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This is a BLM free zone. If you insist on supporting a criminal group that has been proven to be a criminal group several times, leave!……………

I have a problem with BLM, not black people in general. I have a problem with BLM because it is a criminal group that has been caught ON VIDEO several times committing criminal acts.
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NSFW and SFW Commissions Open! Fetishes welcome*Hi everyone!(Both Points and PayPal Welcome! I currently live in a country that uses €. Be mindful of that when chosing PayPal as a payment method)I would like to practice my drawing more and thought it would be a good challenge to myself to open up commissions! I both draw NSFW (be it gore or porn or what ever) or just normal SFW stuff and anything in between! BUT there are a few rules!!!! If you don't like these rules don't commission me.Firstly what will I draw?I'll draw anything furry or anthro related, but I can also draw humans, aliens or fantasy creatures.What I wont draw: (pay special attention here if you want some yiff or fetish pictures!)I use references for drawing, so I will NOT draw anthro/furry characters with actual animal genitalia. I'll just draw them with regular human genitals. Also I will not draw full on feral characters nor children or lolis (even if they're a 1000 year old demon or what ever)I am open to drawing fetishes, like inflation, giantesses or feet among others, but if I feel like I either can't properly fulfill your commission, or I feel personally too uncomfortable with the subject matter I reserve the right to decline the commission!Lastly, my skills in regards to drawing backgrounds or scenery aren't that great, so if you want a picture including a background, like a city or a forest or whatever the background might not look that great.Rules:-Do not get rude/agressive with me or other customers. I will block you asap.-I will show you a sketch of your commissions, at this stage and ONLY this stage you are entitled to ONE free redraw. If you STILL don't like the pose or whatever I'll charge a small fee if I have to redraw it again.-This is less of a rule, and more a warning: I still have to attend classes, do homework and study so it might take me a while until your piece is done.Payment:I can take DeviantArt Points or PayPalOne full-body will be 1000 pts ($10), half-body 500 pts ($5), head 250 pts($2.50).A detailed background, like a scenery will be 700 pts ($7), a simple background like a pattern or something abstract will be 250 pts ($2.50), a blank background or a solid color will be free.Please note I am very new to Paypal, um... if you want to pay Via Paypal please help me out a bit since I don't know what info I need to give you so you can actually send over the money...You bought a commission and want to know how things are going? Take a look here!Art Examples (More will be added when I finish more pieces!),,,,,,,
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G.D. Cooper Case 8: The Hollywood Tower HotelCase 8: Legend of the Hollywood Tower HotelAfter the mellower feel of my last case, I decided to jump back into a haunted location.Stage 1: BackstoryHaunted hotels are almost as popular as haunted houses; there’s the Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco, and of course the Stanley Hotel in Colorado, where Stephen King was inspired to write The Shining after a haunted night. However, the location I chose to visit tops all of them: the legendary Hollywood Tower Hotel located on the dark side of Hollywood in California.The building was first opened to the public in 1917, when the film industry was still in its relative infancy and stars like Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Harold Lloyd graced the silver screen. Flash forward to 1929, and the hotel had become a star in its own right amid Hollywood’s golden age. Often described as a beacon for the elite in show business, the Hollywood Tower Hotel was truly the hot spot for big movie premiere parties, holiday bashes, and anyone who wanted to have a good time. The hotel itself consisted of 12 floors (plus a basement), and featured many expenses:Suite-style rooms with wonderful views of the surrounding areaSun deckSwimming poolLibraryBilliard roomsSteam bathsWonderful gardensTennis courtsOf course, the crown jewel of the tower was its restaurant and bar, the Tip-Top Club. Located at the top of the tower, the club featured wonderful food accompanied with music and dancing each night. Even when the Great Depression hit the country, the Hollywood Tower Hotel continued to flourish and was given the status of Hollywood Icon for its role in hosting the premiere party for The Wizard of Oz in 1939. Sadly, that would be the last big premiere the hotel would ever host, as disaster would strike only two months later.It was on Halloween of 1939, and the night was surprisingly stormy; the hotel was throwing its annual Halloween party, which was advertised as being bigger than it ever was before. This was in due part to the Tip-Top Club having a guest conductor for its band: an up-and-coming composer named Anthony Freemont. This was considered odd because Freemont wasn’t exactly a household name at the time, and the hotel only booked popular faces. Furthermore, he was noted as being difficult to please and often clashed with those he worked with if his standards weren’t met; most notably, Freemont refused to make any changes to his selections and always demanded