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  • Eating: Bahama Subs. The Hell With Subway.
  • Drinking: Switcha! Oh, you know das right!
A list of people and places on the web I have fond memories of, or used to visit a lot back when I had time.
Some of them have disappeared without a trace. Others I can't remember the name of. Some have just changed so much they're not the same site at all. circa 2002-2003. I'm still listening to the underground music I downloaded from there! fxzone (disappeared) (disappeared)
polycount forums
artbyfeng (now
natgeo potd
dozens of art "site rings" or whatever they were called. All dead now.

Got an intuos 5 a few weeks ago. Only had time to use it twice so far. By Damn I suck at everything. I'm gonna just swear of trying to do anything in color for the rest of the year. Being red-green color-blind is frustrating.

Shout out to and for spectacular free tutorials.
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  • Drinking: Liquid Water
so I'm flipping through the channels and kung fu panda is on...again
So i watch it...again. This is probably the 6th time.
So after the tortoise dies in an explosion of flower petals I say to myself
"it's official, Ugway is now undeniably cooler than....than.........than....

What the kcuf was his name... the old guy, star wars, short, old...
What was his name?
I know I know his name!"

10 minutes pass

I feed the cats, answer the phone... intentionally avoiding googling dude's name because I know I KNOW his name....

Anyway, back to my main statement.
At this point it is official that Ugway is way cooler than... that guy who's space in my memory has been totally overwritten by my newfound reverence of Ugway.

... another five minutes pass ...
I go to google. Staring at google's text entry field for at least another 2 minutes. Envisioning the characters face in my mind as clear as day! Postponing the actual search for a name.
I start writing this post....
I get to the line where I say "I start writing this post" and it hit's me.

Ugway would beat Yoda's ass!
Well, it took about 7 years but I finally watched fight club....
...adding to list of personal favorites.
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I've got a number of people on my watch list who haven't been online in hundreds of weeks.

I wonder if any of them are dead :(

Ever wonder what will happen to all you crap on the internet when you die?

Do you keep a document containg all your account passwords and leave instructions about what to do with it in your Will?
I've just finished looking at 4,488 entries in the designs/advertising gallery. :sleep:
wow, I haven't used this journal in ages.
Well, update to last post. Got a nice 200gig Seagate. Works perfectly.
Got a new dvd burner and about 350 blank dvd's, and have been burning like mad ever since.
Still haven't found 1 Bahamian who might be interested in 3d.

Adding to my list of favorite movies:
The Incredibles
(this movie is so friggin 'Bond, James Bond' in spirit the next Bond film will probably dissappoint me)
Punk assed Western Digital piece of $#!+ harddrive!!!!!!!!
I finally found the time to backup all my stuff to dvd...took forever. Finally put in that SECOND 200 gig drive that I got to replace the FIRST 200 gig drive that didn't work. I put the piece of tihs in and it tells me it's only a 126.7 gig drive. Formatted the bastard. It's now 131.4 gigs. Put it in a different system, it's now 176gigs!!!!!! Gawd Damn Western Digital sunz-0-beeaaatches!!
200 Gigs.....again. Friggin Western Digital...again.
Sh!t better work this time.
Now all I need is about 100 DVD's and I'll feel sane again.

hm....looking through the few psd files I have left since the last crash wiped out nearly everything (all 3d stuff is gone)...
I realize that I will NEVER need a single one of these old psd's for anthing EVER. Some of this crap goes back to 1999 and/or photoshop 4. So, since I'm trying to stop being a pack-rat, I'm going to delete ALL OF IT....but...since I can't stop being a pack-rat I'm going to upload quite a few of them to the photoshop resources section here on deviant art. Who knows, maybe some n00bs will make the mistake of thinking they look good and find a use for them.
Why does it seem like I only update this journal when something goes wrong with my hard drives????

Anyway. I lost about 75 gigs over the weekend, including all photoshop, illustrator, and maya files I've done over the last year or two.

And now the 'special lady' in my life seems pissed at me because I was out all night hanging with pc techs and going to L.A.N. Gatherings trying to find someone who could salvage at least some of the data on my partitions.



Heh, crazy ass people at the computer store were gonna charge me $80 to look at my pc....NOT Fix it...LOOK AT IT!

Screw that, took the weekend off the fix it my damn self than you very much.

SO now I'm back up and running, will finally get to do my FIRST piece of design work at my new job tomorrow (about time, I've been there for months)....I just hope I'm not rusty.
Went by the lab and got to look at maya's sweet....but still some modeling stuff from 3ds and lightwave that I wish it had....and image planes make it crash constantly.

Messed around with uvmapping/texturing and lighting my green creature. It's coming along ok I it's not....IT SUCKS.
and I just discovered DivineError
so now I really feel like doo-doo in the rendering department.


MEET THE FEEBLES directed by Peter Jackson
Wow, just realized that I only seem to update this thing when my system is phucked up.

Well after approximately 2 years and one month of perfect operation aside from shit that inflicted upon myself, my windows xp installation has fucked up and my pc is utterly useless....except that I have a bootable knoppix cd :)...wait, no, can't get any internet in knoppix cuz I don't know jack schitt about Linux. :(

I let this one lady check her email on my system and for the first time EVER someone (her) downloaded and executed an email attachment on my system. Then all hell broke loose. USB ports stopeed working, i had some unknown process that was accessin my internet connection full blast. As far as I can tell, some 'thing' started downloading other 'things' with a different virus in each one.....including sasser, nimda, and blaster.
So now, if I turn it on, as soon as it hits windows it reboots. Thats not so weird, that's happend to me many times when i decided to frig around with pre-release nvidia video card drivers. No biggie!

But when I put my XP Pro installation cd in to wipe C: and start over, as soon as the cd installer started to load, the phukker that's freckin phukked up.

Heh, today is a sad day. For the first time in my life I'm actually going to have to send my PC to a repair shop.
Oh yeah, and a few weeks ago I suffered a harddrive crash.......:(......that hurt really bad.
But luckily I managed to retrieve a lot of my stuff and get it onto cd. Now all I have to do is find the damn cd's. Get a big enough HD to hold all of it, and finally, the arduous task of rearranging and categorizing everything all over again.

Haven't updated my site in ages. Need to do that. But what I really need is more ram so I can try to get on the level that the rest of these deviants are far to go.