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Red Bokeh that resembles blood



simple red bokeh that resembles blood

click download for higher resolution - 1920x1080 - and better quality -i dont know why it's worst quality in the preview...

i didn't find a red one that i liked, who are you to judge me
i don't even like blood
i can make other colors if you want, i can even make it pink -IM NOT GAY BTW

thats what you get for being nice to people

he broke my nose because i was going to ask him a sip of his water, but instead i ended up babling shit and sounded retarded and agressive and he tought i was robbing him or hitting on his girlfriend or being retarded WHATEVER

i mean

what a world we live in nowadays
i can't even talk to people because im shy, i always end up yelling "WAHS ASSIP!?!' or making some noises and looking down. even spitting on people, it happened once.

one day a girl approached me and said "hi" i thought she was talking to someone else,
i didnt even looked at her
she was probably talking to me
i felt her looking at me
i can feel when someone is looking at me

sixth sense maybe? i dunno
i believe in ghosts, oh, that i do. ghosts are everywhere
i never saw one but believe me when i tell you.
i had an experience one day, i dont like to.. you know... but it was so scary

well i was walking down the stairs and then i heard a scream coming from the kitchen... i sat down on one of the steps.

from fear.

my legs just couldnt handle it.

my sister was having a birthday party on her bedroom, she didnt heard the scream...
i ran up the stairs to my bedroom and stayed there til my mom came up. i told her what i'd heard. she laughed and told me it was her laughing with my granny. ha. oh really mom. you cant even hide. i know what i heard.

now i always sleep with the lights on. not because i'm afraid, i just want it not to be dark. IM NOT A RACIST BTW.

my sister is adopted, she is black, i love her. she beats me sometimes, not a big of a deal... she is very strong, but i love her. you know, she is my sister, im suposed to love her. she once gave me a little card to play with, but now i dont know where it is anymore.
she is very kind with my mom, they watch tv together almost every day. i wish i could do that, but my mom says i cant, because she says my sister is special and she needs to be alone with her in order to keep her calm.

but i like her, she is really black, really really. and really strong.

i wanted a girlfriend, but she says that ill never have one. she tells me to go look for a boyfriend... haha. she is also funny.
but i guess she's right, i mean, im weird and i cry for no reason... but i love my sis...

i have no one else

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T^T The description was sad, I hope things work out for you. Awesome work by the way. :)