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Vulcator Species Info + Body Type Anatomy
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Published: January 26, 2015
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New CLOSED Species (again) by Taiinty


Volcanoes, particularly near the peak or within them.
During Winter, they laze within the volcano in a near-hibernation state, only feeding on rocks to replenish their magma supply.
During Summer they spend more time outside, active, hunting and making use of the outside warmth for energy.

Rocks for magma supply, meat (particularly birds and other flying creatures) for normal bodily function. Prey are caught by stunning with smoke, and batting out of the air with their long tails and burn inducing paws. Heat from the paws or compressed smoke is usually used to make the kill.

Vulcators are usually very passive creatures when not hunting, they can choose to group up with others or not, but are often solo unless with a partner. They don't mind hanging around or lounging with others though, even other species if they can bare the heat. Vulcators may compete by trying to shoot smoke from their various vents (neck and nostrils in particular) further than the others, which improves hunting ability.

Vulcators are often considered far too dangerous to reach due to their habitat and too dangerous to make contact with due to their smoke. However, as the species is so passive, it wasn't hard to create a breeding program using some few captive Vulcators to create a subspecies, which is popular nowadays amongst mountain hikers. They are used similarly to Camels, AKA travel, Their bodies are more horse-like in anatomy, and they are excellent for travel over mountainous, hot or rocky grounds. The vents are smaller and produce only a light smoke, the smoke may become thicker if/where the atmosphere is hotter. They eat less rocks but need more meat-based sustenance. Their horns and tails are shorter, however the tail is still fairly long to allow for easier balancing whilst high up.


Yay! These guys have a big ref now *v*!! Hopefully I'll get around to making a rarities guide soon as well. All Vulcators up to this point have been wild ones, and domesticated ones will start appearing shortly as well (though less in number). Hope you guys like 'em ;v; <3

Vulcators CLOSED species/Art belongs to me.
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Awesome!  I can't wait to see more of Vulcators.
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aura-serpents|Hobbyist Digital Artist
*cries* I must get one eve *stalks your page*
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deisori-nanobug|Hobbyist General Artist
Do like nvn
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Honestly-Birdie|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow pretty babes
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ThisAccountIsDead462|Hobbyist General Artist
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Honestly-Birdie|Hobbyist Digital Artist
alll these beautiful species coming out! I have to save up for some~
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