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Wicked Little Things

Here's the result from a workshop I did in issue 42 of ImagineFX [link] . It also includes videos of my process. I had an awesome time on it. Get it while you can, it's an awesome mag, lots of great people working there.


Close-ups [link]
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hhemken's avatar
I loved this image from the very moment I first saw it. Bravo!
Enimael's avatar
Great expression on her face!
JantineArtisan's avatar
Looks like she has ben strunk to face the world as an insect would.
Cayalice's avatar
Gorgeous lighting.
pandaspirit777's avatar
Scary... lol I just saw the girl, then i maximized it and was like "oh my!"
iatemypencils's avatar
amazing colors, lov it
Sierra-la's avatar
her facial expressions and body launguge i perfect! and gotta love those colorful rainforest plants!
Zhida's avatar
I do think this is my favorite deviation of all times; I loved it from the moment I first saw it. The colours are so vibrant, her face shows so much emotion, and there's lots of life and story in the picture! Wonderful <3
fdp82's avatar
Sophia Hapgood ? : D
JediJoshus007's avatar
oh yeah, you can definitely tell she petrified. nice work :gallery: :jedi:
WingoftheCrow's avatar
It's kinda scary haha...
Maybe darken it a bit and let the eyes of the animals(/monsters?) shine a bit.
Goes to my favos XD
PullItApart's avatar
For some reason theres a big sense of.. realness in this paint. O:
MadameAradia's avatar
Amazing work! The colors are vibrant and the lighting is spectacular! But what I like the most is her expression...fear, panic, bewilderment... And then of course, the little faces of the "wicked little things" peaking out here and there. Well done!
TRVE's avatar
This is soo detailed, and so real looking!
Kattunepal's avatar
great sense of imagination and black in background r mixed so well
lucidflux's avatar
Her face is so fearful....I can almost feel those little teeth! :fear: Excellent lighting and coloring--I especially love how hidden the little "Things" are at first glance! :D
Malja's avatar
I think this is better than any other work I´ve seen from you. Maybe it´s the backround. You seem hard-working, and you are improving so fast!
Rory8lupe's avatar
nice expression
MARYAM57's avatar
wooow great
your work is very good
good luck dear
K-i-s-s-h-u's avatar
You, my friend, have a serious set of skills.

There are plenty of amazing artists out there that can draw like the dickens, but while their work displays emotion, most of it shows the same emotion from piece to piece.

Browsing through your gallery, this work in particular caught my eye because of the amazing way you've captured the essence of mad fear. Plus, the background and details of the entire image are FABULOUS.

Kudos to you.
blueboy777's avatar
wow! again and again and again...etc again :D
erykh's avatar
I love how you work the lights
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