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Grab Bag III



- Doodle no. 1 -

A young Goodluck Bear lending a helping paw to a rather nervous Polite Panda who is only just beginning to learn the fine art of walking. Or, erm...wobbling, as the case may be! x3
- Doodle no 2 -

The Manx Mouse had the longest of ears and- I almost forgot! - that his feet made him look like a rabbit at times, but of course he was not.

(It's true, I know he looks just like little a blue rabbit, but he's really, truly, and honestly a mouse! Go and watch this movie if you don't believe me! [link] :D)

- Doodle no. 3 -

-Crispy: "Waiter Bear?"

-Bishounen Bear: "Classy Heart?"

-Crispy: "Host Bear?"

-Both: "Hmmmn... .. Ah, Eureka! Yaoi Bear!! ♥"

-Bishounen Bear: "Oh thank you dear, he's just what I've always wanted!~"

-Crispy: "Ah, say no more, say no more old chum! Now, why don't you go ahead and 'try him on for size'? ;P"

-Yaoi Bear: *now being dragged off* "H..hey! This is moral outrage, you can't show that on DeviantArt! You can't do this to me. I want a judge! I want my lawyer! I want my mommy! Haaalp!! D:"
- Doodle no. 4 -

Pika-Power! :iconwhackamoleplz:
- Doodle no. 5 -

Everybody's most favoritest white lion :iconimhappyraveplz:
- Doodle no. 6 -

Bambi variety fawn Cousin. Because customs don't have to be one solid colour :)
- Doodle no. 7 -

Well of course Big Brother Ponies can has magic too! Their not all just macho bumpkins like those nincompoops at Dream Valley. Yeah, that's right you little so-and-so's, you heard me! What with your 4-Speed, and Quarterback, and Tex, and Steamer...

Well, maybe not Steamer. He's alright. REAL clydesdales wear PINK. :iconohjoyplz:
- Doodle no. 8 -

I don't even know. D:

It's a Carbuncle, isn't it? Doesn't anyone else think it looks like Carbuncle? Who let Square Enix into my doodle page? :iconwthplz:
- Doodle no. 9 -

Mongolian Wild Horse Cousin, now's that's whut I'm talkin' about! He sure looks familiar, doesn't he? Must be the conventional Noble Heart's not-so-conventional big brother/cousin!

Is that a cig? ಠ_ಠ
- Doodle no. 10 -

Afghan Hound Cousin. See? That's what I mean!; we don't need to just stick to regular cats, penguins, lions, dogs, and bears like the guys at Nelvana did it,

Let's get some variety in here! Don't just think 'dog' - think dalmation, bulldog, boxer, poodle, mountain dog! Throw some hybrids in there too! Ligers, Wolfdogs, Zonkeys, Jaglions. Be creative! :iconimhappyplz: Or else. :iconimnothappyplz:
- Doodle no. 11 -

-Cozy Heart: "How do i got pregg0rz?"

-Crispy Kat: "Well, I do know how much Bishounen Bear likes to hide in your closet and watch you sleep..."
- Doodle no. 12 -

Her Royal Majesty Queen Rosedust of the lovely and magical Flutter Ponies~

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Daw, lil' Kimba!

May I use your Rosedust in a panel I'm making? You'll be credited.