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Devoted to the Third Doctor (and his companions/enemies) of the hit science fiction show Doctor Who.
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Tom Baker's blog

Elisabeth Sladen who we all know as Sarah Jane Smith has passed away.

I'm not going to write an obituary because I'm no good at those sorts of things, and unless this is the only Doctor Who group you watch you'll have already got an message box full of that.
If this is the only Doctor Who group you watch, well, surprise!

The plan? Pizza, booze, telly.

Instead since I (and I'm sure you too) know Sladen for her role as Sarah Jane I recommend we do as Craig says and watch some TV.
It'll be great, we'll have some laughs, see some sights, people will get replaced by robots and The Doctor will take Sarah Jane to an active rock quarry instead of just planets that look like them.

I'll start you off....
The Time Warrior, Monster of Peladon, The Android Invasion and The Hand of Fear

The links go directly to the episodes and you can just watch them there if you don't already have a legal copy and all.

:star:----In case you missed it----:star:
:bulletred: A new action figure set for The Time Warrior will be available in May.

:bulletred: Terror of the Autons and Planet of the Spiders have been released on DVD in multiple regions. Terror of the Autons features the first appearance of  Jo Grant, Caption Mike Yates and The Master. Planet of the Spiders features the last regular appearance of Jon Pertwee as The Doctor in the show.

:bulletred: Series six starts April 23rd, 2011

:bulletred: Nicholas Courtney, who played Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
passed away in February. :(

:bulletred: Richard Franklin reprised his role as Mike Yates in ‘Demon Quest’ a five-part audio series along side Tom Baker as the Doctor. Demon Quest is the sequel to the 2009 five-part audio series ‘Hornets' Nest’.

:bulletred: Katy Manning returned as Jo Grant (now Jo Jones) in ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ episode ‘The Death of the Doctor’

:star:---Watch the Third Doctor Episodes Online---:star:

Your friendly neighbourhood Third Doctor group encourages you to go the legal route and give the BBC all your money   but recognises that we’re all broke broke people.
Unless Daleks destroy your house you'll always have the hardcopies of the episodes to watch.

:bulletblue: Watch all the Third Doctor episodes

:bulletblue: Watch all the Classic Doctor Who episodes

Links via Life, the Universe and Combom blog
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:bulletred: Click Join Our Group and your in.
:bulletred: You can watch the group if you're not interesting in being a member but you won't be able to submit to the gallery.

:star:----Submitting A Deviation----:star:
:bulletred: Submit your deviations to the gallery folder you feel best fits the content of your deviations.
:bulletred: There is no limit to how many deviations you can submit at any given time.

:star:----Submitting A Favourite----:star:
:bulletred: Anyone can submit to the favourites provided the deviation is relevant to the group.

:star:----What's Allowed?----:star:
:bulletred: Anything related to the Third Doctor's era. Examples: UNIT, Delgado!Master, The Brigadier, Jo Grant, the Sea Devils, etc.
:bulletred: Mature content: nudity, swearing, violence, slash, that shower scene is all allowed.
Please follow dA rules regarding mature content and mark your deviation as needed. Nobody likes surprises at work.
Doctor Who might be considered a family show (Seriously?) but we all know the internet is for porn.
:bulletred: Action Figures:
Pictures of your action figures are allowed provided they are doing something interesting.
Example: Action figure theatre.
Catalogue-type photos are not allowed, that's why we have Google.
Toy reviews however are allowed.
:bulletred: Original Characters: Are allowed provided they are depicted with a character from the series.

:star:----What's Not Allowed?----:star:
:bulletred: Copyrighted material: Screenshots, images you found on Google, basically anything you don't have permission to use should not be submitted to the main gallery.
The exception is stamps, icons and other such usable things which have their own gallery now. This may change in the future as needed.

Please submit instead to the favourites, thank you.

:bulletred: Anything not related in someway to the Jon Pertwee’s era, duh

Example Time!

:bulletblue: A picture with Sarah Jane as seen in ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ is related.
:bulletblue: A picture of Luke Smith as seen in ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ is not related.
:bulletblue: A picture of Sarah Jane and Luke is related, it’s just squeezing in there.
:bulletblue: A picture of Sarah Jane and Jo grant as seen in ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ is very related and frankly quite awesome.

:star:----Quality Control----:star:

We want you to submit your stick-person Doctor to the gallery, your artistic skill level is off not importance to us. Rejoice!
Simply insure that your image is rotated the right way round, the lines are dark enough to see and the glass bottom of your scanner is cropped out.

:bulletred: Work in progress pictures are allowed provide everyone has a head who is supposed to have a head.

:star:----Spoiler Policy----:star:

We don’t have one, spoil the crap out of each other.

But what about spoilers for new episodes of the new series?

Still allowed; provided the picture’s content is related to the groups theme, the spoiler’s context is irrelevant.

For example, a fanfic where the 11th Doctor talks to The Brigadier about something spoilery that has nothing to do with the Third Doctor’s era would be allowed.

But what if the a new episode has a spoiler that’s related to the Third Doctor’s era?

If the 11th Doctor starts driving Bessie around and declares it cool, not only would spoilers be allowed of that, a journal will be written detailing the awesome.






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