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NSFW and SFW Commissions Open! Fetishes welcome* by ZoeRainwood, journal

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Commissions OPEN + New Prices by DemetriDusk64, journal

Pumpkinhead vs The Creeper by SteveIrwinFan96, literature

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In the Sinister films, I don't like how the kids gave in to killing their families so easily.  If it was revenge for years of abuse, it would make sense. But to just kill your loving family because a monster told you to, doesn't make sense.
Anybody want any vampire themed commissions?
I'm pretty sure I submitted a cosplay picture to the wrong folder, I'm sorry! Damn Eclipse, it's harder now to pick the folders! Can you please relocate it in the right place? I promise I'll do my best to avoid the mistake again! anyone here willing to RP with me?