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True Tail OC - Maverick Tombson

My $100 pledge award for :iconskynamicstudios:'s "True Tail: School of Heroes" kickstarter project:…

This is my True Tail original character, Maverick Tombson, a platypus treasure hunter.

Inspiration: Indiana Jones (obviously), Perry the Platypus from Walt Disney’s Phineas and Ferb (for the species), Walt Disney’s Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales (for his strong love for treasure and gold), Ruel Stroud from Ankama Animation’s Wakfu series and Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight (for his incredible fighting skills with a shovel), Chelli Lona Aphra from Marvel’s Star Wars comics and Looney Tunes’ Daffy Duck (for his neutral morality), and Nifflers from Harry Potter’s Fantastic Beasts (for his attraction to shiny things).

Character: While Viktor is all about impressing the ladies and boasting his skills, Maverick cares only for treasure. However, he isn’t some pirate who just plunders trinkets and money, Maverick has a taste for ancient burial treasure that is beyond invaluable with history and culture. Any museum curator would pay top dollar for these treasures to have it in their collection. Maverick is manipulative, cunning, and quick-witted while also connivingly neutral. He uses his smarts to get out of trouble and manages to avoid any curses that the treasures possess. Unfortunately, he often gets the students working with him hexed instead. Maverick and Doh-Li tend to butt heads when it comes ancient treasures. She values their history and knowledge; while he values the treasure solely for its profit. Despite his grey morality, Maverick can be heroic and reasonable when he wants to be. Underneath his uncaring façade, he isn’t all heartless and selfish. If saving the world requires to sacrifice a priceless treasure, then he’ll willingly do it.

Abilities: Maverick has expert knowledge of archaeology, with an interest in Splitpaw's ancient valuable artifacts. He is incredibly skilled in the wielding of an unlikely weapon - a shovel. He uses the shovel to strike enemies either bluntly or by harming them with the shovel's edge. He can even bounce on it like a pogo stick (a reference to Shovel Knight and Duck Tales video game). As a proficient digger, Maverick can burrow and tunnel through solid matter at high speed and veolcity. Maverick's talent in finding treasure is so keen that he can track it with his 'treasure senses', without the requirement of a map.

Biography: While students attend True Tail Academy to follow their families' legacies or make legends of their own, Maverick does it to rebel against his high-and-mighty family who sees heroes as 'savages' and adventures as 'a waste of time'. Since childhood, Maverick has been a hoarder for shiny and rare objects, much to his parents' chargin. When he joined the Academy, he seeks to obtain the rarest of artifacts and treasures within and without of Splitpaw. His escapades often leads him coming to blows against his main rival, Doh-Li Ling. Since day one when they first meet in the academy, Maverick and Doh-Li have been clashing against one another from school assignments to hunting artifacts.

I will be adding more later. Hope you like him.


True Tail and Drawing (c) :iconskynamicstudios:

Maverick Tombson (c) Me.
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