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United States USA Flag

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NEW American Flag with grunge feeling

Full HD Resolution - 1920x1080

Pack with all the country flags in the world in HD resolution.

(!) == To be used only as wallpaper and non-commercial uses, for commercial uses please contact me. == (!)

My old american flag: [link]

For some other examples of my new flag set, visit this collection: [link]

For my old grunge flags, visit my flag gallery: [link]
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bomsteinamProfessional Artist

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Ty for you flags !!!

Dust Line by Bivalus
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RafiCosplayStudent Digital Artist
Hey mate, I was wondering, can I use some of these flags for my video?
I will mention you twice in the video (once portuguesse and once english) and of course I will put the link of your deviantart to the description.
If I could use some of those flags it would really help me.
Thanks for your answer.
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would be amazing the catalan flag!! :) please!!
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rgrant1993Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice, i would like to use this image for my website @

Do i have permission to use this image?
If so could you email me a copy of this image without the watermark at (has to be emailed for proof we have permission)
Credits to the image will be given in the source code, and we will publicly give the credits of the image on our site. 
this will promote your google ranking.

Contact me any time, and feel free to send me high quality images.

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BlackNovaWolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this country :3

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Amazing work on the flag :'D :clap:
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Shame you don't love it enough to know that the "under God" is a recent - forced - edition to your pledge. Written by a Baptist minister, HE didn't think the words belonged there, so he never put them in in the first place...your own government forced it through during the Cold War, in order to create the "us VS them" mentality and the separation between you and the "godless Russian Commies". Looking at the state of your country today, the 'us VS them' mentality is still strong, only it's the "god-fearing" versus the "godless" (or non-Christian believers)....doesn't seem very "indivisible" to me. Quite the opposite, really...that's VERY divided...and with the SCOTUS's decision re: Hobby Lobby, your "liberty and justice" are just commodities that are bought and sold on your 'free market'. But's a "great" country.
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What the fuck does that mean?
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Its cool but 

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Nah, that's just you projecting.
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gay is good
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creativemikeyProfessional Photographer
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PatSnyderStudent General Artist
Hi may I use some of your flags for welcome signs for incoming exchange students?? Please and thank you!!
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PatSnyderStudent General Artist
Hi may I use some of your flags for a welcome banner for exchange students?! Please and thank you!
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PoetundergroundHobbyist Writer
Poetunderground's avatar
PoetundergroundHobbyist Writer
I used it in my profile picture.
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FearlessLullabyHobbyist Writer
Is it alright if I use this as a background for a picture that I'm doing? Credit would be given to you, of course. (and I'm not planning to sell it or anything)
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FearlessLullabyHobbyist Writer
Thanks~! ^^
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bamfgProfessional Writer
i love USA
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