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Neopet Costume- Dark Ixi

This is my Dark Ixi Spearman featured at Otakon 2006. I won 2nd Place in the Craftsman Division, even though I was only a journeyman. They moved me, my sis (who was in my group of two), the superawsomeCloudthatwon1st, and someone else up into Craftsman because they didnt have any craftsman. Thats okay though, if I had won in Journeyman, I would've moved up in rank anyway. So YAY! I'm now a Craftsman cosplayer! Or... costumer morelike.

Anyyhhooo, the body is made out of layers of upholstery foam with a complicated rigging structure beneath the fur that basically attatches around my shoulders to keep the balance. The hind legs are made out of several pieces of carved foam and rigged with a series of hinges to move accurately to a deer's legs. (Or at least an Ixi's) THe legs -were- rigged with fishing line from my right hind leg to my front left leg so that the legs moved accordingly. It worked for a little bit, but the strings broke through the loops that I had rigged beneath the belly. So ja... Sad day. I'll fix it eventually. Anyhoo, the head is hollow foam glued end to end like making a plushie pattern with a CPU fan isntalled in the snout and its battery is actually on top of my head underneath Ixi's hair. The eyes are halves of clear easter eggs with craft foam eyes behind them and black sheer fabric for pupils so I can see.

Please check out my scraps for more pictures of Ixi, or my cosplay gallery located here [link]
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Nice job!  Should have won first place imo. :)
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Wow! I am in awe. I know this is old but this is fantastic!
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Thank you so much! n.n
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THis is astonashing :) Great work :o also great craftmanship that you got the hindlegs to follow through rigging, very impressed!
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Is there video of this in action? I'd love to see this.
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Alas, I had lost it a long time ago in a harddrive crash TnT
Rathdrgnknight's avatar
Aww... That stinks... T^T
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wow, thats awesome! Quite obscure but that game was totally underrated. It was awesome for neopets lovers :)
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Wow, this is great,
even though the strings broke, what a crafty idea!
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that is astounding!
zoemoonpaw's avatar
BeeZee-Art's avatar
That is very cool!
HotChaps's avatar
Just imagine driving down the road and seeing this in someone's yard.
ThirdPotato's avatar
XDDD Indeed. We live right on the road so it works.
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do you have any more pictures? video? id love to see more of this in action!!
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Unfortunately I don't have any video of it anymore u.u Can't seem to find it
smile-in-your-eyes's avatar
Oh my gosh... This is EEEEPIIIIC!!! :la: I have been wanting to make a quadsuit forever! I aspire to make one as good as this :)
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