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Timmy the Reaper
                 Created by Tyler Gates

Warning: This written series is overly ridiculous and may cause some readers to go "wtf". Oh, it also has some nasty themes and gore n' stuff too.

"How Music Saves Lives..."
(o.o) Sorry this chapter is running a bit late, but I was occupied; children snitched on me to the cops after I offered them meth. People these days are bloody nothing but trash and rats; what is this world coming to? I don't know the answer, but hopefully its cheesecake.

      At the centre of the Reaper Wasteland, Mr. Killall is relaxing behind his desk, having been put in charge of the place while Director-General Grimsta attends very urgent and very important matters at the Cheesecake Shop for the Supernatural.
      The Reaper Supervisor calmly drops a squealing rat into his mouth, chewing it alive with his razor teeth while washing it down with a smooth glass of human blood. [(o.o) Don't worry, Animal Welfare agents monitored all animal-related scenes...until we killed them for telling us we couldn't harm animals...At least their human blood went to good use :P]
      Killall relishes in his meal as a beautiful, not-so-soft melody of deathcore music rattles the entirety of the wasteland. Reapers cover their ears while escorting souls into Limbo and Hell, though Killall takes no notice and continues to stir his blood drink with his long, screwny finger. Then, something unbelievable and incredibly disastrous occurs, something of unparallel magnitude that no other calamity could ever hope to match - his music abruptly stops.
      Killall's finger stops stirring, the glass in his hand shatters and his eyes pulsate into a bloody-red colour. Black web-like veins spread across his face as his expression turns to that of unimaginable rage. His hands slam against the top of the desk, obliterating the piece of furniture and causing the immediate area to crater inward. [(o.o) When Dragonball z meets TtR]
      "WHO THE FUCK TURNED OFF MY MUSIC?!?!" The Supervisor, still sitting in his now semi-ruined chair, suddenly fixates his eyes upon a random soul. In a flash of pure speed, the incredibly tall and lean figure of Killall grips the soul by its...uhhh.....grips the soul, lifting it high above the ground. His terrifying face but an inch away from that of the quivering soul's.                               
     Killall's voice explodes, "WAS IT YOU?! DID YOU TURN OFF MY MUSIC?!?" [(o.o) It's all going to be ok. I mean have you ever seen Killall actually kill someone before? No. That's because most of the time he is in control of himself :)]
      Killall, unable to contain his anger, watches as the soul suddenly ignites with black flames and disintegrates into oblivion. [(o.o)...ok, so maybe this isn't one of those regular times]
      Soon the web-like veins spread across the entirety of Killall's body, with reapers looking on in both awe and fear as the Supervisor starts to grow in size and mass. In mere moments Killall appears as a raging, colossal figure, with muscle build so great it makes the Hulk look like a tiny little bitch.
      He yells in intense repetition while stomping the ground, "WHO TURNED OFF MY MUSIC?!?!?!!"
     The wasteland quakes and rips asunder, as though the land itself were close to splitting in half. A voice then addresses Killall with a familiar sigh, "You forgot to check and see if the playlist had finished again, didn't you?"
      "Huh?" The Supervisor looks down at the source of the voice. Timmy glances back up at him with an unimpressed expression, then walking off with Scythe. Killall soon realises his mistake, and falls calm – reverting back to his normal, lanky self.
      He then peers across at the carnage he has caused, just as Grimsta finally returns [(o.o) Impeccable timing]. The Director-General uses a moment to take in the sight.
       "....WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?"

To Be Disembodied...
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