that the audience remain quiet during performances, as he often said how “I don’t like any noise while the music’s playing.”Needless to say, many people began wondering how Freemont was able to convince the club to let him perform; he claimed it was money, but nasty rumors quickly started swirling around thanks to the local gossip groups. There were those who suspected the hotel was losing money and needed a new face for their club; this was enforced by the fact that the usual conductors for the Tip-Top Club often quarreled with the management over payment and boarding. Others suspected bribery or blackmail on Freemont’s part in order to speed up his rise to fame. However, there was one rumor that was considered by many as too ridiculous to be true. This rumor was that Freemont was not entirely human, but rather a monster with supernatural mental powers which allowed him to get whatever he wanted. Those who refused him were believed to have been either horrifically murdered or simply erased from existence. This rumor was started by a somewhat crazed man who tried to convince the hotel management to send Freemont away. However, the man was not believed by anyone, as apparently this wasn’t the first crazy story he spoke of. The others included the following:A con-artist who could literally change his face to mimic anyone he wantedSeveral alien invasionsMannequins at a department store that turned into humans for one month at a timeA camera that took pictures of the future, each photo showing something terribleEvil ventriloquist dummiesMany ghost sightingsDemonic possessionsA stopwatch that controls real timeA gremlin damaging a plane while in flightA sentient doll that kills those it doesn’t likeNeedless to say, the lunatic was sent to the local madhouse; as for Anthony Freemont, he laughed at the rumor and said how the “first thing you’ve got to learn is not to imagine things.” The management for the Hollywood Tower Hotel also denied any wrong doings, and an investigation soon cleared up any suspicions.Sorry, got off track here. Anyways, it was during the hotel’s Halloween party for 1939 when, at precisely 8:05pm, a bolt of lightning struck the hotel. This was no ordinary lightning, as it vaporized three wings of the building and an elevator that was heading for the Tip-Top Club. On board said elevator were five guests:Gilbert London: an actor who started on stage before making the jump to the silver screen, where he made his mark in romantic comedies and a few adventure films. He was noted as being somewhat sarcastic and rather stuck-up to the general public, but loyal to those he considered friendsCarolyn Crosson: an actress who was to be singing for the first time off-camera at the club, as apparently Mr. Freemont personally requested that she perform with his band. Known for her compassion, Miss Crosson and Mr. London had been dating for quite some time after performing together in a filmSally Shine (real name: Sally Gregory): a child actress with a heart of gold, who was returning from a publicity trip advertising her latest film. Her parents were old friends of the hotel management and lived at the hotel.Emeline Partridge: Sally Shine’s nanny and guardian while away from home; she was noted as being rather strict and seemed to wear a permanent scowl. Ironically, she was like a surrogate mother to Sally.Dewey Todd Jr.: one of the bellhops and son of the hotel owner; although described as somewhat accident-prone, he always tried his bestPedestrians outside claimed to see the elevator shoot down the shaft soon after the hotel wings were vaporized and most likely crashed to the bottom floor. Indeed, guests in the lobby reported hearing a loud bang. However, when the shaft doors were finally pried open, there was no sign of the elevator or its passengers. The hotel manager quickly closed the building and swore that until somebody found out what happened to his son and the other four guests, the Hollywood Tower Hotel would never open again. Needless to say, a great number of investigations were conducted to figure out what happened, but nobody was able to find any answers. As a result, the hotel remained closed and left to rot.It seemed like Hollywood lost some of its luster after that night. At one point, the lunatic from earlier was asked to make a statement, more as a joke than anything else; his response was that the hotel was forever cursed and that the lost guests were condemned to hell for all eternity. Sadly, he did not elaborate on what caused the curse, as he suddenly let out a loud scream and died on the spot. In a strange twist of fate, many of the claims the lunatic made in life were later adapted into episodes for the original version of The Twilight Zone. In fact, the show was supposed to have an episode about the events at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, but was canceled before the scriptwriting could begin. I actually find it a pity that the episode never got made, being a fan of the original show myself.Over the years, the legend of the Hollywood Tower Hotels continued to grow. Furthermore, unusual activities began to be reported around the grounds, the most notable being:The sound of 1930s-era Jazz music echoing through the airElevator doors made visible by the missing wings opening and closingLoud screamsThe hotel sign going on at night, even though some of the letters didn’t work properlyA purple glow around the areas occupied by the vaporized wings at nightEventually, a petition was started up to demolish