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Timmy the Reaper
                 Created by Tyler Gates

Warning: This written series is overly ridiculous and may cause some readers to go "wtf". Oh, it also has some nasty themes and gore n' stuff too.

"Wiener Fest"
(o.o) Whispering, whispering, whispering, whispering , whispering, whispering, whispering, whispering, whispering, whispering, whispering, whispering, whispering, SHOUT!!!

      After a hard day of being the famous clown mascot for BurntWienerTM, Donald McWiener flops down onto the edge of his bed and kicks off his giant clown shoes, revealing his actual size- GIANT ARSE feet. Releasing a long sigh, he proceeds to smoke from his crack pipe. [(o.o) Don't knock it till you smoke it]
      "Where is my life going?" He groans.
      "I know~ It's going to the Wasteland. YAY for you~!" a childish voice startles him from behind, causing him to drop the pipe onto the floor.
      The clown quickly turns and glances across the other side of the bed, setting his sight upon a small, pale figure shrouded in black robes and wielding a scythe.
      "I'm Timmy."
      The startled McWiener jumps up off the bed, keeping his gaze upon the Reaper as he backs up against the bedroom wall. The clown quickly starts to snivel, with tears moving as streams down his cheeks.
      "A-Are you g-going to kill me?"
      The question is met with a sigh. "Yeah, that's the general idea."
      In response the clown cries out in fear, with his once tearful streams now rushing like waterfalls. The Reaper closes the distance by moving over the bed and towards McWiener, but pauses in intrigue as the clown does something no Named of Timmy's have done in a very long time – the clown closes his eyes and prays.   
      "Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray for a hedge of protection around me. I bind this demon spirit of fear and worry away from me by the blood of Jesus.... Father, please forgive me for where I fail you.... In Jesus' name... Amen."

      Timmy blinks in astonishment at the clown's foolish faith. "You're…not serious?"
      Scythe begins to quiver for blood. "Just kill him, TIMMY~"
       Timmy leaps off of the bed, landing only a few feet away from the clown as he readies to deliver the disembodying blow from Scythe.

      "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want; He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name's sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil; for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever!"
      No longer paying attention to his prayers, the Reaper sweeps his weapon through the air at the clown, but is shocked as well as Scythe to see the attack suddenly repelled by the spiritual aura of a once Named soul he knew as Tammy. [(o.o) For those too stupid to use the long-term memory functions of their brain, Tammy was originally introduced in Chapter 10 previously. She was disembodied…and back then she wasn't a holy specter… I think]
      The glowing white soul of Tammy stands firm in front of McWiener, while both Scythe and Timmy glance in shock.
      "WHAT THE FUCK~! Timmy, we killed her~ WHAT'S GOING ON?!"
      The Reaper is too stunned to reply, and Tammy gives an expression that looks as though she's about to provide a lengthy explanation that will develop a theory of there actually being a God and Heaven. [(o.o) Yes, those expressions exist! Like those oh-my-God-you-ate-the-last-Oreo-you-slut expressions…they exist, I tell you!]
      The spirit shows a warm smile. "It's been awhile, Timmy. I've been watching you." [(o.o) Stalker-bitch]
      "It seems you will not stray from your path of a reaper, which is a shame. You could have ascended into the Higher Realm if only you had sacrificed your soul back when you had disembodied me. That was the only time you had tried to fight the darkness you had become…albeit by killing Unnamed, but that's not the point."
      Timmy winces in a mix of irritation and confusion. "What are you actually dribbling about? What the fookoros is the 'Higher Realm'? Look at you, making up stories of things that don't exist."
      The apparition's face then droops with unamusement as she continues, "The realm of which I speak does not exist, at least not in this line of existence. It lies beyond here; beyond this world; the Wasteland; Hell; Limbo; beyond the Dark Realms. It stands on its own plane, past the sight of Death itself. This is why it is called the Higher Realm. From it came all else, even Mors spawned from it. It is the watcher of the watchers."
      McWiener remains cowering behind Tammy, still unable to cease the tears as he listens to the words of his protector.
      Timmy sighs heavily. "This is all fascinating, and maybe you're right, and maybe you could be totally full of shit – either way I'm behind schedule. So, if you're done lecturing me, could you please move out of the way, I need to kill that clown behind you?"
      Tammy glances behind her in confusion, "Oh. I didn't even realise someone else was here; I thought you were just attacking the wall for some reason. Sure, go for it. I'm being called back now anyway. Bye, Timmy." With those last words the warm soul flickers away, leaving McWiener to the non-mercy of the Reaper.
      "Wait, no please don't!"
      "YAY~! You're gonna die~" Scythe is swung through the air and into the abdomen of the clown, pinning him into the wall with epic force. Stuck against internal organs, the weapon gags in disgust. "EWWW~ He has hepatitis! That's so gross~"
      That plot is still thickening real well.

To Be Disembodied…
For all the chapters and some amazing dark/supernatural art visit :icontimmythereaper:

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