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a lighthouse
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It's a bit to blurry, and almost ragged. You can't really see what it is. I can see either a woman being beheaded, or a mountain range with a lighthouse or something. Maybe a castle on a spit of land . . . and the reflection in the water is a bit confusing, because I see a girl standing on a pedestal, just staring out into the horizon. I will say that the very bottom, where it has the age spots is a cool effect, and I am sure that if the picture were of a bit better quality, the effect would make sense, but right now it just add's to the confusion . . . sorry for having to write such a bad critique.
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it's ok, but it's an abstract photo, i wasnt trying to make things sharp or extremely visible, seeing the thing is not that important, but if you want to know, it is a small light house in the rocks and itself as its reflexion, but everything upside down so the sea is above, but being the same image twice, it's also below
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A little bit way too blur and resolution is a bit small~
so.... not really that good~
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what do you mean by blur
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The Content of the Picture~
It's a bit *Blur~
It mean we cant see the content of this picture clearly~
Even after you said it's a lighthouse~
I can't get the feel of lighthouse in this picture~
You made the picture seems like some sort of old picture~
So... people hardly to get what you trying to present in this picture~
If can... Try make some other picture that are more clear and straight to your main content in your picture~
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the main content of the picture is the message, not the ligthhouse, the 'confusion' is there for a reason
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I see~ Seems like I got confused by your 'confusion'~ :tunes:
Then it's a nice job for confusing people~
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