Poptropica Jokes (For PHB's Community Creations)

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I created this solely for the Poptropica Help Blog's April 2018 Community Creations. Have fun! X3

1) It doesn't make sense that Mordred (from Astro Knights) goes by his other alias, I personally think he's non-BINARY.

2) Does anyone know if Mordred is good with trading? He seems like he'd be good at BARD-er.

3) What did Poseidon say to Hades (Mythology Island) after he saw pomegranates for the first time?
    HADES look pretty neat!

4) You know how there are 5 episodes in Survival Island? Wouldn't that make it Sur-FIVE-al Island?

5) You know how Tessa Turncoat double-crossed the player? It was a true PoptropiCON in Poptropicon Island!

6) After Mr. Silva tried to steal CJ's invention, she needed to see a SHRINK for advice on what to do to prevent it from happening again!

7) The Great Booga Shark never tells shark lies. He only tells the shark TOOTH.

8) In my opinion, Red Dragon Island didn't dragON for too long!

9) Why did Salerno (Lunar Colony) jump into the portal in the end?
    She coloNEEDED to see that aliens were real!

10) In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, what did Willy Wonka say to Charlie after Violet blew up with juice?
    Did JUICY how big she got?!

11) What animation company created Shrek in the Poptropica world?
    STEAMWORKS animation!

That's all I could come up with... XD I hope you enjoyed!
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wesh81's avatar
I love these jokes.They are hilarious.
thietanavenus's avatar
DrStinger's avatar
Number 10 killed me XD!!
xXGalaxyCandyXx's avatar
Can't lie, I actually giggled at a few of these! What can I say? I love a good pun every now and then xD
thietanavenus's avatar
XD Yay! I do too. I love jokes and puns!
xXGalaxyCandyXx's avatar
Glad you love jokes too ^^ Laughter is the best medicine, after all! I gotta give you props for coming up with this many, it takes me hours to come up with just one xD
thietanavenus's avatar
XD Well, thanks!
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