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MacBook Pro

Simple MacBook Pro icons in 512, 64 and 32 px sizes.

I am not sure if I am finished with these yet, since there are a few details missing. So if you use them, do check back soon as there might be some updates.

Credit to Apple for the Snow Leopard wallpaper. Rest of the stuff is all done by myself.


Fixed the corrupted image problem, added a 128px icon.

[EDIT] updated the ICNS file with one done properly by the generous larzon83 [link]
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Thanks for sharing this great icon with us ;)
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is this a 15 or 17 inch. hard to tell by the body design?
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it can be either I guess ... but I used a 15 inch one as my reference.
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cool. that's what i have.

However mine has an Aluminum Bezel, Silver Lettering, and NON Matte (no gloss) Screen. Would it be possible to make a version like that???

I have yet to find one ANYWHERE. since this Mac was a custom build.
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wow nice, i've got a vector graphic of it: [link]

could you upload the template if you have one? plz
i want to have most of all perspectives of it
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Wow, very nice and beautiful presentation!
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Really nice work I love the smaller sizes you did an outstanding job thanks for sharing ;).
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You are too kind, thanks. I have never done icons in small sizes but I really do enjoy working at pixel level .. I think I might take this 32px icon design thing up and do some more!
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Cool I cant wait to see :).
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looks good, but its corupted :/
look: [link]
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ahh, thanks for the heads up!

Will fix it, to be honest I am not very good with icon composer :(. Till then feel free to fix it and share it if you want.
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Fixed, thanks again!
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cool, thx for fixing.
You should export the icns as one mac Folder icon and not one for each size. This will contain all sizes in one ;)
Use Candybar or img2icns..
If done it for you:
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:) .. excellent! This is a whole new ground for me (icons in variable sizes, especially the sub 100px sizes) so I do appreciate your help!. Thank you.
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you're welcome ;)
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