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BLANK 30 Emotions Meme

Okay, yes, I'm sorry TTvTT there's already so many memes of this, not to forget the most popular one that already exists (and I always seem to have trouble completing xD), but I wanted to give this a go. Why? Because I wanted to try basing it off of the 'Parrott Emotions by Groups' chart, the same chart I used to help as the basis for my fantroll baes, in order to get as many of the emotions down as possible! There's some that are missing, of course, haha TTvTT (if enough suggestions crop up I might edit) and some are added in (the five at the bottom in particular), so I'd love to see you guys have a go with this ;v; instead of just me, haha <3

I'll at least try to fill in one of the sheets for example for you guys, haha TTvTT but I dunno, do with this what you will. Just wanted to put this out there first so that I wouldn't fill it and have people ask where I found it xD so fun for everyone I guess? I'd really love to see if you fill it in with one of your characters ;v; <3

GDI I did Pikachu instead by Taiinty

Parrot Emotions by Group -…

Blank meme belongs to me.
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can i make more then one?
i got two OCs
How do I fill this out again?
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Can we put what characters we want or just OCs? . 3 .
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Doesn't matter. If you wanted you could even draw in a plastic bag with maker pen on it xD
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I've filled this out for one my characters - thank you for making this meme. :D…
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I'm just imagining using my emotionless character for this,how many panels would be the same. XD
Krysiis's avatar
Totally using, looks fun!
DemonofVioletFlames's avatar
*vows to be able to use one day* I need to learn how to express more emotions first XD
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Lovely <3 I hope I'll have time to do this meme!
MinchiTheKawaiiFox's avatar
looks cool :3
i've never done a thing like this before but i might try it
but great job ^w^
if I'm aloud to fill this one out? idk sorry
ThisAccountIsDead462's avatar
You can fill it out, there's no need to ask~ uvu
MinchiTheKawaiiFox's avatar
ah alright ;w;

danke ^^

sorry its just i've never done this so i thought i had to ask owo'
BMWu's avatar
That looks awesome,

I can't wait see how it looks when you fill it out!!
CIRCLETlNE's avatar
It looks awesome wow great job
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