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Harry Potter and The Summoner's Stone
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Published: September 21, 2017
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No, I didn't misremember the title, and yes, that is a Burmecian. It'll all make sense soon, so don't worry. :'D

It's kind of a long story. See, my "parents" were a couple of crazy, deeply dysfunctional fundamentalists who were allergic to fun and whimsy (think Christian Dursleys, now crank the child abuse to one billion) so I was one of those unlucky kids who was banned from watching the movies/reading the books since because the devil. Little did they know I would browse the TV guide for Sorcerer's Stone and watch it in secret when they weren't present, and I must've had TV access a few months into 2002 (at some point in 2002 my parents unsubscribed to our TV provider since because the devil) because I remember watching Chamber of Secrets, too. A few years later I was by some miracle allowed to own a Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire DVD, even though by then the folks were now 10 times more mad and strict than ever before. That's proof enough for me that magic exists. Prisoner of Azkaban was damaged somehow within a year or so of it's purchase and became unwatchable, but I still have Goblet of Fire which I watched ad nauseum. Beyond that I didn't have anything more to do with the franchise up until a few months ago, unless you count the time I saw Order of The Phoenix in extremely poor quality on YouTube over a decade ago.

So what's all this got to do with Final Fantasy IX? Well, the Harry Potter craze began in earnest in 2001, the same year I first played FFIX. Why a game with mages, eidolons, baphomets and this motherfucker was allowed in the house when Harry Potter was off limits is one of life's great mysteries. Save yourself the headache and chalk it up to mental illness, that's what I do. Anyway, because they both came out around the same time and I wasn't properly allowed to delve into the Potter universe and really get a feel for the atmosphere of that world (and because I think human characters are boring) FFIX's feel ended up leaking over into Potter's feel and creating some sort of nostalgia chimera... does that make any sense?

I even used to imagine Harry as a Burmecian and Hogwarts swimming with moogles and FFIX furry people eons ago when I frequented and, Brahne's left tit, if I thought the movies were confusing, I wasn't at all prepared for fan content written by the people who'd actually read the books. Bellatrix? Horcruxes? The Veil? To parrot an internet meme: "What are thooose?!"

I had no idea what was going on half the time. Thankfully those days are over now, I've borrowed the complete set of books from a friend and I only just started reading Goblet of Fire yesterday. Still, I can't shake that old imagery in my mind's eye of Mognet moogles delivering mail to the Great Hall or Ron protecting his pet oglop from a serval-looking Crookshanks, like that cat NPC from the inn in Dali. The butterfly effect is funny like that, isn't it? Two abusive fanatics bar their kid from watching a thing and that kid not only grows up watching it anyway but, as a direct result of their actions, pores over a furry offshoot of the thing they don't like and ultimately shows a picture to potentially thousands of people on the internet, ensuring a wider ring of viewers will be exposed to/gravitate toward the unliked thing.

And your kid becomes a staunch atheist with a penchant for oppositional defiance. Expect much more magical, whimsical, Harry heresy from me in the future, courtesy of my folks. :)

Moral #1: Do not force your beliefs on your kids.
Moral #2: Do not force your beliefs on your kids.
Moral #3: Seriously, how is this legal?
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SelenmarieneHobbyist Writer
LOL, Harry Potter is a mouse
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DragonStriderHobbyist General Artist
Forget Hogwarts, I preffer to go to the Lindblum air academy or become an engineer! Hogwarts needs to get it's shit together first and foremost.
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mamaOODHobbyist Traditional Artist
Please continue with the Harry Potter heresy! I love being heretical! :D
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mamaOODHobbyist Traditional Artist
This isn't the first time I saw something like this, Cat.
I had a very religious friend from a very, VERY religious family (ironically, when I met her, her family has been into religion for about an year and it was the dad that had made them go all godly ... creationist godly :D ). 
We were ok, she wasn't trying to convert me or anything, so we got along fine. One time I was invited at her house guest for a week and stayed at her brother's room while visiting. Being of a foxy, curious nature, I snooped around for a little bit (not opening drawers with silly underwear, I promise), just looking around the shelves and the desk.
So what do I see on the desk next to the PC? A bible, some bible related books, more bible brochures and a book entitled something along the line of 'Harry Potter and the dangers of the somethingsomething ideas'. :stare: I opened the first page and I read what I can only describe as fear-mongering for kids :D
The book is dangerous for those religious nut jobs because it preaches (Get it? I did a funny :D ) acceptance, friendship and tolerance with strange people , which the Bible people hates - people with disabilities and mental illness, gay, any non-white peoples etc :D
Moral of the story:  Do not force your beliefs on your kids. :D
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The heck? Books like that really exist? xDDD I have met some super duper religious Bible people, but this...xD

Another moral: don't marry with weird men who later force you and your kids to be religious. xD
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mamaOODHobbyist Traditional Artist
They do! And I was as shocked as you are now :D Instead of teaching kids to be understanding (that isn't to say love or like everyone necessarily, just understand ) towards the people and the world around them, they prefer to teach kids how to segregate and discriminate properly. Yay! -_-
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Ho gosh... XD
Super-religious people are really crazy ! Harry Potter and Pokémon are NOT super satanist or something like this, helloooooooo !!!!!

Moral of the story:  Do not force your beliefs on your kids. Never.
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What if your belief is to not force beliefs on people
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Not to force someone in anything is great in fact.
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What about forcing someone to go to prison because they broke the law
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The law is the law, sometimes good or not. To force and not to force, what's good or wrong is a waste question, not so simple to answer quickly with my poor english.

I like the french proverb : "One person's freedom ends where another's begins."
After that, everyone has to be as smart as possible and do what's is the best according to this simple proverb I guess.
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mamaOODHobbyist Traditional Artist
There're some universally acknowledged 'truths that are self-evident' (5 points to Ravenclaw, if you get the reference), if you want to be included in society - don't be a dick, don't kill or rape people, mind your damn business :D
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I agree all of this :D
But, shame on me, I don't have the ref, nooo !!!
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mamaOODHobbyist Traditional Artist
I never got my letter for Hogwarts Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] 
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NanapupuHobbyist General Artist
I still wait for it. They must have lost it or something...
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mamaOODHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't care how old I am, I will wait for the letter till my last days!
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DentonCloneHobbyist Writer
Oh my Alexander, this is is absolutely magic. As a diehard Final Fantasy IX fan and Potter lover this delights me on so many levels. Your vision of Hogwarts and the game's world entwined is pretty beautiful. You draw a pretty damn fantastic Burmecian too. They seem to be a species hard for artists to get right sometimes.
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Cryos-RHobbyist Writer
FF 9 is my favorite final fantasy. I'd comment more but my brain is Jello.
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My parents made me eat sand and refused to let me believe in colours. 
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My sympathies. I was fortunate enough to have parents who trusted my intelligence and discernment. They prevented me from watching and reading certain things but that was more because I was a tender-hearted scaredy cat as a child (was seriously afraid of "The Bunny Song", which is from the series Veggie Tales, a much beloved series by Christians and non-Christians alike) than because they thought the things were bad. There was also "You're not allowed to watch Digimon" but that was because they thought it was a cheap Pokemon rip off, not because they thought it was demonic.
I share their political and religious views but that's because they make sense, not because they were forced on me.
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HellypseProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, and about wizards, kids and religion : have you seen the movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them" ? If not, you should, you REALLY should.
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HellypseProfessional Digital Artist
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Je lui ai ordonné hier :D
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