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(READ RULES) Vulcator Background Characters
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Published: January 27, 2015
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I made some quick designs for a purpose I hope you guys like >v< they're background Vulcators! I know personally I always have trouble making stories for my closed species designs because I don't have any other of their species for them to interact with or such, and I'm not good at roleplay ;^; I always get way too anxious to... So I made these for people with similar situations to me, who own some of my species! >v<
Rules go like so~

-These are essentially my OCs, however, others may use them in works featuring one of my species (particularly Vulcators).
-You MAY NOT change anything about their design, or change their personality trait.
-You MUST NOT focus a piece around them. They serve to be BACKGROUND CHARACTERS ONLY! They can speak, but usually do so as crowd murmurs, or only have one or two lines of dialogue in pieces.
-You are NOT ALLOWED to make them into a MAJOR or MINOR character, they only exist as background characters. If you want a minor character for something (for example your Vulcator works for someone), I will make some specific OCs of my own who can fill those roles.
-They can interact with your OCs, but interaction is very limited. Think of background ponies in MLP, sometimes they talk to the mains but nothing is really developed about them.
-The base I used is chibi, but they are all adults/young adults. If you want, however, you can draw them as a younger version. Young Vulcators have thicker legs and torsos, thinner necks and shorter horns. Size difference can be found here:
Vulcator Species Info + Body Type Anatomy by Taiinty

So, if you own a Vulcator, or have a situation featuring one of my species (open or closed) where you think you could fit one or two in (e.g. a hot atmosphered setting, a gathering of sorts), then feel free to use these guys! Just stick to the rules, okay? ;v; I'll be using them too~
Some designs turned out better than others. I'm particularly fond of Macy's <3 I'm glad I did this though, as a learning experience. I think I've become a better designer! ;v;
Also hoping to update this deviation with some more eventually. Yeee, more Vulcators >v<

Vulcators CLOSED species/art/designs/characters belong to me.
Made using Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop.
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TheKingOfSilence3|Hobbyist General Artist
So awesome! 0.
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aaaah these are so pretty! /V/
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starlightCorvid|Student General Artist
Igor and Karena look awesome  :D
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