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Couples and Families in Adulthood
Chuckie and Angelica Finster (Rugrats/All Grown Up) - Charlie and Cynthia Pickles (Jose-Ramiro's OCs)
Harold and Susie Frumkin (Rugrats/All Grown Up) - Frankie Frumkin (Jose-Ramiro's OCs)
Arnold and Helga Shortman (Hey Arnold!) - Miles and Stella Shortman (Jose-Ramiro's OCs, named after Arnold's real parents)
Gerald and Phoebe Johanssen (Hey Arnold!) - Nikki Johanssen (Jose-Ramiro's OCs)
Tommy and Lil Pickles (Rugrats/All Grown Up) - Louise Pickles (Jose-Ramiro's OCs)
Phil and Kimi DeVille (Rugrats/All Grown Up)
Savannah Shane and the Carmichael Brothers (Rugrats/All Grown Up)
Cody, Gwen, and Eva (Total Drama)
DJ and Heather (Total Drama)
Noah and Courtney (formerly)/Emma (Total Drama)
Shawn and Jasmine (Total Drama)
Jimmy and Cindy Neutron (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)
Harold and Patty Berman (Hey Arnold!)
Manny and Frida Rivera (El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera)
Rudy and Penny Tabootie (Chalk Zone)
Danny Fenton/Phantom and Sam Manson
:iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 3 3
Naruhina Siren Duck Comic by thieviusracoonus Naruhina Siren Duck Comic :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 8 3 Marty And Minerva In A Bubble by thieviusracoonus Marty And Minerva In A Bubble :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 10 4 Tied-Up Dog Todd and Jane TV - Bendy Cartoons by thieviusracoonus Tied-Up Dog Todd and Jane TV - Bendy Cartoons :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 11 1 Splatoon - Me as an Inkling by thieviusracoonus Splatoon - Me as an Inkling :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 4 4
Knable House - Heather Tuffy
Full Name: Heather Brooke Proctor-Tuffy
Age: 30
Species: Cat
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair/Fur Color: Brown hair, brown/dark brown/white fur
Height: 7'2
Weight: Let's not say.
Blood Type: A
Outfit(s): Blue and black sneakers
Accessories: Golden heart-shaped locket
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Personality: Bubbly, energetic, compassionate
Occupation: Retired pro wrestler, Elementary school gym teacher
Likes: Pizza, Horror movies, comic books
Dislikes: Child abuse, disrespecting the deceased.
Hobbies: Motocross racing, video games, more coming soon
Abilities (if any): Strength, endurance
Physical/Mental Handicap (if any): None
Strengths: Strength, intelligence, maternal instinct
Weaknesses: Lack of agility, her large size occasionally makes her clumsy
Political Affiliation: Let's not discuss that here.
Home Island (Leona, Panthra, or Tigra):
:iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 0 2
Sweatered MMHH - Kingdom Hearts III by thieviusracoonus Sweatered MMHH - Kingdom Hearts III :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 5 2 Sweatered MMHH - Avengers Infinity War by thieviusracoonus Sweatered MMHH - Avengers Infinity War :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 3 3
Kingdom Hearts Adventures Facts
* Besides Disney and Square-Enix, Kingdom Hearts Adventures will also include other franchises and companies (such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Capcom, Nintendo, Warner Brothers, Universal, Dreamworks, etc.). Basically, its similar to KallyToonsStudios' Kingdom Hearts Toons Unite, but it focuses on Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Felicia together; kind of like my own Kingdom Hearts Fan Universe.
* Very similar to the Sonic Boom series and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, every adventure they will go to (not including multi-parters) will be standalones. However, while it will have some comedy, this universe will be more serious-focused like Sonic SatAM.
* Similar to Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero and how Sora, Donald, and Goofy take on certain forms in cert
:iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 3 5
Me with the Mjolnir by thieviusracoonus Me with the Mjolnir :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 1 2 The Tenth Doctor and Me by thieviusracoonus The Tenth Doctor and Me :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 3 0 Spider-Gwen and Me by thieviusracoonus Spider-Gwen and Me :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 1 0 Anna, Elsa, and Me by thieviusracoonus Anna, Elsa, and Me :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 4 1 Blade and Me by thieviusracoonus Blade and Me :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 1 0


