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Care Bear Life Cycle

Infant - A very, very young cub. This little fella is likely only a few hours/days/weeks old, and his life as a Care Bear has only just begun. Naturally, the parents of this infant won't be required to take part in any caring missions for quite a considerable length of time...but once Mum and Dad have changed his umpteenth diaper/fallen asleep in their breakfast cereal for the 20th morning in a row, they'll practically beg Wish Bear to put them on Star-o-Scope duty, no doubt! xP

Toddler - Huzzah! He can finally stand on his own two paws and walk!...Sorta. Aww, don't look so glum, chum. You can do a pretty convincing penguin imitation, at any rate! For now, this cub's life is still all play and no work. He's completely dependent on his mother and father, and it'll still be a while before he's able to speak with any coherency, but we'll let that slide 'cause he's a cutie. ;) (It is my opinion that, during the first half of the 2nd Care Bears movie when Noble Heart and True Heart are still rearing the cubs to adulthood, said cubs were all roughly this same age judging by their height/dependence on milk/inability to speak.)

Child - He's in the same age group as (Nelvana) Hugs and Tugs now and, from what I've seen in the series, this means that he's old enough to go to caring school, use his Stare, explore the neighborhood, and a host of other things as well. The diaper is largely unnecessary at this point, as he already knows how to change it himself and, just as soon as he's comfortable getting rid of it altogether, he will then become a Jr. Care Bear Cub Scout.

Adolescent - Now regarded as a Senior Care Bear Cub Scout, our little furball is well on his way to full-fledged Care Bearhood. His superior age and experience give him some authority over the Jr. Scouts, and those caring missions of his no longer need to be supervised unless the mission in question is especially dangerous/delicate. Still, you never quite know when Prof. Cold Heart/No Heart will show up! Just in case, Care Bear teens are encouraged to travel in pairs or in a group of three or four. He's mature enough to operate a cloud car and sit in on important meetings at the Hall of Hearts. Oddly enough, despite only being somewhat taller than his Child self, he has now reached the age of sexual maturity as well. Much to the intense interest of Bishounen Bear. :|

Adult - Exciting danger-filled solo missions, a home of his very own, and best of all; no more school! Congratulations fuzzy, you are now a full fledged member of the Care Bears Family, and there's nothing in the whole wide world that you can't accomplish!...Well, apart from getting Grumpy Bear in a good mood, anyway.

Elder - To date, there has never been even one single Care Bear who has died of old age (or from any other ailment or injury, for that matter) so nobody is really quite sure as to exactly how long they can live. But if the ending to the 1rst Care Bears movie/The Nutcracker Suite is any indication of their lifespan, it's safe to assume that they can very easily outlive an entire human generation without aging even in the very slightest. At any rate, this greying old bear has been around for an awefully long time, and still has plenty off spunk left. He might even venture down to earth for the occasional caring mission if he feels like stretching his legs, although he is no longer expected to do so.
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Wait, do Care Bears die??

DylanxGoodLuckBear21's avatar
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So big kids wear diapers in the Carebears universe? 

What is this? The United Kingdom?
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Like and Loved how you got the different ages and stages of the entire whole care bears family!!!!
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In one fan-fic, a CareBear named Reckless was put on probation after being suspended: he had been resorting to force ! On a supervised mission, Reckless went over the edge when a bully stabbed LionHeart. Reckless KILLED the bully. LionHeart, dealing with his life-threatening injury, was unable to deal with Reckless, so he had another carebear take him to Care-a-lot jail.

Reckless was stripped of his symbol, and banished from Care-a-lot...
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so true and so cute! Care Bears never die!!
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I think Care BEars are immortal and forever will share their feelings
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I can imagine True Heart and Nobel Heart finding a little infant Care Bear randomly before the second feature. :)
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Awww This is sooo cute that Care Bear as infant. Totally true Care Bears as toddlers still wear diapers and clothes like the movie Care Bears II, as child they still wear diapers like Hugs and Tugs until they're adolescents and adults during their elders years like Grams Bears is the eldest they can still do the missions and use their tummy symbol stare. I wonder how True Heart and Noble Heart will be as eldest Care Bears Founders :D
I like it, but it won't let me see it. sad face
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Ellcent and intresting idea and yeah there were few Elde care bears namely only Grams from the orginal series
Mirai-D-Kaciu's avatar
a child has diapers??
BlazeHeartPanther's avatar
daawww, but the diaper at the child age makes him more cute
JesseFoxx's avatar
hehe a kid and still diapered ^^
Rimi717's avatar
Wooooow ....:) its really amazing work sis
AlchemyFox's avatar
Dawww, tooo cuute! ^-^ Love the infant and toddler!
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Or even think on the one about immortality ;) Maybe :D

Either way outstanding picture as always... and very well explained ages :D
Keep the good Work :D
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i say there all cute and ill cub everyone of them :)
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I sometimes wonder if I Care Bear (or Cousin) got old enough if they'd start age regressing and end up a cub again. Grams, to date, is the only elderly Care Bear (though by the second movie Nobel Heart Horse and True Heart Bear are the first of their respective kinds).
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really like this! Though maybe just me but the eyes and facial features of each stage maybe should change more? They don't stay doe-eyed forever!

All the same, lots of thoughts gone into this and its a fun idea, shame we never saw Hugs and Tugs earn their badges so to speak. Though I do wonder...Baby Hugs and Tugs have baby related symbols, would the belly symbol change with age too possibly?
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