me this sick feeling. Like it makes me think of a wolf in sheeps skin: it looks innocent but it could kill and maim you, like the Nazi's.
My hate for Nazi's, and Nazi themed art is stronger since I watched several Nazi related documentaries about auchwitz. All the poor people :C
Crispy is sick if she thinks Nazi's are cool.
kilarbos's avatar
I know. But well, that's artistry for you.
Wasting talent on shit like this.
Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
I just....uhg...Maybe I'm sensitive when I see human or animal suffering, but...I just can't stand thinking that today there could be people who support Nazi's and what they did... its not about religion, its just the fact that they killed millions of innocent little child, starved people, and just outright treated them brutally. It all makes me incredibly sad and sick at my stomach, which is why I had to stop watching history documentaries about them. It makes me think, "So many lives wasted..."

I used to think, sometimes I'd like to go back into time and ask the Nazi's how they could be so cruel, as EVERYONE is a human being deserving of kindness like everyone else, no matter the religion.
I still feel the same way, though I've tried to start a conversation with Crispy, but she never answers, and if she does...she makes no flipping since, neither do her DA descriptions, and the way she draws them.
Also, did you notice she was trying to bring christmas into Nazism? I don't believe Nazi's celebrated it, cause isn't christmas a religious thing?
kilarbos's avatar
Don't question nazis, they're not human.
sheepuns's avatar
This is really amazing! I love how much effort went into this.
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