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Salmon-bear Custom Cuilleck
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Published: April 29, 2015
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Sorry for the horrendously long wait TTATT I finally got down to finishing the other commission I needed done, just before the exams start, haha ^v^;;;;; Today is the first day of study leave for me, actually.
I had to edit the lighter grey colours to be a peachy colour, as the backside area can't be coloured too naturally ;^; I hope it's okay salmon-bear

Art belongs to me.
Design created by me belongs to salmon-bear.
Made with Paint Tool SAI.
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you did a fantastic job designing this guy! i'm so pleased with how he looks! i actually imagined you to use the orange for some reason as the main color for the backside, but this looks EVEN BETTER. i love that pale pink-gray color, it fits so well with the grays <33
these creatures are so amazing though, i've been a fan of all of your original species for a really long time now. i'm so happy that i finally managed to get one! ;OOO; thank you SO much!!
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ThisAccountIsDead462Hobbyist General Artist
Oh gosh, I'm glad you're happy with them TTvTT once again sorry for how long it took, I hit a point where I stopped doing commissions for a while and had to close them, they're all done now though <3 thank you
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aaa that's okay!! uvu i honestly didn't mind waiting.
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FailehStudent General Artist
hhhhh such a babe <333
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BeesmoProfessional General Artist
such big paws omfg cutie
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EellahStudent Artist
I'm so happy to finally see those guys again, I'm still in love with them!! ;D;
Gorgeous design, I really love the palette you chose for this one, the colors make a lovely combination! :heart:
I wish you the best of luck in your exams, mine start really soon as well and I'm rushing to finish my to do list before then ahhh @_@
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ThisAccountIsDead462Hobbyist General Artist
Ah yeah, the exams are gonna be stressful TTvTT I've only got 4 this year though. It's such a big jump between Nat 5 and Higher, they expect you to do 8 exams (which I did) last year. My first one is next week.

And thank you ;v; I've been holding off from making them since I've been focussing on other things recently TTOTT but I'm low on cash as of now so I'll probably start making more. I feel a lot looser and more comfortable when it comes to design now so hopefully it should be more stress relief for me now than it was before, which used to go something more along the lines of "these designs have to be PERFECT look over them FIVE TIMES and if I see so much as a MARKING OUT OF PLACE I will throw the computer OUT THE WINDOW"
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EellahStudent Artist
Ahhh I see! ;0;
You're really lucky you got only 4 this year, I have at least 12 or something ahhh @_@
My first one is the week after the next one and I'm nervous because it will either be Maths or Ancient Greek which I'm not good at all in them ;_;
I wish you the best of luck again though, we can pass them all! >8,D

No problem and I completely feel you! :heart:
Take your time with everything and I really hope they will be more a stress relief as well! ;v;
I know how painful designs can be, especially for me which I'm a perfectionist so ahh, good luck with everything! QvQ
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griffsnuffProfessional Digital Artist
oooooohhh those paws <3
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ThisAccountIsDead462Hobbyist General Artist
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