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Auditions for chapter 1 of :icontimmythereaper: Doomdation

Scythe : Guy Like a seriously crazy psycho-ward patient on helium
:bulletblack:"YAY!~ I get to kill things!"  
:bulletblack:"owowowowow! Timmy she's attacking us with banshee powers!"
:bulletblack:"Yay! I'm dirty~ I wanna be more dirty hurry n'do the change thingy!"

Timmy: A quiet little boy with no emotion Like, average pitched but monotone
:bulletorange:"I'm,I'm just Timmy...,"
:bulletorange:"To clear up any confusion let me explain. I am Timmy, i may look like a small 7-year old but i'm way way older than that since i'm a reaper, or death incarnate,whatever.Now you have been named and so i have to kill you.Since i'm a reaper, simple really you understand?"
:bulletorange:*Whistle don't fear the reaper *

Narrator: Average pitch, sounds slightly insane but more of a comical, funny effect.
:bulletgreen:"As in like this being the the first chapter is like the foundation of doom, get it get it? I crack myself up"
:bulletgreen:"Ignore the fact she should already be dead"
:bulletgreen:"I know what your thinking ..... tentacle porn"

Lylah: Overly girly/Paris Hilton.
:bulletpink:"Life couldn't be better"
:bulletpink:"WHO ARE YOU!?"
:bulletpink:"What, what are you doing?##

If your interested and say "sure why not" Then i will love you forever!
Well maybe not love that'd be kinda creepy... and of course you'd be starring as  the main characters in the series and stuff?
Not really sure how to sell it to you but like it would be awesomes sauce.
Reply to this post with the charachter you'd like to be and a link to a video/audio of yourself saying one or more of their lines.
Please note that even if you don't live near me as long as you have a microphone and are able to record yourself you can still be a voice, and also that this isn't going to be the most amazing animation ever so don't get your hopes up XD.

Or if your like " yeah... no. " That'll be fine i guess seeing as there not that much in it for you and it'd take time and yeah i get it. BUT if that is your choice, seeing as you've read this far could you give me some tips or hints of some kind that would be helpful, or even just supporting the group will be awesomesauce!

:iconimmaculus: :iconthird-rate: :iconmonosugoi:

Deadline of entry's: September 20th then judging shall begin!

:bulletblack: :icongopotter:… [second half]

:bulletorange: :iconlunar-pyro:… [second half]

:bulletgreen: :iconscaredyash006:…
:bulletgreen: :iconlunar-pyro:… [first half]
:bulletgreen: :icongopotter:… [first half]
:bulletgreen: :iconrebeccaproductions:…


If anyone could help with music at all also that would help as there is the case of background music

1) Happy music - for the beginning maybe a nice melody?
2) Timmy appearing - so dramatic quiet short but also quiet.
3) Suspense music - for when they are talking. With a constant couple of notes being played getting faster and faster
4) The killing music - This will be used through out the series

(o.o) will still be a separate character and at times when he pops up he will also need a small noise - maybe

Thank you for reading this it's up to you what happens next

:iconthird-rate: :)

P.s If this goes well then there will be more voices for the other episodes to come.

Tyler for TtR,
Reece for voice descriptions

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Submitted on
July 20, 2011


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