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Centaur Costume Construction

This is generally how I made my Ixi centaur fursuit [link]
with a few modifications for the backwards bending front legs. It was basically a lot of ';puppetry.'

This is to be taken with a grain of salt. Of course you may need to do a lot of modifications to perfect the body. The only problem I ran into my costume was the rings that I used to run the fishing line through snapped because they were plastic. Use metal ^^; And actually, I had the shoulder straps criss-crossing in the back instead of the front. Let it hang off of your shoulders at a slight 45 angle to give stability. if you ran it down your back to your belt, it would make the body more jiggly when you walk. wider the degree between the shoulder strap and the body where it's attached, the better the stability, but it won't be able to be hidden by the upperbody fur. If you're okay with having straps show, by all means, go to the middle of the 'taur body from your shoulders.

But with this design, it offers a one-person centaur fursuit, with all strings hidden, except the fishing line which will run behind your legs, across the belly, and down the other leg, so it really is quite invisible. Hope this helps!

If you use this method PLEASE send me pictures of your WIP or final product, and try to credit back so others can learn too.
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*bookmarks for her future reference*
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This very informative! Is your padding based more off of a canine creature? I'm hoping to use a similar technique to develop a "ridable" wolf for a play
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Thanks! it's based on the Neopet's ligature exactly, so it's kinda weird accordion style legs XD sort of like a goat almost?
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FYI, front equine legs actually bend the way human legs do, so for a "normal" centaur, you wouldn't need to do anything outside a little cosmetic sculpting on the "front" legs.
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Yep! But this isn't a normal centaur XD I was modeling it off of a specific character.
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Ah.  Okay.  ^^
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What kind of foam did you use?
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I am still trying to make one of my own D8 yet sometimes the legs are too wobby or don't lift all the way. ;m; -sniffles- and sometimes the lower half is too heavy XD
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Yeah it can be a bit difficult. Shorten the rigging for the legs probably; As for the lower half, what material did you make it out of?
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It's made out of foam and only two small wooden sticks help keep it up. I know that the legs [which are made out of wood] make it heavy and it stays up most of the time, it's just that I don't know really how to attact the harness. I tried to and it made it start to drop. Like I guess finding a good harness is what I need. D8
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The harness I used went around my shoulders, and down across the body. There were two perpendicular straps that went around the body towards the front and one towards the back. Then my shoulder straps adhered to the butt-end of the harness, though there was a ring on the front-end of the body harness to keep the strap from making a perfect 45 degree from my shoulders to the butt... if that... makes any sense at all XD
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I think I got it XDD
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WOOOW! I really want to make this!!!
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how do you get the ohter leg to move? im from sweden so i dont fully understand this but it´s great :3
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I used a rigging system using fishing line X3 Thanks
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thanks for this schematic thingy or whatever its called but i will definitely try this
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Cool! Always wanted a job in special effects, but I am bad at math and have very little money. Costume making is the next best thing.
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This is so cool! I've seen varieties of people using small wheels as the back legs, but this is genius. Thanks for posting, I would like to have a crack at this sometime in the future :)
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Thankye kindly! n.n
this is so great! thanks for posting this, i so have an idea now for what i want to do for my next suit :D
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