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Timmy the Reaper
                 Created by Tyler Gates

Warning: This written series is overly ridiculous and may cause some readers to go "wtf". Oh, it also has some nasty themes and gore n' stuff too.

"No Trick or Treat, Just Death"
(o.o) It's Halloween children, so, get your FREAK ON! And party like it's 1811! By the way this title is very accurate, there isn't much trick or treat, it's mainly about Death.

  -----Some City, a year ago-----
      The doorbell rings on Halloween night. A mother-of-three opens the door to a little boy holding a scythe and dressed as a reaper, she smiles, "Awwww, how cuutteee. Would you like some candy little boy?"
      The boy sighs, "The name is Timmy," with a clean sweep from Scythe the woman is cut in half, with blood spraying all over.
       "AWWWW~ That was too quick~ LET'S CHOP HER UP INTO BLOOD GRAVY!" The mopey Reaper takes a deep breath and pulls out the magical scene-shifter elixir and drops some on the corpse, making it appear as though the mother hanged herself on the doorframe – a great present for her trick-or-treating kids to come home to. The Reaper then walks off.
----Present time,[(o.o) Not as in Christmas, dumbarse] Reaper Wasteland-----
       "Mr. Timmy, are you alright?" Mr. Killall peers down at the unresponsive Timmy, who is sitting upon the last of the rocks he had to clean.
      Night approaches and knocks on his head, with still no response, "I think he's out of it…"
      Relaxing on her bone throne, Grimsta bites into her cheesecake, "I've seen this before in certain reapers. It's kickback from slaughtering Unnamed, and for whatever set him off to begin with – it's all coming back down on him which has fried his circuits and overloaded him, like a gay robot," she finishes off the cheesecake, licking her fingers with her worm-tongue, "He'll snap out of it after a little while. In the meantime I have to deal with the cleanup of his fucking mess!" [(o.o) Hey, did you know the Funhouse blew up? Now THAT'S insane! Anyway, this chapter's important in the plotline, so I'll let you get back to it]
-----200 years ago-------
      A stark naked little boy is spat out by a black vortex, left on his hands and knees in the middle of a black, swirling abyss, surrounded by darkness. [(o.o) A priest's greatest fantasy, I'm sure :P] The shivering cold boy is then cloaked in black robes formed from the nearby shadows, and in confusion he finally climbs to his feet, revealing himself to be Timmy.
      "W-what happened? What is this place?"
      In response, a roaring voice that could split the earth asunder erupts from within the darkness, "You don't know? You, boy, are DEAD! Not dead as in so-tired-you-fell-asleep-and this-is-all-a-dream dead, dead as in you're STONE COLD."
      It all then flashes back to Timmy, the yelling, that leer, and then…blackness.
      "…But, if I'm dead then, why am I here? Is this Heaven?"
      The ground quakes, "I HADN'T FUCKING FINISHED TALKING YET, ALRIGHT!? Sorry, I haven't taken my meds this millennia, keep forgetting. Anyway boy, Heaven, God, its myth, like Santa Claus and hope, it's all bullshit to help you sleep better at night – make you feel like there's good in the universe. WELL THERE ISN'T! The only absolute, the only constant is death. You'll get to know that soon enough."
      Timmy gives a confused look, "…What do you mean?"
      "DID I NOT JUST SAY I HADN'T FUCKING FINISHED TALKING!? STOP INTERRUPTING; YOU'RE RUINING THE FUCKING FLOW OF THIS CRITICAL EXPLANATION! You are indeed dead, but I couldn't allow a fresh soul like yours to seep into the abyss and go to waste unlike all those other old farts and suicidal worms whose souls are worthless. You are no longer human; you are a Reaper of Death."
      With hesitance, Timmy replies, "….I don't want to get yelled at again or I think my head will explode, but I have to ask, then what are you?" A tiny puppy-dog then steps out of the shadows, revealing itself as the source of the booming voice.
       "I am Mors, I am Death, the force in which you serve, and you're my tool to fulfil my undying purpose – to bring end to life."
      His eyes wide in disbelief, Timmy replies, "…Oh…and, you're a dog...?" The puppy scratches its ear.
     "This is one of my more pleasant forms, but if you'd prefer, I can look different…" The puppy then morphs into a giant plant-like creature with razor mouths and killer eyes, with millions of tentacles thrashing about [(o.o) TENTACLE PORN! Sorry, I'm distracting you again, do read on…]
     Mors continues, "I was birthed at the dawning of the universe and all its parallels, a force and entity that has existed to keep the balance of those who live and those that die."
      "I see, and how's that working out for you…?"
     "I WILL SAVE YOU FROM ETERNAL DAMNATION, so long as you agree to collect the souls of those who I etch as Named upon your list."
      "Well, since my alternative isn't very gratifying, I'll do it, I'll be your tool."
      "Then, I shall send you to your new home - La tierra de las almas cosechadas."
      "….I'm sorry, La-what?" Timmy then fades away into the darkness…
----Present time----
      A catatonic Timmy finally starts snapping out of his daze, "La tierra de las almas cosechadas…"
      Killall gives one of his freaky grins, "We just call it the 'Reaper Wasteland'."
      The Reaper stands up and sighs, "Yeah, I know, I remember." Scythe quickly flies into his hand.
      "YAY~! Now we can go back to killing things~"
      Killall points at his desk, "You're behind, better get a move on, Mr. Timmy." The Reaper's eyes widen as he glances upon an endless tower of lists on the desk.
To Be Disembodied…
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Comments are welcome :D
Time for the fourth Reaper Feedback Question

Q: what is your favourite line of dialogue so far in the series? As always post your answer to this blog...
gopotter Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011  Student Writer
The Land of Harvested Souls, ey? I thought you were going to make a cheesecake reference.
"La Tierra de la tarta de queso eterna"
Immaculus Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011  Professional Writer
haha not this time :P
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