the building, as many began seeing it as an eyesore. However, an unknown benefactor arranged for the building to be preserved as a historic landmark shortly after the petition was announced; eventually, said benefactor provided enough money to keep the building standing until 2055 at the very least. To this day, people wonder what happened on that fateful Halloween night back in 1939.That’s where I come in.Stage 2: InvestigationDusk had fallen by the time I reached the Hollywood Tower Hotel to start my investigation. Sure enough, the sign was on, though one of the ‘O’s in ‘Hollywood’ was out, while the ‘W’ in ‘Tower’ flickered constantly. Adding to the creepy mood was the purple glow that bathed the tower’s façade. I had seen the building in the daylight earlier; even then, it wasn’t exactly welcoming thanks not only to the holes in the building, but the small rust stains on the sign. Oddly the windows above the sign seemed to resemble a grimacing face, while sections of the building seemed to jut out; whoever the architect of this building was either had a strange sense of humor or considered this project a nightmare.The iron gate that closed off the building was locked, though the padlock ended up breaking due to extreme rust. I almost considered the possibility of people breaking into the hotel either to steal something, deface the property, or even pull pranks to make people think the building was haunted. However, I then remembered the cabbie who drove me to the hotel saying that even the most jaded pranksters seem to avoid the Hollywood Tower Hotel.The palm trees swayed gently in the breeze as I approached the hotel fountain with a plaque reading ‘Hollywood Tower Hotel’; along with rust, the sign was also covered in graffiti that read ‘Twilight Zone Tower of Terror’. This was no doubt related to the moniker the hotel was given by employees of The Twilight Zone as tribute to its unmade episode. It was here that I heard the sound of distant music echoing through the air. In fact, I was able to determine the name of the song: ‘This Heart of Mine’ by the late Fats Waller. The garden was overgrown, and the ground was cracked in many places. On one of the gate posts was another plaque that gave the hotel’s name and its opening year: 1917. Needless to say, my curiosity pushed me to go through the iron gate and wander the grounds. After a few photos of the outside, I entered the hotel lobby.My first impression was that despite the abundance of cobwebs and holes in the plaster, the lobby was still very beautiful. The lights glowed nicely, and I could smell the faint aroma of a long-extinguished cigar one moment, followed by the wafting scent of French perfume. For a moment, I closed my eyes to imagine what this place must have looked like in its heyday; in fact, I could almost picture seeing big names like Clark Gable, Errol Flynn, Jean Harlow, and Fred Astaire sipping coffee and reading newspapers. I was brought out of this by sneezing, no doubt from the dust in the air. Briefly chiding myself for getting off-track, I wandered through the lobby and noticed many items scattered around:A newspaper on the arm of a chair; the date was 10/31/1939A doll of Shirley TempleA walking cane leaning on a couchSeveral luggage bagsNearing the front desk, I noticed that a large assortment of mail was left abandoned; judging by this and the other items I mentioned, it became clear that whoever these belonged to left in a hurry, assuming they left on their own free will at all. The clock above the front desk had stopped at 8:05, the moment lightning struck the hotel. From here I walked to the main elevator doors. Said doors were blown out and bent, while an ‘Out of Order’ sign was placed in front of them. Upon turning to the left, I saw a large painting of a man in military garb hanging on the wall; on the right was a woman in a regal dress. After taking pictures of both of them, I noticed a sign that dictated where each special room was.Suddenly, a nearby door opened to reveal the library; needless to say, I immediately walked in and was amazed by the collection. Any book collector would turn green with envy at the hotel library; in fact, it almost seemed as extensive as the library at Gracey Manor. I soon noticed that many scripts from The Twilight Zone were kept on one of the shelves, along with a letter for the show’s host and creator, Rod Serling. Upon taking another look around, I found many artifacts that were props from the show:The fortune telling machine from Nick of TimeThe trumpet from A Passage for TrumpetThe tiny space suit from The InvadersA thimble, no doubt from The After HoursA red telephone, no doubt from Long Distance CallThe smashed watch from A Kind of StopwatchA ventriloquist dummy, no doubt Caesar from Caesar and MeA broken pair of glasses, no doubt from Time Enough at LastThe book To Serve Man from the episode of the same nameA letter to Victoria West, no doubt referencing A World of His OwnThe box camera from A Most Unusual CameraI also noticed a few masks (not from the show), a Ouija board, and a TV wired into the wall. Suddenly, I looked out the window and saw that a storm was brewing outside; this was odd because I didn’t recall the forecast calling for a storm. Suddenly, lightning flashed outside, causing the lights in the library to go out. However, the TV flickered on to show the beginning of The Twilight Zone intro used for its last two seasons. I quickly got out my camera to record what I was seeing, and it was a good thing I