Rachael - Las Lindas by Lenoax Rachael - Las Lindas :iconlenoax:Lenoax 6 3 QPM Duo Chart V2 by TMan5636 QPM Duo Chart V2 :icontman5636:TMan5636 6 5 Reverse Trio by Amethyst-Ocean Reverse Trio :iconamethyst-ocean:Amethyst-Ocean 112 15 Glenmore Cheddarasta by jacobyel Glenmore Cheddarasta :iconjacobyel:jacobyel 4 2
Jellielandian Species list
Big Cats:
*Huyao or Jellielandian Manticore -
*Jellielandian Nue or Monkey-Faced Tiger -
Little Cats:
Misc. Feliforms:
Jellielandian Painted Wolf -
*Jellie Bear -
*Sabertooth Bear -
Misc. Caniforms:
*Jellielandian Mule -
*Moose-Headed Bellower -
*Jellielandian Three-Horned Rhinoceros -
Whales and Dolphins:
*Sand Dolphin
*Sand Orca
*Sand Sperm Whale
*Sand Humpback Whale
*Mammoth Camel -
Cattle and Other Bovines:
*Jellielandian Bonnacon -
Other Antelopes:
Deer -
*Swollen Brained Elephant -
*Sucker-Snouted Deinotherium -
*Jellielandian Loxodont -
*Spikey Badger
Non-Avian Dinosaurs:
Jellielandian Sand Tiger Shark
Whales and Dolphins:
*Jellielandian River Orca
*Jellielandian Octadol
*Rainbow Dolphin
*Piranha Dolphin
*Demon Dolphin
*Leviathan Whale
Seals, Sea Lions, Walruses and Sea
:iconkallytoonsstudios:KallyToonsStudios 2 2
KHA - The Caribbean by jacobyel KHA - The Caribbean :iconjacobyel:jacobyel 4 1
True Tail | Skynamic Studios | DEVLOG #01
Hello True Tail Fans!
Welcome to our very first devlog! In this recording, you will get to know a little bit about Allison & Zach, our studio, our crewmembers - and of course - True Tail! We are very excited to be releasing one of these every two weeks. We hope that this will help you feel more informed, and a part of our True Tail Adventure.
Much Love,
Allison & Zach
:iconskynamicstudios:SkynamicStudios 3 1
Commission: MetalBrony823 3 by DigitalIguana Commission: MetalBrony823 3 :icondigitaliguana:DigitalIguana 144 42 Commission: Worldgovermentleader #2 by CunningJanja Commission: Worldgovermentleader #2 :iconcunningjanja:CunningJanja 34 28 Gadget Belly Dancing Comic (Commission) by CartoonyStuff Gadget Belly Dancing Comic (Commission) :iconcartoonystuff:CartoonyStuff 49 16 Retro Thursday: Chip 'N Dale by TheArtsyEmporium Retro Thursday: Chip 'N Dale :icontheartsyemporium:TheArtsyEmporium 26 38 Mermay2018 Day 15 Commission by CartoonyStuff Mermay2018 Day 15 Commission :iconcartoonystuff:CartoonyStuff 62 11 Big Over 6 by Kenisu-of-Dragons Big Over 6 :iconkenisu-of-dragons:Kenisu-of-Dragons 48 2 A Trio of Inhuman Heroes by DoctorJohnPotters A Trio of Inhuman Heroes :icondoctorjohnpotters:DoctorJohnPotters 3 1 Dolphelope by maryquiZe Dolphelope :iconmaryquize:maryquiZe 3 0

Aprovecho las vacaciones para intentar hacer algunas comisiones! Si les interesa pregunten lo que quieran. Se agradece difusión. :la:
:spotlight-left:COMMISIONS INFO :spotlight-right:
Humans / Sonic / Chibis / Furrys.

I accept paypal and points.
The price can vary depending to the complexity of the drawing.
The payment needs to be done beforehand so I can start the drawing. In case of a cancellation there will be a refund.
The slots can only be reserved by note.


PRICE: 10 US$ or 900 :points:
EXTRA CHARACTER: + 3 US$ or +240 :points:


PRICE: 15 US$ or 1300 :points:
EXTRA CHARACTER: +4 US$ or +320 points.


:iconrattah:Rattah 4 0

I was looking up the latest comics in, and lo and behold, my sketch commission from :iconretrouniverseart: Moonstruck - Julie and Selena by thieviusracoonus has the honor of being in the Moonstruck comics' Fan Art Gallery! :D This is a real honor Benny and I!


United States
Favourite genre of music: Various
MP3 player of choice: PSP, Ipad, Iphone
Favourite cartoon character: Goku, Yugi, Danny, Raimundo, Sora, and all the other heroes
Personal Quote: "Share Your Imagination."

My Switch Friend Code: SW-0546-3599-1202

My 3DS Friend Code: 5284-1423-4850

Playstation Network ID: Dustin Matthew Laughlin/tobygirl (My mom set it up for me when I was little).

Xbox Live: ResistanceKingz

Battle.Net Tag: GhostDragon#113473

What other skills do you believe Dakota Jones should have, besides archaeology and bullwhipping? 

3 deviants said Comment a List of skills (Examples: Aviation, marksmanship, martial arts, etc.). Feel free to add modern skills as well (Examples: Computer-hacking, Parkour, etc.).


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