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Tried rhyming again
A bloody razor in the basin of a basement bathroom.
While the impatient contemplate awaiting forty fathoms.
Nascent criminal minds investing in their next of kin
Forget the depth of time
Best recollect the debt of sin
Frontin' omnipotence yet slumpin from some impotence
Charlatains pumpin out products for simpletons.
Hollered at the top of my lungs but still I’m whispering.
Sheep elect the shepherds yet the shepherds are indifferent.
Same show, different stage.
different master, Same slave.
Same ghetto, different place
different treble, Same bass.
Living on minimum wage.
Locked in imprisonment's cage.
Shackles on both of my legs.
Lacking a way to escape.
Feel like I'm stuck in one place
Until the end of my days.
Trapped like an animal and
I'm surrounded by enemies.
Ain't it amazing the way we
Keep on wasting our pay.
Racing and chasing a lay.
And stay misplacing the blame.
Such a disgrace
When a baby don't know her daddy name.
Put yourself in her place.
What about if you never kn
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Tunnel of Love
Tunnel of love.
Tunnel of life.
Reason for war.
Reason for strife.
Same thing on a whore,
you could find on a wife.
A string puppet master.
The great equalizer,
as seen in the chapters
of samson and delilah.
Could hold it for ransom,
or pay a debt with it.
Forbidden fruit,
upon the pain of death bitten.
It'll make you do it’s bidding,
and be at its beck and call.
It'll make you find religion,
have you begging, asking God.
How many men are dependant upon it?
I reckon all...
Only way to get into this world and get out your mom.
It'll tell you call Tyrone,
then leave you for Jamaal.
Destroy your royal throne like a giant wrecking ball.
Sometimes all it does
is chase royalty.
Could make a best friend forget about loyalty.
It's the reason for Trojans
and for love potions,
Soap, lotion, and deodorant.
Love Jonesin.
The reason for the phrases:
More fish in the ocean,
Bringing sand to the beach,
And preaching to the choir.
Prior experience required if you wanna try it.
But first impressi
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