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Golden Eyes

A pretty old portrait of one of the faces that "haunts" me. Sort of a pixie-like character.
I'm really sorry for not being around at all lately, school work is keeping way too busy. So i hope you don't mind me turning off the comment option, cause i know i won't be able to get back to you all, but if you have something important, sent me a note.:)

Photoshop+wacom tablet.

Thank you all!!
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Beautiful eyes!!  (that hair is the non-bombastic version of mine)
ManaMadeleine's avatar
frobischer's avatar
Truly captivating...
archemmy's avatar
Beautiful! I really love the glow of the eyes!
GoldenTooth's avatar
I really love this portrait, the eyes are so pretty .It reminds me so much of one of a character of mine.

With your permission, I would like to use this as a book cover.
aliceinwonderlandaes's avatar
absolutely beautiful!
SapphireBloom's avatar
My English teacher has eyes like that. No lie. I have never seen a human being with gold eyes until i met her and she has dark hair 2. I love this picture. Im going to show it to her
Brocolash's avatar
i love her eyes!
cabepfir's avatar
Draizt's avatar
beautiful picture, love the eyes.
kind of reminds me of Amanda Seyfried :)
NightDayDreamer's avatar
Its a delightful sight one's eyes. I love the color of her eyes.
alis-volat-propiis's avatar
WAH I know someone who looks EXACTLY like this... creepy
hiibo's avatar
She's beautiful! reminds me of KK.
ShadowRavenAMZ's avatar
I absolutely LOVE this picture! You're right, it does have a sort of haunting quality to it. With your permission, could I use it as a role play character?
evee103's avatar
omg! this looks

Ryooki13's avatar
this reminds me of the song "Girl with Golden Eyes" by Sixx A.M.
but it talks about heroine not a girl
CrayolaQueen09's avatar
Can i ask how long this took you ??
ChickenMight's avatar
It`s nice, the skin is so clear and the girl look like a cat.
Wulfgrim666's avatar
this is so beautiful, i think my soul just came.
Siobhan68's avatar
She is absolutely beautiful with her eyes glowing with an inner light! Such faces haunt you?... I wouldn't know if I had to be scared or amazed because it is so intense!
carpenoctem410's avatar
this face is so familiar! I just couldn't look away when my eyes catched this amazing work!
RenaissanceMan1's avatar
Your work is featured in my journal.
gdpr-5273607's avatar
I love the lighting in this piece. :). Do you do these from memory or do you have a model?
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