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Anatomy update (proper paws, beak mouth) by ThisAccountIsDead462 Anatomy update (proper paws, beak mouth) by ThisAccountIsDead462
I wanted to make some new lines for my Vulcator babies >v< and made some changes to their anatomy whilst I was at it ;v;

Firstly, the paws weren't originally supposed to look like paws from the top, but eventually I found this two awkward and silly to draw TTvTT so they look like proper paws now. The claws are also pushed back more and shorter as they're used less, the paw-pads themselves are used as weapons (for burning).

Secondly, I changed the mouth to look a little more beak like ;v; I thought I should do this as, for one, the last (and only) time I drew a Vulcator with it's mouth open, I sort of decided it wouldn't have teeth at the front? TTvTT I just felt like that would work, but this would probably explain it. Secondly, they eat very tough things, meat and rocks, so it would only make more sense if they had a tougher mouth ;v; <3

So yeah, nothing too major, I just thought I'd make the quick small changes whilst the species was still new and not many existed ^v^ I'll also be using this as lineart for a wee while. Hope you guys don't mind the changes 8w8 (I'll try to edit some of the old refs too)

Vulcators CLOSED species/Art belongs to me.
Made with Paint Tool SAI.
Honestly-Birdie Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awe look at that sweet face uvu just want to smooche its nose!
ThisAccountIsDead462 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
;v; <333
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