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Character Balance Meme

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Just a little meme for character balance, with some tips and hints. You can use this for a group of characters, or just a few single characters. Anyway, hope yall find the information helpful!

Arrow-Right by NyssaCreativeArrow-Right by NyssaCreativeArrow-Right by NyssaCreativeNow comes in Excel sheet format! Check it out HEREArrow-Left by NyssaCreativeArrow-Left by NyssaCreativeArrow-Left by NyssaCreative

For the record, this is -not- a definitive chart on how to make a character. For that, see the link below. This is simply to see if a cast of 7 or less characters is well balanced according to some little thing I made up. Also, make sure to read ALL the notes as it mentions that a good cast does NOT consist of ALL well-balanced characters, but a balance of balanced and unbalanced. It is really only important that your main character is balanced. Yes, there are exceptions, this is a general meme for fun. If you want to take it seriously, again, see below.

For more character development things, please check out my epically long Character Profile Form here…

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:For tutorials on character development and writing, see the Reference folder of my gallery:…:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Check out this other great meme by pichu4850 here!
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This will be quite helpful thank you ^_^
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