did, for right after the intro, the scene changed to show what must have been test footage of the unaired episode based on the hotel. It opened with the hotel in its heyday, while a storm brewed around it; oddly, the lightning flashed in the video at the same time as the storm outside. I even remember Rod Serling’s narration:“Hollywood, 1939. Amid the glitz and the glitter of a bustling movie town at the height of its golden age, the Hollywood Tower Hotel was a star in its own right, a beacon for the show business elite. Now, something is about to happen that will change all that.”As the narration played, the five missing guests were shown entering the elevator, followed by the hotel getting struck by lightning. As the wings of the building were vaporized, the scene changed to show the guests getting electrocuted before disappearing. After this, the episode cut to show the elevator falling, followed by the ‘Out of Order’ sign I saw earlier. Then, Rod Serling began speaking again:"The time is now, on an evening very much like the one we have just witnessed. Tonight's story of The Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. This as you may recognize is a maintenance service elevator, still in operation, waiting for you. We invite you if you dare to step aboard because in tonight's episode, you are the star, and this elevator travels directly to...the Twilight Zone."As Mr. Serling spoke, he gestured to a pair of elevator doors, which opened to blinding light. The scene changed to show the hotel as it is now, while the camera panned up to show a break in the clouds. Just after Mr. Serling finished his narration, the TV flickered off and the lights came back on, albeit dimly. I could only assume that what I just saw was what little they recorded for The Twilight Zone episode based on the hotel before it was canceled. I then noticed a panel open to reveal the boiler room. After discovering the door back to the lobby was locked, I decided to follow a quote from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:“You can’t get out backwards; you have to go forward to go back.”I soon found myself walking through a labyrinth of pipes, steam, and gears; clearly this building had little in terms of following safety standards, but the 1930s was a different time period. Each of the pressure gauges read dangerously high levels, making me wonder how long it would be before the boiler exploded. To my left, I noticed a crudely drawn outline of a doorway, which I immediately recalled being used in the episode Little Girl Lost. I placed my hand on the outline, only to feel nothing but a cold wall; I’m not sure why I did this, but whatever.I soon came across the main boiler, which made me feel like I stepped onto the set of a Nightmare on Elm Street movie; oddly, said boiler vaguely resembled a heart. A ladder was placed near the boiler door, with a sign reading ‘Danger: Man in Boiler’ hanging on the handle. I doubt anyone would still be in there, as the inside glowed with orange light that seemed to beat like a heart. Nearby was a workbench that featured an issue of ‘Popular Mechanics’, which I recalled from the episode I Sing the Body Electric. Near the magazine was an old typewriter and an electric razor with a long cord. On the typewriter, I noticed a paper that printed one sentence, all in capital letters: GET OUT OF HERE FINCHLEY. It was because of this I recognized both the typewriter and electric razor from the episode A Thing About Machines.Upon taking pictures of everything I had seen, I looked up and noticed the doors to the service elevator. Upon making my way over, I noticed that the indicator dial for the elevator was passing various floors; oddly, it didn’t stop until it reached a blank spot right after floor 12. Even more unusual was the fact that I could not find any buttons to summon the lift. What I could find was a safety inspection card that was dated 10/31/1939 by someone by the name of Cadwallader; this was the name of the devil in the episode Escape Clause. Although I was spooked for a moment by the name, I waved it off as a mere coincidence.A few lights flickered for a moment before I noticed the dial slowly descending back to the basement, briefly stopping at the fourth floor before finally descending to the basement. The doors opened to reveal an open cage car, which would never be allowed to work in this day and age; this was seconded by the steel cable holding the elevator, which had definitely seen better days. After taking a careful step onto the elevator to see if it would hold my weight, I entered the lift just as the doors began to close.The moment the elevator closed, I suddenly heard the voice of Rod Serling echoing through the air; as he spoke, the walls of the shaft seemed to turn into a starfield, with the elevator doors still visible. Although my recording equipment somehow failed here, I still remember what Mr. Serling said:“You are the passenger on a most uncommon elevator about to take the strangest journey of your life. Your destination? Unknown; but this much is clear: a reservation has been made in your name for an extended stay."Part of me insisted this was a prank, as there was no way Mr. Serling would know who I am due to his passing in 1975 from multiple heart attacks. However, I wasn’t able to think much about the narration, as the elevator began to ascend. I soon reached the fourth floor, where the doors opened to reveal a giant mirror hanging on the wall with dusty furniture on each side; to the left, I could see a hallway, while the right housed a window. Suddenly, a cold wind blew through the window and electricity seemed to spark around the mirror, but that wasn’t where most of my attention was at. Instead, my eyes viewed by reflection as it turned into ectoplasmic fog before vanishing completely; as this happened, Mr. Serling spoke up once again:“Wave goodbye to the real world, for you have just entered The Twilight Zone.”The elevator doors closed and the lift moved to the fifth floor, which revealed a long hallway with another elevator at the far end. I could see many doors along the hallway on each side, no doubt leading to rooms. Small piles of newspapers and room service trays lined each door, while a nearby potted plant had long since died. It wasn’t long before I realized this area shouldn’t be here; it was part of the vaporized section of the hotel.Suddenly, I saw five people appear in the middle of the hallway; my photographic memory made me realize these were the missing guests. They turned to me and seems to gesture for me to follow them, but having had experiences at Gracey Manor and Ravenswood Manor, I wisely chose not to exit the elevator. Soon enough, the five guests disappeared in a burst of electricity and the hallway faded into a starfield, but the elevator on the far side remained.Rod Serling’s voice echoed once again, and I recall everything I heard:“One stormy night long ago, five people stepped through the door of an elevator and into a nightmare. That door is opening once again, and this time, it's opening for you.”I had realized from the moment I stepped on the elevator that this wasn’t a trick, but now I was starting to feel fear rising in my blood. The far elevator opened to reveal the five guests, who once again beckoned me to follow them only for their elevator to fall into the abyss.From here, my elevator closed and ascended to a higher level. This time, the doors opened to a maintenance area that clearly hadn’t been touched in years. Just as I took out my camera, the room disappeared and was replaced by another starfield. Suddenly, I noticed that the missing guests seemed to be fading in and out of view alongside items used in The Twilight Zone intro. As the area faded into pitch black, I heard Rod Serling’s voice one more time:"You are about to discover what lies beyond the fifth dimension, beyond the deepest, darkest corner of the imagination, in the Tower of Terror."Suddenly, the elevator began rushing up the shaft at an incredible pace; I almost felt like my legs would either give out or break from the centrifugal force. Thankfully, the elevator soon came to a stop as the doors opened to reveal a hole left by the lightning strike in 1939. A thunderstorm brewed overhead as I could see the lights of Hollywood in the distance in addition to some of the storm damage on the walls. Strangely, the broken remains of windows on what was left of the walls were not jagged or covered in cracks as one would expect; instead, they were still in good shape, almost as if the lost wings never existed. Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the hotel once again, causing the elevator I was on to fall into pitch blackness.I don’t know how long the darkness lasted, nor do I know when I closed my eyes. However, I knew my eyes were closed because the sound of The Twilight Zone theme echoing through the air caused me to open them. I beheld a swirling monochrome vortex that sucked up the five missing guests before disappearing to show another starfield. This time, Rod Serling himself appeared in front of me and congratulated me for surviving the fifth dimension before disappearing once more. However, his voice gave me a warning that, according to him, would not be found in any guidebook:“The next time you check into a deserted hotel on the dark side of Hollywood, make sure you know just what kind of vacancy you're filling. Or you may find yourself a permanent resident... of The Twilight Zone.”I strongly suspect said warning was to be the closing line for the unfinished episode based on the hotel.From here, another pair of elevator doors appeared in the starfield, then moved forward until it reached the lift I was standing on. The moment the doors reached the elevator, the starfield dissolved into the lift shaft. Then, the doors opened to reveal a secondary area that, upon me getting out and following a small staircase nearby, led me back to the lobby. It was here that I noticed a door labelled ‘22’, a reference to the episode Twenty-Two, along with a poster for Anthony Freemont and his band. I decided to end my search here and proceeded to leave the hotel.Stage 3: ConclusionI have no doubt that the Hollywood Tower Hotel is haunted, but not in the normal sense. Rather than being haunted by ghosts, the hotel seems to be a portal to another dimension.My theory is that the five missing guests must have died when the lightning struck the hotel, but their ghosts were sent to the parallel dimension and are only able to appear when someone stands on the divide between this world and the next (much like I did). Whether the spirits will ever be released from the alternate dimension can only be speculated, but I have doubts that it will ever happen in my lifetime.However, I have one question left unanswered:Has anyone else entered the abandoned hotel and lived to talk about it?I hope to find answers one day.Case Status: closed, but may return if any previous ‘guest’ comes forward
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