falling away.

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tonight you are building a man out
of blankets and pressing your face where
his neck would be. you close
your eyes and pretend your pulse
is his and bite your lip and try
so hard not to cry.

tonight you are looking for a man
who sees the shadows in the way
you hold your wrists. he could.
he could, so you know it's possible.

tonight you are not beautiful but you
are so broken.

tonight you slam your fists against the
wall and wonder what it is about you
that is so easy to walk away from.
what it is about you that is
so easy to leave behind.

tonight the man with a pillow face
is softer than the body you used to climb
but it's all you have.
you'll take it. it's better than being alone.

tonight you press yourself
closer to a memory until you can
feel it digging into your skin.
it hurts, you think,
but it's something real.

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Sigh. Why can something so sad be so lovely at the same time. So, so good. I swear.
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This is so achingly beautiful.
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wow. i love the last part.

your writing is so honest and genuine!
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GinnabeanHobbyist General Artist
i and iv are the best. <3 You're absolutely amazing.

I've only clicked on three of your pieces and I've loved all of them.
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awesome, no ifs ands or buts ;)
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:) thank you.
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you're welcome ;D
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choirsoftheheavensStudent Writer
very very stunningly beautiful. so amazing it makes me want to weep with the realistic flair you put into romantic words. :(
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thank you SO much. :)
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choirsoftheheavensStudent Writer
stating the obvious is no problem at all.
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I tried my best not to cry when I read this, it felt so real.
Feeling like this is so... destructive (at least for me) :(

*holds her blanket-man tight*

I loved it. keep up the awsome work <3
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it is destructive... it's that feeling at night that makes me want to... hurt myself to cover up a different sort of pain. most of these nights have passed, now, but every now and again the feeling creeps up on me and I find myself crying myself to sleep.
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oh my goodness. you are so talented.
this took me somewhere, thank you

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:heart: thank YOU!
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you're very very welcome :aww:
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i thought all this can only be felt... i never thought i would read something like this!!! well written, must say
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thank you... this poem is a testament to some of my hardest and loneliest nights.
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:hug: i know it feels hopeless to be with the man with a pillow face :D But when i do read your poems it gives me a feeling of i am not the only one!!! feels like all that i been through was so beautiful :)
so thats the strength of your lines and i want to thank you.
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:heart: of course.
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Its beautiful... You've managed to capture the way i've felt in a way I couldn't even explain if I tried.. its absoluetly amazing..
this-epiphany's avatar
I'm glad it meant something to you, and sorry you've had to feel this way... it's a terribly lonely and heartwrenching feeling. :heart:
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I could just see this midnight scene with this person and these pillows and the window open with the moonlight leaving an image of squares on the bodies.
And I think this is spectacular.
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spoems Writer
"a man who sees the shadows in the way you hold your wrists"

this brought me somewhere different, for sure.
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iii. just blew my mind.
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