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The Piece
And as I remain trapped,
A prisoner of my own vows,
My own desire to lock in the happiness of others
Before my own,
One thing remains true.
You are my strength,
My light,
My hope.
You chase the demons from my mind.
You are the angel on my shoulder,
The net to catch me when I fall.
You are the chapter in the book of my life
In which I get lost,
The words dancing off the page,
Alighting vividly in my fantasies,
Playing with my perception of reality.
With you,
I can do anything.
As the world tries to beat me into submission,
Trying to play on its own whimsy,
Tearing my gut open
And riping me in two,
You place your hands on my shoulders,
Holding me together and reminding me
You will always be with me.
I find myself lost in utter chaos,
But you reach out your hand,
And I grasp it tightly,
Refusing to let go
Of the one thing that keeps me grounded
And the one thing that lets me soar.
And as you try to pick the scattered pieces up off the floor,
I remind you,
You are my peace,
All I need to b
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 5 2
To Stay, To Run
That glint in your eye,
Trying to hide the darkness;
That cheeky smile,
I can't help but love;
The pain in your heart,
You say you're okay,
But I know better.
That passing thought,
I know it's there.
Contentment and hate,
Both unfair.
To hear your voice,
A reminder of mine.
To speak your name,
A gilded tongue;
An overwhelming fall,
To stay or run.
To stay or run.
To stay.
To run.
To stay.
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 1 0
Dark of the night,
Star bright,
Star light.
The wolf stalks.
The wolf waits.
Seeks shelter,
Too late.
Catch and release,
Hunters unsheathe.
Blind trust,
Off the path,
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 0 0
Lowest Highs
Once again
In my head;
My conscious pleading,
Go to bed.
Tasteless dreams,
Hapless nights,
Desperate calls
To dying light.
Never ending,
Song of soul;
Please, I'm begging,
Let me know.
Bones beneath,
Shattered highs,
Life begun,
Life denied.
Take my hand,
These thoughts ne'er end.
Walk with me
Cleanse my sins.
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 1 0
Why can't I run?
I am strong...
I am weak.
I fear.
Where is the happiness?
How can time be so cruel?
To change would be a lie,
To faulter, a truth.
Terrible truth.
Who would fall first?
I am not alone.
You came willingly.
Sing your denial to me.
When will you leave like the others?
I keep you close.
In my mind you flee.
Alone again.
Is it enough to keep going?
Take me with you.
Be strong for me
When I crumble.
Don't you want it, too?
You do.
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 0 3
Play them.
Play my heartstrings.
I let you in.
Pick the chords
Until they break,
Snap like bones.
Play the notes
I can't quite brave,
A melody of reality.
Turn this break,
This fall, around.
Catch me, brother,
I want to be found.
Hear the plea of my soul,
A symphony,
Concerto of the highest difficulty.
Don't make me beg.
Don't leave.
I fear forever without you.
My confidant,
Don't let me drown,
This river of notes,
Rocks abound,
Hit my head,
No more sound.
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 0 0
To run,
To fight.
To break,
To fall.
To burn,
To melt.
To move,
To drown.
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 1 0
A Light in the Darkness
Blank pages staring at me,
I've no words to express
What's haunting me.
Utterly lost
In the chaos of my thoughts,
A melody of secrets
Known only to myself
And my reflection.
Watching the fire
Flicker to life.
Poking the flames,
Avoiding embers,
Hot to the touch.
I'm not alone.
My reflection's hand
Is outreached.
The flames like our fingers,
On the verge of melting,
Fire and ice,
A burning combination.
Terrible consequences,
Evaded in our dreams,
A shade of darkness
Remains unseen.
I light a candle
To guide my path.
My reflection walks beside me
Flame in hand,
Ready to relight
My dying light
When the shadows grow long
And the dark becomes light.
My hand on the mirror,
I cherish the thought,
I'm glad to know
Both hands are hot,
Chilling my bones,
Reviving my thoughts.
Both of us burned,
Both of us locked.
My angel,
My demon,
My reflection,
My thought.
You are the one thing
I know as naught
But a dream
Reaching out to me.
My symphony,
My secret.
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 0 0
Thin Ice
Time passed. An eternity, a never ending hourglass, crammed inside of a month, a few weeks, days. Incapable of understanding, quantifying what unfolded, I grew utterly frustrated.
I saw a mirror, a different version of myself reflected in the pool of his eyes. I looked at him, and he looked at me. We both knew without speaking. We had fallen off the precipice, the top of the world, onto thin ice. Neither wanted to be alone, but neither wanted to move. Frozen in fear of consequences, we shivered, holding each other tightly as if in recognition of our unspoken secret.
I was scared, scared to let him go that he might disappear forever, a piece of my life torn from my grasp, half of my soul allowed to leave, leaving me desperately clawing at my heart.
We didn't understand. We knew nothing but what was right in front of us. We knew ourselves. We knew each other. Just a glance. A moment. A word. We both felt it, and neither of us had an explanation as to the reason. Logic dictated it shouldn
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 0 0
It Begins With Us
You and I need each other
To remind ourselves
That we are
Who we are.
In the moment,
We both know what is in store.
The inevitable questions
Of when it will end,
How long will it last?
Will I someday think of you
As my past?
Hold onto me longer next time.
Let's grow old.
Your breath on my cheek
Is all I need
To delay the ominous fate
That chains my feet.
It tries to pull me along,
And I fall to my knees,
My arms around your waist,
Come with me,
Hold on!
This adventure has just begun.
Take my hand
And come along.
I need to know
If you'll come with me
Or if my memories
Will have to last me.
