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I Was Born With Wings



Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I read a My Little Pony oriented fanfiction--

-Every Single Care Bear: "You dirty double-crosser!!"

--in which Tambelon returns to Dream Valley, the Witches of Mt. Doom engulf Baby Ribbon and Baby Gusty in this ginormous twister which transports them far ahead into the history of Ponyland where they meet Sweetheart, BonBon, Bright Eyes and the rest of the Tales gang,

'Lil Gusty ends up losing an eye in this wicked dual with Tambelon's mentally challenged donkey-esque minion thinger,

And Clover winds up uncovering the long-kept-secret fact that she's really a Flutter Pony!

Huh? Whaddya' mean "I guess she just never noticed the wings"!?

No, no, no you nincompoops! I mean, we all know Clover's a little bit dizty at times, but there's a fine line between 'light-hearted' and 'light-headed'!

Clover's folks had them removed shortly after birth. Why, you ask? Because they're even bigger air-heads than Clover, that's why. And because the already action packed storyline apparently didn't contain enough cosmic pony madness for his/her liking so they lopped off a baby pony's wings for effect. XDD

Holy crap you guys, why don't you just hack off her tiny little legs while you're at it? Hey, if you don't want her, donate her to the Antlion Empire! We could sure use a flying steed. In fact...

*Cut to a shot of Crispy Kat, soaring high above the whispy puffs of white clouds, whilst perched on the back of a very, young looking flutter. Only being about half the cat's size, and possessing only tiny, translucent, barely formed baby wings, the fledgeling clearly was struggling under Crispy's weight*

-Crispy: "YEEEAH!"

-Baby Clover: *huff* "You a widdle too heavy, kitty..." *puff*

-Crispy: "YEEEAH!"

-Baby Clover: "We're goin' down!"

-Crispy: "YEEEAH!"

*No longer having enough energy to beat her tiny wings, the little flutter plunges down to terra firma. Falling at a rapid pace, upon finally coming into contact with the ground she acts as a sort of pony plow, plungeing deep into the ground leaving a landing trail similar to that of a speeding comet when in crashes down to earth. By the time she comes to a full and complete stop only the tops of Crispy's pale ears can be seen*

-Crispy: "Yeeeah"

S'okay though, don't feel sad. Turns out Flutter ponies eventually shed/re-grow their sparkling wings somewhere around, ohhh, saaay...Clover's age! :D

So she gets 'em back, honest. :)
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I love Clover as a Flutter Pony. :heart: