Young Blood - A Collection of Youth Art

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Here we have a collection of some of our young artists' works.
I have collected an array of art from teens 13-16 with under 5000 pageviews.
This art might not be their greatest, or most popular, but it deserves some
attention, as do all our future photographers, painters, graphic designers, and poets.

So please take some time to browse through the first edition of "Young Blood"

:thumb35901766: Rossum-Summersweet Innocence by carlotta-guidicelli
Past Mistakes by sunnycat555 Don't leave me... by AriadneInLove Hand Of God by aidan8500
Water's Ballad. by stream-reflections :thumb49784319:
bubbles two by matthewsime :thumb40851836: No, he ain't lonely by azteak
:thumb44968709: :thumb32719006: Day 32 Reward by SWSU-Master
Swindon Building 01 by evilandyman :thumb49848500: Escapee by rachelxelisabeth
Digital meltdown by Rustydesigns Love The Lonely by thinkdifferentkid folio blue by blind91

I look forward to seeing more youth art, and I hope you do.

© 2007 - 2021 thinkdifferentkid
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Druology's avatar
me likes it...nice work on this one. :)
PhoenixSparrow's avatar
nice idea
[darn, i have too many page views to be counted]
there are so many great young artists on da
clepweb's avatar
It was great to see awesome stuff done by my peers (in age) - hope you come up with more of this inspiring stuff soon!
vinnie165's avatar
How do you know there 13-15 and how would someone get a spot in the mag.
terf's avatar
neat. If only i had under 5k pageviews ;)
MarcosBnPinto's avatar
I applaud your initiative on supporting and promote them!

bonekhan123's avatar
What, this is for a certain age but I'm discriminated by 3000 more pageviews! Bah, this country ;)

Nice features though, I'm glad there are some decent artists my own age... and--not surprisingly--vastly superior to my own skills. :D

veddie-edder's avatar
Well written with some nice features. Age shouldn't undermine the art you create. :)
radii12's avatar
great feature^^
carlotta-guidicelli's avatar
Oh my God, thank you so much!
lilclairey's avatar
Wow! That stuff is amazing! I was never that good back when I was kid :(
ffloverrr's avatar
wow those are uber nice i like seeing art from my own age group :D
Emz-chan's avatar
I see myself there and it's
creative-lens's avatar
this is very encourging :)
soyrwoo's avatar
Hoorah for you! Thanks! :D
rachelxelisabeth's avatar
Thank you very very much for this!
aidan8500's avatar
Spirit-of-Cavalia's avatar
Way cool! Nice job Isaac:)
fense's avatar
I would love to be featured in one of these some time.
thinkdifferentkid's avatar
I'm in the thumbshare forum every month, check it out every once and while. I would gladly put you in.
izilla's avatar
Cheers for the feature. :D
Dr-Psychos-Library's avatar
Bravo. You sir, have made my day. =D
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