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Learning to live above my demons
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Book 1-Their place in the world (Introduction)
Katja Budapest, 15 years earlier Espionage missions were supposed to be just Monday, but not that one. That one had been long, dangerous and exhausting. Standing in the deserted street, surrounded by blood, smoke and rubble, Natasha looked around and spotted Clint walking towards her: "We win, I guess." he said. "Yeah." It sounded like she had not even heard him. It was getting dark, meaning it was best to go back to the motel where they were staying during the mission. They were tired, scared, wounded. And they found comfort in each other. It should not have happened. It was wrong. She could not love, and he loved someone else. But it happened, and the next morning, she was gone. Natasha disappeared for months, which was normal. After all, she was a spy. What was not normal was the guilt. Clint was going to get married soon, what had she done? She could have destroyed his life for her silly impulse. But if he had let it happen, was it only her fault? And then why did she feel
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I've been away for so long, and I've missed you all so much! I've taken some time to focus on the important stuff, and improve my abilities, so get ready for me! I have millions of new ideas and nothing important to do until September, so I hope that will give me enough time to be active here again. I also hope my computer will survive so much activity :D This is also a fresh start. I won't delete my old stuff, because I want that reminder of where I used to be. However, expect a new Thinkinboutart, because I have a few surprises. From now on, if things go as they are supposed to, I will write more and draw less, and the drawings will be mostly doodles and sketches. Writing will probably be fanfiction, but I will try to post originals too, plus a long fanfiction I've been working on for over a year, although that one will most probably be in Wattpad to get more exposure. I also want to try my hand at photography, which five year old me has been begging me to do for ages, as long as my
I saw The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 yesterday. Recommended for everyone. And, if you see it, stay until the end of the credits for some extra scenes. Really, it's just five minutes, you'll enjoy it.
Doing maths homework while listening to epic music. You should try, there's nothing better than the feeling of solving equations like a boss with your own cool soundtrack.


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Thankyouforthewatch by UszatyArbuz
I hope your day is awesome :la:
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OMG, thank YOU, that kittenmelon just made it awesome 😍
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Thanks for the watch! :)
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Happy birthday my friend!
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Aww, thank you! Sorry for the late reply, I've been sick and having lots of exams lately, so I've been offline for almost three weeks.
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Quite the load! Glad you're back with us.