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Timmy the Reaper
                 Created by Tyler Gates

Warning: This written series is overly ridiculous and may cause some readers to go "wtf". Oh, it also has some nasty themes and gore n' stuff too.

"Epic Slaughter"
(o.(o.(o.(o.o).o).o).o) Good news guys; I found a group of followers – and they will obey me until they come to their senses. Epic, am I right?

       At the centre of the Reaper Wasteland, Mr Killall addresses a crowd of reapers under a giant sign with the words "Kill Day" written in fresh blood across it.
      "As you all should know, it's that time of the year when the competitive nature of you murderers comes out to bloom into a beautiful flower of death, through unfriendly competition with your fellow colleagues. And to those newcomers of the Wasteland who have no fucking clue as to what I'm referring to; well, there is a giant sign here for a reason. Kill Day is the only time in a yearly calendar when Named are not designated to any specific reaper's list, which effectively leaves any Named's soul up for slaughter by any reaper," Killall gives a large grin. [(o.o) I think this is the longest body of dialogue ever spoken in TtR by any one character]
      The Supervisor continues, "All the Named a reaper manages to disembody throughout the day will appear on that reaper's currently blank list. Now, this is where it gets psychotic; the reaper with the most Named on their list will be titled the Kill Day Champion. Unfortunately, no one has been named Champion in several decades – thanks to the constant draws between our top two reapers, Mr Timmy and Night."
      All the reapers then awkwardly glance at Timmy, who simply sighs while Scythe quickly shouts with an inner burning for victory, "I'M GONNA WIN~!!! I'M GONNAAA WIINNN!!!!"
      Night leers across at Timmy, with her own scythe responding in a sickly voice while sneezing, "I don't know about this, Night. I haven't been feeling so good ever since we killed that filthy janitor, Ryan Polhead."
       Noticing the sexual tension…I mean, competitive tension between Night and…well mostly Scythe– Killall smirks wider while turning to Grimsta, "Director-General Grimsta, is there anything you'd like to add?"
      Grimsta wobbles over from her bone-throne, gulping cheesecake, "I want to see BLOOD! I want to hear SCREAMS! And I want to eat CHEESECAKE! Now piss off and go kill things!!"
      In a flash of shadows and vortex's the mass of reapers vanish from the Wasteland.
-------Night: Melancholy Café------
      A depressing barista hands a large-size coffee over to a depressing customer, "Here's your depresso, sir." Night suddenly appears in the air, flying downward as she swings her scythe through the middle of the customer and his depresso, with blood and coffee splattering all over the barista. The barista appears unfazed, holding his hand out to the remains of the disembodied Named, "That'll be $3.50, sir." [(o.o) Melancholy Café, BurntWienerTM, what will I think of next? :P]
-------Timmy: Some bedroom------
      Timmy enters a room occupied by two teens doing the hanky-panky [(o.o) That's not a type of dance by the way…]
      "AWW~! Look at that; he thinks he's pleasing her – that's sooo cute~ LET'S KILL HIM!"
      Forcing Timmy to rush, Scythe pulls the Reaper [(o.o) My God, this sentence is sounding wrong] over to the 'occupied' Named, and in an instant the girl is forced to watch her boyfriend's head fling off of his shoulders – cueing the consequential screaming.
-----A LOT of killing later-----
      An incredibly aged man walks down a main street at the city centre of Some City - his pace at one-step every five-minutes. Night rushes at him, smirking in near-victory while her scythe's blade rips through the air at the old Named's waist, however, to her dismay the attack is blocked by Timmy and his own Scythe. Night backs away a few steps, now in total fury.
      Timmy merely sighs, "I don't even care if you win or not – Scythe's the one forcing me to go through all this effort."
      "I'M GONNA WIN~~~!!! TIMMY, we can't let her kill the Named~ WE CAN'T!"
      Night raises her sneezing scythe, and is soon engulfed in twisting black energy, to which Timmy shows minimal signs of shock, "You're going to use your Death Cloak powers for this of all things, really?"
      Night smirks, "Let's see who the better reaper is, and settle this once and for all."
      In response, Scythe forces Timmy to activate his own Death Cloak; both reapers writhed with darkness as they charge with their scythes raised.
      They clash weapons, causing an uproar of colliding powers that sends all of the area into shadows and destruction.  [(o.o) If you haven't taken cover yet… well, it's too late now]
      Streets and paths upturn with eruptions and clashes of epic energy. Nearby skyscrapers are cut in half and left to plummet upon doomed citizens. The reapers show no signs of relenting, while the world around them breaks apart with each clash of their scythes.
------3 hours later------
[(o.o) Ok, I think we all get by this point that clearly the landscape is fucked up :P] Night pants in total exhaustion, while Timmy stands unfazed, and unemotional. Night's scythe coughs and speaks in a dying tone, "Night, we have to stop, I'm too sick. I can't continue, one more hit and my body will-"the reaper ignores her weapon's words and in determination moves to strike Timmy down.
      "YAY~! DIE!" Scythe intercepts the opposing weapon, and with one final clash shatters Night's scythe in its entirety. The female reaper stares in shock and disbelief – her weapon fully destroyed. Timmy sighs while Night's Death Cloak evaporates along with her black robes; her form reverting to that of an ordinary soul.
      "Bye, Night." Timmy deactivates his Death Cloak, and then starts to walk away as black chains emerge from the ground under Night, coiling and constricting around her while they reel her down into damnation.
      Meanwhile, the old Named continues his pace down the destroyed street [(o.o) How he could have survived…I have no idea], but is abruptly sliced in half by Scythe.
      "YAY~! I WIN!!"
------Deep in the dark Realm of Death----
      The all-seeing Mors gives barely any reaction to the loss of one of its reapers, and instead fixates its focus on another, living soul – Jazz.

To Be Disembodied…

…….(o.o)…… I lost all my followers; it seems I didn't anticipate me killing them all in boredom.

A reaper's scythe acts as a kind of 'plug' or 'anchor' for a reaper's powers granted to them by Mors. If a reaper's scythe is destroyed beyond repair (effectively dying), then that reaper's powers will be lost forever, resulting in their form reverting to a powerless, ordinary soul. This is considered a breach of the covenant with Mors, which sees the soul as now useless, and so calls upon its Cadenas de Mors (Mors chains/death chains) to send the soul to its previous destination of Hell or Limbo.
For all the chapters and some amazing dark/supernatural art visit :icontimmythereaper:

Chapter 23 [link]
Chapter 22 <- You are here
Chapter 21 [link]

Chapter 1 [link]

Comments are welcome :D
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Kurrona Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
slaughetr is fuuuuun~!!! :iconblackheartplz:
Immaculus Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011  Professional Writer
It sure is :D
koonmo Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WOAH. That was a pretty epic fight. I'm sad that Night isn't a reaper anymore though! I liked her scythe...
Immaculus Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011  Professional Writer
Yeah, she was pretty cool. Along with her sick scythe.
koonmo Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So sad.
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