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  Timmy the Reaper
                 Created by Tyler Gates

Warning: This written series is overly ridiculous and may cause some readers to go "wtf". Oh, it also has some nasty themes and gore n' stuff too.

"What Brings Us Back, Kills Us"
(o.o) Tra la la la; aren't I just so awesome? {In case you're wondering – yes, I had nothing fucking better to put here}

      The sky is dark and gloomy, and the air dank. Kneeling at the ledge of the Heavens Tower, looking through the clouds below, Matthew peers at a colossal serpent, held in flight by its massive pair of wings. Its seemingly endless, twisting body of red scales surrounded by a dense aura of impurity, as its long metallic jaws, and beaming yellow eyes give a sinister expression.
       Matthew soon reaches to his feet, and with his glowing blue sword in his right-hand, and sigil-enchanted left-hand, he readies himself for his final vengeance against the beast that killed his father, and cursed his life.
      Matthew narrows his eyes, not unlike an Asian's. "It seems I've finally found you, Mandragora. You're not easy to track-down, despite your size." [(o.o) At this point you're probably wondering just what the fuck is going on…well, you see… *static interference*]
      Mandragora bellows in laughter, "The notorious Killer of Beasts, Matthew of Some Place, has come to finally kill me. Ahahahaha! Come at me bro, and I will show you the power that has corrupted your DREAMS!!"
      Matthew uses his mystical left-eye to gaze at the mighty Oilliphéist creature, and using its fiery red clairvoyant glare, sees the roaring life-force jetting through the beast's internal body, and locates Mandragora's weakest points in his aura and flesh.
      "You hesitate? What of your revenge?"
      "Enough of the goading, bitch."
      Suddenly the Killer of Beasts leaps from the pinnacle of the cloud penetrating tower, and with heavy velocity lands upon the creature's coils. Using the leviathan's long body as a pathway, Matthew darts up and along towards its head – cutting through flesh as he moves.                                                                                                     
      Mandragora violently uses his dozens of steel claws to thrash at the young man, but is easily dodged by a rapid Matthew, causing the beast to slash through his own torso. Matthew uses his mystical eye to spot the weakest part of the Oilliphéist's scales, and then plants his left, sigil-hand upon it, using his enchanted palm to unleash a mass of blue energy, which explodes in and throughout Mandragora's body.
      The now smoke-riddled Oilliphéist, in desperation, takes flight higher through the air and above the Heavens Tower, using the available free space to twist his coils around Matthew and crush him with immense force. "Ahahahahahaha! The Killer of Beasts has been killed by the greatest beast of ALL!!!" [(o.o) Oh, I'm back. Hi. So, eaten any good cheesecake lately?]
      However, Mandragora is left in disbelief as his coils are scorched and forced open by an explosion of blue light. A free Matthew then swiftly leaps up at Mandragora, just passing the leviathan's eyes as he plummets his sword down through its massive skull.
      Bellowing in agony as Matthew forces his blade out, Mandragora can only be left in shock while the Beast Killer moves over its head, and falls down its back, using the moment to slash off its immense wings, and send the Oilliphéist crashing down through Heavens Tower. The defeated Mandragora lies still within the heavy rubble of the destroyed tower, and a minimally injured Matthew approaches the fallen Oilliphéist.
      Standing evenly in height with the creature's gushing head, Matthew winces at the pain of his own broken left-arm. Mandragora looks at him with eyes of hate and begins to mumble to himself in pain. "Fool, the End is close. When you awaken, you will be so dead."
      Matthew gives a look of confusion. "Wait, what?"
      Suddenly the young man opens his eyes in a fit of heavy sweat, sitting up in his bed while dawn approaches upon Some City. Then, his face drains of all colour as standing right in front of him on the bed, is a small figure wrapped in black robes, wielding a large scythe – Timmy the Reaper.
      The Reaper sighs. "Nice dream?"
      The man, still in confusion, watches as the Reaper motions Scythe – moving its blade through the Named's temple and running it horizontally along his skull, hacking his eyes in half as the top of his head is swept away by the blade – killing him instantly.
      "…Probably wasn't very interesting, anyway." Timmy then shifts the scene to disguise his activities, and retreats into a black vortex. [(o.o) Don't you just hate when you read a whole story, and then right at the end it turns out to be a dream, and you somehow feel cheated? Like the writer was so uncreative that he didn't know how else to write an ending so he just went with a typical cliché? Well, good thing I don't write like that then, huh? :P]

To Be Disembodied…

Urban Dictionary Says…
"The Grim Reaper is not an omnipresent personification of death in charge of the entire world, but rather each area has their own Grim Reaper who serves as the Grim Reaper of the area until such a time as they find a replacement….The Grim Reaper can teach us much. He serves as a reminder that life is short and to make the best of every day (eat dessert first and dance now)" (o.o) Eat dessert first = cheesecake
For all the chapters and some amazing dark/supernatural art visit :icontimmythereaper:

Chapter 27 [link]
Chapter 26 <- You are here
Chapter 25 [link]

Chapter 1 [link]

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