I need you more
Than you need me,
Or if that's a lie,
Tell me now.
Don't pussy foot around.
Let me know.
Give me show.
This adventure's not yet done.
Come now, friend,
Leave the world behind.
Let's have some fun.
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 2 7
You and me,
Mixed into one,
We become stronger together,
Our fates intertwined,
Leave impurities and flaws
Far behind.
My brother,
My friend,
We stand as one.
Bound by fire and force,
Polished and smoothed,
We erase the coarse.
Embrace the heat,
Hotter by choice,
Together, you and I,
Walk side by side,
Allies and alloys
In this inevitable fight.
You might pretend,
But you know I'm right.
It's too late to change.
We've been rearranged,
My brother,
My ally.
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 1 3
Beautiful Lives
You have a beautiful mind, child,
So bright and full of potential,
But when you look in the mirror,
You see someone else,
Not who you are
Or who you could be,
But someone you used to know,
Burdened with faults and scars of the past.
The shadows on your face
Remind you of your flaws,
Imperfections you fight every day,
Unable to overcome what you call
You ask me why I think so highly of you
When you have only let me see the side of you
You choose for me to see.
It would do me no good
To try to explain it.
Words are just sounds.
So, instead,
Trust me.
Your soul is beautiful.
I see it spark behind the darkness in your eyes,
Flittering beneath your dying confidence,
Filtering through your fading dreams of yesterday.
I see it.
Whether you want me to or not,
I see you,
You are perfectly imperfect.
You are my friend,
My brother at heart,
And I am privileged, honored, blessed,
To call you a confidant of my own flaws.
Say what you will,
But you will never change what I think of you,
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 5 4
Trivialities, I used to detest them, thinking them nothing more than a  desperate plea for attention by women, calling out in fear of loneliness. But now, I longed, yearned for them even. I wanted nothing more than to feel his fingers running through my hair or experience the warmth of his hand on my back, be it a touch of encouragement or an embrace of souls laced with subtle intrigue.
I wanted more, but more was only a yearning that lived in my darkest dreams. Every emotion, every moment conveyed across the void we call personal space, was a call, a plea to that dream.
And beyond my imagination, my dream began to surface as reality. I watched. Out of the corners of my eyes, the dimensions crossed. My scrutiny caught all, every subtle sign that there was a connection, a merging of states. The possibility of my desires fleshing out became an obsession. I took every opportunity to see it come to life. I created opportunities. I was in control. I was in charge of fate.
But the ever
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 1 0
I could feel his inspiration running through my fingers like sand in an hour glass, cliche but truer than the truth. I began to feel myself stuck in the quicksand, unable to move, falling deeper into the trap that preyed on those that struggled with complacency.
He looked at me curiously, wondering what secret desire I held behind the placation of friendship. His eyes, too, reflected a myriad of secrets that were too dark to utter. I saw myself reflected in those eyes. Together, our minds whispered secrets to each other, desperately wanting the barriers to fall, to be alone with each other.
We were confused. We shared a connection, one that felt centuries old, and neither of us knew why. And it dawned on me, I was my friend, and he, I. I was him in a different body, a different life, trying to make sense of the cards in my deck and why I had been dealt that particular hand. We played the same game, treading carefully on egg shells, not wanting to wake the beast within.
I was torn apart
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 2 0
It was madness. When the sun rose over the horizon after a long night of wistful dreams, it dawned on me that my dreams, while twisted in the maniacal way phantasms often have the reproachable habit of doing, might have a chance at reality. At once, I had something to look forward to, something that would drive the tedium of the day back into submission.
I went about my morning preparing for the inevitable and desperately wanting the time to tick by faster, to release me from the chains of boredom, to vanquish the monotony of the day. I yearn for the minutes to die, hysterically waiting for my chance to see the delusion of my dream become a tangible daring.
But the news hit me without warning and hard, ripping out my heart and stomping on it like it was a clod of dirt beneath a shoe.
I stood, frozen in my conscience, every new second hitting me like a brick wall, tearing at me like downed prey. An echo of despair shot through my heart with harrowing ferocity. I felt c
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 1 0
Foreboding Time
The warm complacency that seemed to blossom under such mundane circumstances drove me into a state of absolute denial at any returned advances. And yet, suddenly, time was utterly precious. I watched helplessly as the minutes ticked away unforgiving, a creation of man formed only to beat my heart into restless submission.
His haunting melody hung provocatively in the air, like a siren, calling me forth into an untimely demise. The notes hung arrogantly in the air, jabbing at my heart, wrenching my very existence into a pit of darkness that had no way out but down. The more I clawed, the farther down I fell, rolling on the ground, incapable of pulling myself up, waiting endlessly for his hand to reach for me.
I tried, countless times, to call to him silently, trying to pull him into my gravity rather than be forced to revolve endlessly around his. So close and yet so far away, to reach out would be madness, to remain still, insufferable.
I had trouble processing the gravity of the situa
:iconthiranostales:ThiranosTales 1 4


