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From the mountains, to the valleys,
from the heavens to the oceans
and all nature's beauty in-between!
We welcome you to THINGS-OF-NATURE!

We ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:

  • deviantART's policies
  • Please submit your best work
  • Black & White photography must be crisp and clear
  • With the exception of fog, photos must be bright and clear
  • All media is allowed
  • All work must be original
  • Photo-manipulations must be nature oriented
  • Full credits should be given to photo-manipulations
  • All art, including fractals, must be nature oriented
  • Paths and roads surrounded by nature will be considered individually
  • Please keep man-made structures to a minimum
  • Domestic and farm animals must be in an outdoor setting

The following will be declined:
  • Poor quality
  • Animal cruelty, injured or dead animals
  • Fantasy
  • WIP
  • IR and monochrome photography
  • Mature content. Please remember we are not a documentary.
  • People
  • Man-made structures as the focus
  • Architecture such as houses, churches, public buildings
  • Cemeteries
  • Watermarks and signatures which obscure the picture
  • Literature

Submit 3/day to Submissions and we will redirect your art.

We welcome any questions, so please feel free to contact MYPeanutGallery.


Gallery Folders

Mr Tiger by Theladywolfheart
Lotus X by 12bluros
Pretty Blue by Hestefotograf
Parrot by Berlin-Steglitz
Cedar Park, TX by JMcColgan
Anniversary Bouquet 2018 by pinestater234
Bubbles by MiaRogi
Fluffy little Fox by steffchep
Animals - Amphibians
Sun bathing by Tarquinius-Superbus
0440 Little frog by RealMantis
Green River by Yuukon
Four legged tadpole by Tarquinius-Superbus
Animals - Aquatic
Anemone family by PaulWeber
Burst of Colorful Life by AnthonyPresley
Blue Light Special by Scarlet-Nokitsune
Forsaken by Catlaxy
Animals - Big Cats
Carpathian Lynx by CharlyJade
Amur Tiger by CharlyJade
From Four Until Late by Mouselemur
Lion by Dellboyy
Animals - Butterflies and Moths
Morning under the violet clouds by MamaMika
Lesser Cruiser by kiew1
Meadow Brown Butterfly III by SweepingShadows
0610 Butterfly by RealMantis
Animals - Cats
The Treat Admirer by TheEmpatheticCat
when sleep is life by jeanbeanxoxo
Arwen Contemplates by Okavanga
Stop it! You're embarrassing me! by TheEmpatheticCat
Animals - Chipmunks and Squirrels
I'm watching you by Spid4
Wiewior na sosnie III by rosaarvensis
Full Of Grace by suezn
Watchful by brittanyfay
Animals - Dogs
Milo by Yuukon
4 feet running along.. by FractalCaleidoscope
Beppy relaxing. by FractalCaleidoscope
Heather by TobiasRoetsch
Animals - Farm
Hello Mummy by RunaCorner
Evening by Vitskog
It's a pig's life by artjuggler
Goat by Sia-the-Mawile
Animals - Horses
Donald by Lain-AwakeAtNight
Animals - Invertebrates
Mr. Blue by natureguy
Animals - Mammals
Pouty Sunbear by NaturalLightPhotos
Animals - Pets
Summer hamster by Thunderi
Animals - Reptiles
All my clothes are green. by Phototubby
Art - Animals
Luna by FleetingEmber
Art - Artisan
Passiflora by Xantosia
Art - Birds
Horned Owl by avaunt
Art - Flowers
Verbascum by Woodswallow
Art - Flower Fractals
UF Redux 18-07 3 by Gerda1946
Art - Nature
Stream flows and grows by rollarius55
Art - Nature Fractals
Emerald Garden by Szellorozsa
Art - Nature Prose
Save the birds by kiriOkami
Art - Snowflakes
Pong Ziska-Gerda 05 by Gerda1946
Black and White Photography
Amur Tiger by CharlyJade
Birds - Birds Of Prey
On the Watch by AnthonyPresley
Birds - Corvids
8449 Crow on the rock by RealMantis
Birds - Flightless
Emu in portrait by LewiARTs
Birds - Game
Golden Pheasant x Lady Amherst's Pheasant by kiwipics
Birds - Seabirds
Limosa Limosa III by blizzard2006
Birds - Songbirds
Brown Sicklebill by NaturalLightPhotos
Birds - Spring Waterfowl
Duck's nest by Cyklopi
Birds - Tropical
Hey now, you're rockstar! by TheEmpatheticCat
Holidays - Christmas
Christmas Comes In All Sizes by jeditoonfox
Holidays - Easter
Happy Easter! by Shirley-Agnew-Art
Holidays - Halloween
gettin spooky by Zingey
Holidays - Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day by LoloAlien
Holidays - Thanksgiving
Happy.Thanksgiving-Days by Creaciones-Jean
Holidays - Valentine's Day
Two swans enjoy the romantic evening by MT-Photografien
Nature - Berries and Nuts
Untitled by Placi1
Nature - Cactus and Succulents
Red Cactus Flowers III by SweepingShadows
Nature - Droplets
1465 After the rain by RealMantis
Nature - Ferns and Moss
Blechnum spicant by mossagateturtle
Nature - Flowers
Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) by mossagateturtle
Nature - Fog and Mist
. . . by Alexey-Argentum
Nature - Fruits, Herbs and Vegetables
Plum by Fleur-de-Noel
Nature - Fungi
Alpine mushrooms by mossagateturtle
Nature - Geology
Leopard skin agate detail 2 by shilaktit
Nature - Grasses, Grains and Groundcovers
Way of wheat by AlphaPrimis
Nature - Iris
Wet by Livvie052198
Nature - Landscapes
Alpine landscape by mossagateturtle
Nature - Lilies
Frilly Daylily by NaturalLightPhotos
Nature - Lotis and Waterlilys
Lillys by Nipntuck3
Nature - Meadows
Yellow flowers. DSCN0672, with story by harrietsfriend
Nature - Misc Plants
It's All In The Details by Kitteh-Pawz
Nature - Pinecones and Seeds
Seeds of fuzz by FranticMezmer
Nature - Poppies
A Levitation by 12bluros
Nature - Roses
Gentle Touch by Fleur-de-Noel
Nature - Skyscapes
Winter sunset by shilaktit
Nature - Storms and Rainbows
Fight of the elements by paschlewwer
Nature - Sunflowers
Kinder Farm Sunflower 2018 by Matthew-Beziat
Nature - Sunshine Waterscapes
Twilight II by mabuli
Nature - Thistles
White thistle by mossagateturtle
Nature - Trees and Woodlands
A Place for Faeriefolk II by Aenea-Jones
Nature - Waterscapes
McClures Beach by PaulWeber
Seasons - Autumn
Wild Inferno by AnthonyPresley
Seasons - Autumn Waterscapes
Shades of Autumn by WindraWolf
Seasons - Spring
Yay sun by Livvie052198
Seasons - Winter
5996 Snowscape by RealMantis

