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zOOm Logo

By think0
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i need some tips on making logos

please, if you have anything do say, dont' be shy, comment! =D

good or bad!

this is supposed to be a resources company
probably a photography resources company, because it's the first thing you think when you look at the logo

or is it?
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Hey! can you just tell me about the font used by you for this?
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im sorry, i really cant remember
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Can you make a logo for me?
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Can you make a logo for me? Pennybridge studios? ;)
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hi, sorry for the late reply... :/ do you still need it?
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Need it, but i dont want to give you work you know ^^
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no problem, tell me what you want exactly, by note or email
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I dont want to give you work ! I feel dum ;o
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i dont understand
but ok.....
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I can Photoshop, but I think you did good and I feel guilty that put you in the work
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but why? because you're not gonna pay me?
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i think its very good, considering it looks really proff and modern,
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Very clean and neat, but I thought that logo was asociated with photography :P. Cheers.
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yes, it makes more sense...
what i tried to do was to use the infinit symbol, but i probably should have sticked with the traditional concept

thanks for your comment :aww:
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I understand the concept better...
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I featured your work here [link] - Hope you don't mind :)
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thanks! =D
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very clean and good color palette :)
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thanks! I'm really happy that you like it :)
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i think its similar to audi why dont you use a Magnifying glass
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i was just trying some stuff, it took me about 10 minutes to do that

yes, the OO look like Audi's logo and the last 'm' look like the Mazda one
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good one
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thanks noor ! :D
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