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302th Day on DA (I cant cook)
Last weekend was seriously an insane weekend for me as one of my neighbors is having her 90th birthday and everyone in the apartment was invited to her party which will be hold in our common function room , there is one big problem . The cook that was suppose to cook up the dishes for us is down with sore eyes and is unable to come . 
Its was too last minute to get anyone to come cook for us and the amount of portions that is needed is well over 55 people . No one has experience or even dared to stand in for the chef , that granny was really heartbroken . Nothing will be served but just a cake and thats it , oh no .  Guess what , Ella pointed her fingers at me and said , J will do it .  I was like WHAT !!!!
Everyone clapped in rejoice and said what a life saver I was but I TOTALLY didnt wana do it because chances of me screwing up is close to 200% . Ella said , J , i will be helping you too , Its someone's special day and lets be special to granny alright . Oh de
:iconjeremyarts:JeremyArts 11 101
Request by luna008 Request :iconluna008:luna008 2 2
Tagged by :iconkierkitten:

1) You must post these rules.
2) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make your own ten questions for the people you tag to answer.
3) Choose ten people and put their icons and/ or username on this journal.
4) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged.
5) You have to legitimately tag ten people.
6) No tag-backs.
7) Can't say, no tags.
8) Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry. 
9) Go to the tagger's page and inform him/her that you've made a "Got tagged" journal entry.
Questions for me:
1~ Why is the sky blue?
  Because particles in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red... :iconnerdplz:
2~ Do you like quizzes like for fun? ((not school quizzes! O^O))
    Sometimes :la:
3~ When was the last time you had a dream?
    Few days ago...
4~ What was your last good dream, if you don't mind my asking?
:iconmrwillleh:MrWillLeh 1 5
Christmas sketches by Sachi-pon Christmas sketches :iconsachi-pon:Sachi-pon 6 18 Werewolf for ThiranosTales by 12AngelOfDarkness21 Werewolf for ThiranosTales :icon12angelofdarkness21:12AngelOfDarkness21 2 4


by A-M-A-P

I'm not an expert at this type of art, but I can tell you that when I saw this I was instantly drawn to the face (I'm assuming it's Hat...



Hey wonderful and lovely people!

Just wanting to let everyone know that I will finally be going on my honeymoon starting this Friday, 5/18. I'll be gone until 5/29 and will have limited access to the internet.

I'll be in Fort Lauderdale, FL for a few days then cruising out the Bahamas. It's supposed to rain the whole time, but, whatever! Beach!

Anyway, I'll try to check messages every now and then, but most likely it probably won't happen much (if at all).

I'll be back online for sure on 5/30.

See you around!


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New acct for jesusroxgirl and shear89. This one is used for promoting my series, Thiranos!


Hey all! I'm back with another challenge for you!

Here's a photo by seafoodmwg:

bridge by seafoodmwg

Tell me a story about what brought this person to this place and where they are going. You must use no more than ten sentences. Each sentence can be no more than seven words. And you must give this person a name.

Have fun and good luck!
I'm going on vacation for about a week and a half starting tomorrow. When I get back, I want my dA inbox to be blown up! Post whatever you'd like!

Show me your art!

Tell me about your OC's!

Post a haiku!

Tell me a short story!

Tell me about yourself!

Rant about random topics!

I want to come back to an inbox so full that I can't get to all the messages in one day... But I will reply to you! I'll be back 5/30, so let's try to keep this thread going until then!

Have fun! :hooray:
Hey wonderful and lovely people!

Just wanting to let everyone know that I will finally be going on my honeymoon starting this Friday, 5/18. I'll be gone until 5/29 and will have limited access to the internet.

I'll be in Fort Lauderdale, FL for a few days then cruising out the Bahamas. It's supposed to rain the whole time, but, whatever! Beach!

Anyway, I'll try to check messages every now and then, but most likely it probably won't happen much (if at all).

I'll be back online for sure on 5/30.

See you around!

New day, new challenge. Using seven sentences or less and the word "tulip", write me a short story inspired by chriseastmids's photo "she blinded me with science":

she blinded me with science by chriseastmids

Remember: 7 sentences or less, contains the word "tulip"

Can't wait to read what you write!

Ready for another challenge? See my previous post here:…
I want to see an art interpretation of your favorite song or a chimera of your choice.


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