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Wade and Harley's Happy Life by thieviusracoonus Wade and Harley's Happy Life :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 8 1 Citizens of the Garden by thieviusracoonus Citizens of the Garden :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 7 1
Knable House - Mallory
Full Name: Mallory
Age: Infinity
Species: Satyr (formerly Angel)
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair/Fur Color: Dirty blonde (formerly white), red fur
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: What a rude question
Blood Type: O-
Outfit(s): None
Accessories: TBD
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Personality: Sultry, seductive, manipulative, psychotic, cunning, pragmatic.
Occupation: President of Hell Vision Studios
Likes: Her physical appearance and beauty
Dislikes: Ruining her good looks, threatening her baby, plastic surgery.
Hobbies: Causing trouble, examining herself in a mirror.
Abilities (if any): Immortality, dark magic, shapeshifting, mind control
Physical/Mental Handicap (if any): None
Strengths: Her devilish good looks, great leadership skills, loving relationship with her son.
Weaknesses: Her vanity
Political Affiliation: None in particular, just vote for one with greater evil and does business with her.
Home Island (Leona, Panthra, or Tigra): Leona
Relatives: Spike (husband) Spike, Jr. (son), unnamed daughter.
:iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 2 1
Knable House - Spike Jr.
Full Name: Spike Junior
Age: 66 (physically looks 16)
Species: Satyr
Eye Color: Brown
Hair/Fur Color: Dark red hair, red fur
Height: 1’ 11”
Weight: 100 lbs.
Blood Type: O-
Outfit(s): None.
Accessories: None.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Personality: Greedy, mischievous
Occupation:  Mr. Spike's apprentice
Likes: Building things, cars
Dislikes: Failing his father, his father thrashing him when he's angry
Hobbies: Paddleball, model car collecting
Abilities (if any): Leadership skills
Physical/Mental Handicap (if any): None.
Strengths: Perseverance
Weaknesses: Not very smart. A small portion of good dwells within him, preventing him from killing the Knables.
Political Affiliation: None in particular, just vote for one with greater evil
Home Island (Leona, Panthra, or Tigr
:iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 1 1
Weed God by thieviusracoonus Weed God :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 7 1 Shrub God by thieviusracoonus Shrub God :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 3 1 Agave God by thieviusracoonus Agave God :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 4 1 Poison Ivy and Poison Grass by thieviusracoonus Poison Ivy and Poison Grass :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 9 1 Jamila's New Friend by thieviusracoonus Jamila's New Friend :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 4 0 Sunflower Goddess by thieviusracoonus Sunflower Goddess :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 7 1 Blossom Goddess by thieviusracoonus Blossom Goddess :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 3 1 Oak God by thieviusracoonus Oak God :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 2 1 Jamila's New Playmate by thieviusracoonus Jamila's New Playmate :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 7 1 Rafflesia God by thieviusracoonus Rafflesia God :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 5 1 Algae God by thieviusracoonus Algae God :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 4 3 Willow Goddess by thieviusracoonus Willow Goddess :iconthieviusracoonus:thieviusracoonus 5 1


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I'm thinking of creating more original villains for me and my friends to face in our adventures in :icondustinomniverse:. I'm need some suggestions of villains and what they are planning to do (or already accomplished, like murdered someone, stole something, etc.). It's okay if they are a one-time appearance.

* Pollukiller, a giant polluting monster in Planet of the Plants, attempts to pollute all plant life. (need suggestion for a name for the monster.)

* Solstroyer, a sentient evil sun who tries to dry up Planet Ocean and kill all the merfolk living in that dimension. (suggested by :iconjacobyel:.)

* A clean-freak alien race attempting to blow up Junkland for being filthy. (need a suggestion for a name of the clean-obsessed alien race.)

* ??? in Fantasyland for ???. (Open for suggestions)

* ??? in Nature Rules for ???. (Open for suggestions)

* ??? in Planet Muterra for ???. (Open for suggestions)

* ??? in Galactic Oddities for ???. (Open for suggestions)

* A soul-feeding villain in Stitchworld, trying to suck up the souls of the stitch people. (need suggestion for what the soul-feeding villain is and its name.)

* ??? in The Cheerful Era for ???. (Open for suggestions)

* ??? in Awesomepocalypse for ??? (Open for suggestions)

* An anti-furry group in Fursonia, committing hate crimes against furries (need a suggestion for the group's name.)

* ??? in Life on the Rocks for ???. (Open for suggestions)

(More to come later.)

Please comment your suggestions.


United States
Favourite genre of music: Various
Favorite genre of Literature/Media: Anthropomorphic, Cartoon, Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Post-Apocalyptic, Superhero, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Steampunk, Horror, and more.
MP3 player of choice: Ipad and Iphone
Favourite Characters: Sora, Kairi, Riku, Felicia, Sonic, Mario, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Simba, Siren Ducks (from Ducktales 1987's "Home Sweet Homer"), Goku, and so many more.
Favorite Pairings: Sokai (SoraxKairi), RiLicia (RikuxFelicia), Naruhina (NarutoxHinata), Sonally (SonicxSally), Marterva (My OC Marty MongoosexMinerva Mink), Hectanna (My OC Hector HowleyxHanna aka Hello Nurse), TonPeg (Tony TigerxPeg), Marbette (My OC Marco StreakxBimbette Skunk), and more.
Personal Quote: "Share Your Imagination."
Favorite Colors: Blue, Gold, brown, white, and platinum
Favorite actors: David Tennant, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Pierce Bronsan (childhood 007), Tony Jaa, Jim Carrey, Jack Black, Robin Williams (RIP), and more.

My Switch Friend Code: SW-0546-3599-1202

My 3DS Friend Code: 5284-1423-4850

Playstation Network ID: Dustin Matthew Laughlin/tobygirl (My mom set it up for me when I was little).

Xbox Live: ResistanceKingz

Battle.Net Tag: GhostDragon#113473

In my story, what should Lubdan the Leprechaun be? 

2 deviants said My NAL version of a Leprechaun:
2 deviants said Gargoyle
1 deviant said A new original species
No deviants said Gremlin:
No deviants said Other (Please Comment.)


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