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Timmy the Reaper
                 Created by Tyler Gates

Warning: This written series is overly ridiculous and may cause some readers to go "wtf". Oh, it also has some nasty themes and gore n' stuff too.

   "All That May Rot"
(o.o) {insert something witty here, because I can't be f…}

      The little boy, Brian, lies in bed under the covers thinking about his classmate, Jazz. Left smitten over her kindness and pretty face, he can't feel anything but excitement for their arranged date tomorrow at the local Ice Scream store [(o.o) Ice Scream; using convicted mass murderers as ice cream men since the budget cuts of '83 :D].
      Clicking his night light off, the boy gets himself comfy in bed while an awfully gruesome, bone-skinny creature reeking of death enters the room – known to him as 'Mum'.
     She kisses him on the cheek, leaving a smudge of SluttyRaspberry-brand lipstick on his face as she whispers drunkenly, "Goodnight, B..B…eh, whatever your name was again."           Stepping back out of the room, Brian's mother closes his door shut, revealing the demonical, emaciated figure of the inhuman teacher, Irk, who had been waiting behind the cover of the door.
      "Thought she'd NEVER leave," Irk smirks while approaching the bed [(o.o) Cue Satanic rape face]. Brian gazes upon the creature in fear, while paralysed like the vermin prey of a snake, and in a matter of moments blood soaks into the bed sheets while bits of bone and flesh splatter across the floor. [(o.o) If it makes you feel any better about this slaughter scene; left unchecked that kid was going to grow up to be a respectable member of society. And I don't know about you but having another achiever thinking he's got something over us common insane people doesn't sit too well with me]   
------Meanwhile at the drug store, Wonder Woman is looking for a pregnancy test-----
      She looks at one of the pregnancy test boxes on a shelf, "Fucking Batman…"
-----At the Reaper Wasteland------
      Mr Killall is blasting Symphony of Destruction while he sits relaxed behind his desk, gazing while reapers leave their disembodied Named's souls wandering in lines to General-Director Grimsta as she eats an endless amount of cheesecake.
      "You like cheesecake!?" She bellows the question at the soul standing in shackles before her throne.
      The soul looks at her slightly confused, "Uh no, not really – I'm more of a sponge cake kinda guy."
      "You're going to Hell! Next!" The soul suddenly combusts into flames as the next soul steps forward, "You like cheesecake!?" She repeats the question.
      "Oh my! You kidding, I love cheesecake!!?" The soul screams with enthusiasm.
     "You, worm, will be sent to Limbo; your sins are minimal."
     The soul cheers after hearing his sentence and is taken away in a vortex of pale light.
      Timmy and Scythe approach Killall's desk having completed their Named list once again at a satisfactory rate.
      "Mr. Timmy, and how are we holding up?" He gives a large grin.
      "Uhh…depressed as always?"
      "SplenDID! So, fine then?" Suddenly the supervisor is whispered something by a skeletal servant, causing his face to turn rapidly red with black veins, "ANOTHER ONE!?"
      Killall quickly takes a breath and reverts to his calm self," This bloody demon has been constantly killing out of its jurisdiction. I wish Satan would get his shit together and sort these rogues out. This 'Irkalacifera' she-bitch has been on a rampage for centuries."
      Timmy's eyes widen to the sound of the name, soon followed by an untimely yet convenient plot-developing flashback.
----200 years earlier, in a 1800s styled classroom located in Some City, then known as That Town----
       A human Timmy enters his classroom just as the clock hand readies to move. His teacher, Mr Irk, gives an alarming leer at the boy as her fork tongue hisses at him, "YOU'RE 0.37 SECONDS LATE! THE ONLY JUSTIFIABLE PUNISHMENT FOR YOU IS BANSIHMENT TO HELL!"
      Timmy is then engulfed within black flames summoned by the demonic teacher, and screams for mercy as his body disintegrates into the underworld, leaving Irk to peer back at her terrified classroom.
       "Now children, let's continue our lesson on how you'll all die from your self-imploding intestines."
----Back in the present----
      Timmy sighs, "Well now that I've relived that traumatising experience in my mind – time for a wiener slushy and some tentacle porn…"

To Be Disembodied…  
For all the chapters and some amazing dark/supernatural art visit :icontimmythereaper:

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For a list of up and coming contests visit [link]

Comments are welcome :D
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gopotter Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011  Student Writer
Wiener slushy vs. Cheesecake? Battle beyond your wildest dreams.

Any-whovian, in Timmy's Flashback, it says 'Mr.' instead of 'Mrs.'
koonmo Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The wonderwoman part was REALLY random but I died laughing all the same! XD EFFING BATMAN!! XXXXXXXDDDDDDDDD
Immaculus Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011  Professional Writer
Glad you liked it :)
koonmo Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD Oh good times..good times.
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