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We've decided to extend the deadline!
New deadline is next friday, Nov. 16th. so you have one more week!

But hurry up! This is the only extension we'll grant.

Many of us grew up with Disney movies, great stories with valuable morals in which good always triumphs over evil that shaped our lives and gave us some of the most memorable characters of all time, heroes and heroines who came to save the day!

However not only the heroes of these movies are well remembered and cherished, in fact sometimes the villain of the story is the character we remember and like the most, because let's be honest, the bad guy is always the most charismatic.

Now is your time to re-imagine the devious villains of your favorite Disney movies, give them a twist or simply depict them in a new way, YOUR way!

How to enter

- Create an artwork of you favourite villain of any Disney movie, animated or live action but with a twist; place them in an alternate universe, banding together with another villain of another movie, swap their gender, change their outfit, be creative!

- All mediums are accepted

- The contest will run from Oct. 8th to Nov. 16th

- Entries must be new and made for this contest, nothing submited before Oct. 8th 2018 will be accepted.

- Your deviation must comply with DeviantArt's Terms of service.

- Entries will be judged based on creativity and against the artist's own gallery rather than other participant's, so this will be effort based rather than on skill level.

- Become a member of CR-FanArt-Contests and submit your entry to THIS FOLDER


1st Place - 6 month Core Membership

or 2,400 :points:

2nd Place - 3 month Core Membership

or 1,200 :points:

3rd Place - 1 month Core Membership

or 400 :points:


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Is the exact deadline Nov 16 23:59 PT?
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It ended and no more entries are being accepted.
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Just submitted my entry! Whoop! Whoop!

Rumbelle (Story In Description/Evil Re-Imagined) by Constantine-Woodhull

Best of luck to everyone!! Tiny Heart Tiny Heart Tiny Heart 
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can't wait to see the results Judy - Icon 
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Oh god i just realised this existed i'm going to try to do it in 4 days lmao
gunpowdermilkshake's avatar
LMAO!! I know right!?
Best of luck to you! I am a dummy! 
gunpowdermilkshake's avatar
I know I already commented but I am so happy they extended it!! I can put so many more details into it now!!! Love Love Love
I am a little worried though, because it's a head-shot and everyone else has a full-body and/or a big background....Is it one of my best works, probably, especially for the time limit, but there are so many awesome entries lmao!!
Best of luck to everyone who joined/joining!! I am a dummy! 
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Starting the drawing!! ^-^
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Awesomesauce!! Good luck, my friend!!
gunpowdermilkshake's avatar
You are very welcome!
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I doubt I won't finish it tonight and I sort of want to get it over with...
But I am tired and possibly after a good nights sleep: I may decide that I should have waited a few more days now that it has been extended a generous amount.

So can we upload and then re-upload?
Or is it best I just finish it?
Put it aside and then post it if I am really happy with it only?

In retrospect... I presume the later is the logical way to go...
And I think I am just asking a stupid question.
But I am usually a bit emotionally pulverized on deadline moments so I don't exactly think clearly. The "I have to have it finished" urge just got the best of me.
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Do what you consider best :) if you have extra time maybe taking advantage of it and taking the time to finish it until you're completely satisfied would best, don't you think? 
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As expected... SO typical of me: I didn't get the chance to play around with it any further... But none the less I am very greatful for the extra time to work on it!

BEST of luck to every one participating!

Cthulhu-Jones by blackdidthis
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Damn I wish I had uploaded it sooner... I don't see it in the gallery :(
I guess I should have uploaded it that night as is.
I thought that Friday was included... I had not correctly interpreted it as "Until Friday" :/

Well ce la vie I guess...
Guess it wasn't meant to be.
I so wish the best for the ones that correctly completed and uploaded in time.

I had my fun creating it :)
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Disregard the last message please :(
I woke up to see it actually got accepted after I retired for the day :/
(Not the brightest am I?)
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