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Tutorial - Bubblegum - Feb 2013 Ver.

I actually did this last year for a yahoo group (yep they're still arond) that I run.

 Granted, it was a bit ago, but I still follow several of the things. I'm constantly tweaking things though, so I'm always searching for the better bubble XD

I suppose this can be tweaked to work with balloons somehow or other rubbery inflatable surfaces perhaps... o.o
Once I figure out some better adjustments I'll be sure to create an updated version.

Alternatively if you prefer a video version... I uploaded this unlisted also which is welcome to be shared:…
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I'll try with practice makes perfect but I can't wait to work! ^_^
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Woot! ^-^ Can't wait to see!
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Hey!  So this IS Catguy!  It's great to see you again!  You're the one and only person I ever commissioned.  And your work is brilliant, as usual.  I love your non-inflation stuff, too, so I'm glad you've managed to weave that in, too.  Obviously, I've got my leanings, but you're a great artist.
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^^ I'm glad you enjoy my works! Are you the one with the Mithra commission? I cant' remember which it was ^^;
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Hey!  You even remembered!  That's, uhh, kinda wild, actually.  I thought there was no way you'd remember that.  That animation you've been working on is ridiculously good, btw.  Carry on!  I'll just be watching from over here~
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^_^ woot! I'm glad you rememberd too! Thanks! ANd glad to see you back again!
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Thanks for the clarification :)
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Teh bubblez...= w =
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^^:; I'm too addicted... in a good way?
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Yesh, iz very good! = w =
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:heart::heart::heart::heart:Very cool!:heart::heart::heart::heart:

This can be used for a few more things ... it'll be interesting to experiment.  :)
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^^ Let me know what you come up with! I love learning about techniques
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I hear you ... and thanks.  :)
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Ehh LOL I dont Understand
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Try the video then?
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