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'The' Lens

Just a generic lens for photo manipulation softwares.

[EDIT] A google search shows me that some people have been using this image without my consent for commercial projects and have made a amateur graphic designer very sad. *makes a sad face*

This image is now going fully under the safe wings of copyright protection. No more derivative works and no more commercial use sorry!

Write to me at to get my written consent if you are to use this for non-commercial/personal/student project. You are still, of course, very much welcomed to download this and use it on your own computer/mac or whatever :)

I am also putting this up for sale, so contact me if wish to do so.
© 2008 - 2021 thirteen-eightyone
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very nice !
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TNX for image very love
great design!!
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This is fricken amazing. But I have one question.. What is the font used around the lens?
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details n sexy icons for Aperture!! G.Job! =)
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Really cool work! 5 stars!
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also ... would it be okay to edit this one??? there are a few shadows i'd like to add and also some colors to change.
thirteen-eightyone's avatar
Only for personal use .. absolutely no commercial use as this is now for sale.
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ya thats what i meant. i might want to play with it. change some colors, add some shadows, etc... And if i get a good result then maybe i would post it (making sure of COURSE to give you MONDO credit).
thirteen-eightyone's avatar
umm .. please do not post the modified version as I've got a copyright on this icon with no modifications allowed, if you are to modify it for your personal use then that's just fine but no public release please.

I personally have no problems but once this icon is sold, it'll be unfair to the customer to have moded copies all over the internet for something that they've paid for.

I hope you'll understand.
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no prob. i went in another direction anyway.
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by personal use I mean on your computer only.
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fuc^n Bananas. i totally wanted an icon JUST LIKE THIS for Aperture! PEACE/Love/chEErs
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Can u do a Nikon's version?
this is so great!! good job
Love the details! Amazing work! Waiting for more generic icons from you!
thirteen-eightyone's avatar
Thanks, I am no icon designer and so it takes me a long time to do even a simple object but I will keep at it and hopefully will come up with better icons in the future .. still a lot to learn!
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How do you set as icon for Aperture?
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You can convert the PNG to icns file and then cmd-i on Aperture, and cmd-i on the icns file, copy the icon from the info window using cmd-c and paste it in the info window of Aperture using cmd-v
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