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Timmy the Reaper
                 Created by Tyler Gates

Warning: This written series is overly ridiculous and may cause some readers to go "wtf". Oh, it also has some nasty themes and gore n' stuff too.

"The Rotten Eye doesn't fall far from the Corpse"
(o.o) Today, I've decided to write this very special chapter for you while in the light of my open window. Sure, my pale skin burns in defiance of life's energy, but we all must make sacrifices now, don't we? You'll understand more when barbarian tribesmen cut the blood from your veins in tribute to their grotesque bird gods.

      A lanky framed figure sits on a worn, wooden chair while sharpening his large hunter's knife. His filthy unkempt hair, a nest for maggots and the occasional spider, reeking of duck piss and rum. [(o.o) If there's one thing we've all just learnt – it's that this guy has class]
      Snorting an escaping line of snot back up into his nose, the man begins to reminisce to the surrounding darkness of the dank room.
      "Y'know, I despise alotta things. I despise this city, and the people that lie in its filth. Sunlight and the plants that eat it up like a sex-deprived whore. I despise chirping birds and the songs they sing. I despise schools; teenagers; laws; government; children; candy; cheesecake; and the rants of arrogant fuckers who consider their own shit to be superior to most men."
      The man stops to give a light chuckle.
      "But, y'know what I don't despise? Death. I welcome it, and even call for it. Y'know I saw death once, or at least one of its agents. Don't you believe me? It came to take my father. Actually, you might have heard of my father – his name was Murdos Killworth, the Some Strangler of '69; my role model."
      Suddenly the man stops sharpening and begins to stare ahead with his bloodshot eyes. His unamused face looking upon his female victim, who lies bound to the chair opposite to his.
      "You don't seem to be liking my story, woman! What's the problem? Not enough rainbow unicorns in it for yah, huh?" He lunges off his chair and places the knife at the young woman's left eye. "Maybe you'd like my story more if I carved out your eyes, just like I did your tongue?" [(o.o) Makes perfect sense to me]
      Taking the knife away and moving back to his chair, the man starts to burst out with hysterical laughter. "You take me too seriously, ahahahahaha!!"
      Calming himself, he continues, "Now, as I was saying. My father was an infamous killer around these parts. Genius he was, and he never got caught. Nothing could catch him – except for death. Little bastard called itself Timmy. I was six-years-old: hid in the wardrobe when it came, and watched as my father was hacked to pieces by a thing looking no older than I at the time. Fuckin' reaper. Anyway, it wasn't surprising that I, Killem Killworth, ended up like my father – a killer. You're my three-hundred-and-eighth victim in fact."
      Killem jumps out of his chair again, this time to stretch, but soon steps over into the shadows. Turning on his sound system to the song "Dance Without You" by Skylar Grey, the psychopath glides over to the woman, cutting her free from her restraints while guiding her across the room to dance – still with his knife in hand. [(o.o) Cue the creepy dancing scene with a murderer in the darkness. Don't fret though, the chances of something bad happening is minimal…Would I lie to you?]
      Moving in some form of erratic rhythm, Killem leads the tongue-less victim through the music. Then, appearing in her sight, the victim spots a small figure coiled within the shadows behind Killem, and soon tentacles of darkness erupt out and grasp the killer, pulling him backwards away from her. [(o.o) This is usually the moment when I come up with a remark involving tentacle porn, but I'd like to think that we've all matured past that kinda thing now….pfft, bahahahaha!!!]
      Killem is violently thrown to the floor by the tentacle limbs of darkness, and held in place while Timmy makes his approach. The killer's eyes widen upon seeing the same being that had disembodied his father decades before.
      The Reaper sighs. "It's been awhile, Killem. Glad to see you've kept yourself busy over the years."
      The pinned murderer smirks with beads of sweat moving from his forehead while he silently searches for his knife – which had been dropped back when he was first grappled by the tentacles. With no means of escape, the killer is left helpless before death, ironically not unlike all his own victims.
      Killem nervously laughs, "I've been waiting for you."
      "How lovely." Without a second moment wasted by the Reaper, Killem finds himself intruded by darkness; his insides filling and expanding as black bile oozes from his eye sockets. Having no interest in wasting his blade on such filth, Timmy simply watches with a mopey, emotionless expression as the screaming killer puffs up and explodes apart, with fluid and organs now scattering across the floor. The Reaper briefly glances at the traumatised victim of Killem, and leaves her to her shattered sanity as he steps away into the abyss of a vortex. [(o.o) In case you're wondering what becomes of that woman – she lives a happy and fulfilling life. Ahahaha, just kidding, she dies next year from a wild moose attack. What? It happens…]
      The plot is thickening.

To Be Disembodied…

And when you're riddled with hate and burn with anger
Your mind will collapse inward stranger
Your heart will smash from your actions of rash
And your world will be left smouldering, layered with ash.
Listen to my words stranger, for what I tell you is wisdom
And be true to me as though you saw me as kinsmen
Only through this can you truly be aware, that your saviour is right before you…
He has always been there
– By Tyler Gates
For all the chapters and some amazing dark/supernatural art visit :icontimmythereaper:

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