Invitation to Join


If your art has been requested,
please consider joining us!

On Gossamer Wings

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 4, 2018, 8:53 AM
Vagrant Darter by Skaldur   broad-bodied chaser by FurrHammer

dragon-fly by Berlin-Steglitz     Turquoise Dragon - III by InayatShah

Variegated Flutterer by kiew1   Photography: Dragonfly 2 by sc62568

Damselfly by MilenaKalias     6p9a3251 by jeepke

Calopteryx splendens by corniger-aries   Dragonfly by RunaCorner

Dragonfly by borderone   Dragonfly explored by MT-Photografien

Colorful dragonfly by MT-Photografien   A fleeting visit... by cricketumpire

Preparation For Flight by Ryardn   Damselfly on Blade by RunaCorner

Scarlet Dragonfly by WillTC   Orange Dragon - II by InayatShah

Dragonfly by tawunap159   Well, hello there by VisualStripes

Sunbathe by WillTC   Libellula depressa II (Plattbauch) by paschlewwer

Damselfly by kootenayphotos   0322 Yellow dragonfly by RealMantis

committed by funkichkn   Colorful flitter by kayaksailor

0241 Damselfly by RealMantis   Blue Dasher 2 by Gerryanimator

Common Whitetail dragonfly by natureguy   dragon fly by natureguy

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