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What is this Awesome Achievement?
The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out
on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.

The Deviousness Award for March 2013 goes to Lintu47.

But.... who is Lintu47?

Hey there :wave: For those of you that may not know me yet, on dA I’m Lintu47, a dedicated member of this community since December 2006, that is sometimes believed to be a bot due to being spotted everywhere lol. In real life, I’m a 22 y/o med student that grew up surrounded by animals. I love cats :iconimhappyplz: and I have one Siamese lady, but over the years I’ve also had 3 budgies. I am scared of dentists, don’t like elevators very much and absolutely hate the metal against metal sound. Oh and I quit smoking :hooray:

Talking about the award. How did you receive the news?

Let me tell you about that day. I started my day normally, woke up at 6 am, went to the hospital, then to a doctor’s appointment; afterwards I went to visit a friend’s bar and ended up staying late there, chatting with my friends. I got home pretty late in the evening, worrying about not being online all day and thinking that I was so tired that I would probably not be able to finish all my work for that day. When I opened my laptop and the dA tab showed up I was surprised to see I had so many messages; I found that suspicious but I decided to take care of them the next day – first I had to congratulate the artists that were DD’d and make my weekly poll. At some point, while commenting I scrolled down a bit too much and saw my avatar in the Deviousness section, so I started reading: “Lintu47 always demonstrates…” Wait, what?! :|

I went numb because I couldn’t figure out for the world what was I doing there. Then I thought “Meh, it has to be a mistake” and went back to commenting. 10 minutes later, after going through some of the messages I initially said I will deal with the next day, I realized all was real, but still felt like all of these happened to another person, mainly because I didn’t felt I deserved it and partly because geesh, did you see how many amazing people are here?! How was it possible that I of all people was suggested and chosen for this month’s award? The next day I also felt like I was answering another person’s correspondence, but afterwards the shock went away and I really started to enjoy the feeling of immense appreciation I received.

What does this award represent to you? Do you think it will change your DA experience in any way from now on?

This represents the one prestigious distinction I never dreamed of receiving, that’s why I was in denial and that’s why I’m so happy now – but not so much because of the title of being the Deviousness Award recipient, but because I know people stood behind it and believed in me. Behind all this sudden popularity I see my friends’ support, my fellow deviants’ love and for me that’s worth more than the title itself.

The feeling you get when you know your activity is appreciated is unbelievable, but this doesn’t change me as a person, it only makes me want to work more to feel worthy for such a distinction – you won’t hear me saying “Oh, I’m a senior, I got the Deviousness Award, now I will retire” because I’m not here for the awards - don’t get me wrong, I love the appreciation and It really enriched my dA experience, but I will still be me, commenting on DDs, saying Happy Bday, working in groups and handling my personal projects because that’s what I love doing :heart:

"I think Cristina's deserved this award for a long time. I haven't been on deviantART for very long, but from the moment I met her, I knew she was a wonderful individual. She congratulates every DD, supports everyone she knows and is always happy just to talk to you! Her bright and cheery attitude will bring a smile to my face every time I'm faced with it- and, trust me, it's always there! I don't think I've met a more positive person. :happybounce:
This girl deserves a billion rewards just for the happiness she's spread! (And knowing her, she'd give them away to spread it even more! :XD:)
If you knew Cristina before you read this, you know what I'm talking about. And if you didn't, just say hi to her! You'll be amazed. Really, you will. :heart:

In short, congratulations for the Deviousness Award, Cristina. You completely deserve it, and I hope that you'll keep being amazing for many years to come! :hug:


"Cristina and I met in the group Genuine-ART, and worked together for quite a long time. She started watching me and featured me many times. It was always such an honor to me to get featured by her, because she always chooses spotlight features for real amazing people!
Her senior membership was totally eligible, and I simply knew that she would receive the Deviousness award! I am so happy for her. She really deserves the award, because she is a great part of the deviantART-community and I love her personality!

"Oh, well while it's true that I don't know Cristina personally, I have seen her around on deviantart a lot. She always has something nice to say about others, and their work, and she seems like a very nice person. I recently asked her how to become more involved in the Deviantart community, and was really helpful and gave me some good advice.
 I was very excited to see that she won the Deviousness Award, she deserves it. (:

"The first time I really met Cristina was through projecteducate. She became a Community Week leader and through this we both began to chat. I'm so glad to have met Cristina, she's such a great friend to have on dA. Cristina is so supportive of me as an artist and person, as well as a community member. And I know that I am not the only one who she supports in this way. In addition to this, Cristina puts a lot of time and effort into promoting other artists through interviews and features. She's just awesome all round! :heart: Congratulations Cristina, you really deserve this award. :aww:"


"Cristina is one of my closest friends here on DA, we keep in touch for quite some time. I find her an extraordinary kind of girl - she distributes DA love for everyone on weekly basis with deadly precision, helps to organize quite the amount of other community activities yet still has time to keep on becoming a doctor. But that's not the end of her witchcraft, if you are lucky enough to count as her friend, you will be able to fully understand the meaning of a word "support". Oh, and she is gorgeous, I've stated that clearly in a couple of my paintings (:"

"To be honest, I have only known her since she got her deviousness award thing, but she has a huge heart. We spoke several times and when I told her about my family's money problems, she didn't hesitate in putting up an ad and helping. I may not have known her long, but she is one of the sweetest people I know. I am so glad we met and you are welcome to quote this if you'd like. She isn't just a nice person, she is 100% angel."

"Cristina is an amazing person. She's really kind and caring. She's really selfless, always willing to make other people's day. She is always involved in so many different projects. She truly deserves the award, and I'm so happy for her! :la: "

You're a very community-involved deviant, spreading positivity basically everywhere! posting journal features, suggesting DDs, contributing to groups, etc. What motivates you to do all this?

The feeling I get when I see I made someone’s day better - that’s what keeps me doing all this work. It’s also the fact that I want to be an inspiration for others, a positive model for the community – it’s great when I hear “What you do is lovely, I will start helping/featuring others too”.

What's the thing you like the most about DA and what's the main thing you would change about it if you could?

I love the community; the friends i made here, and even stalkers strangers kept my spirits up when i was down because of the things that happened outside of dA. (Most) People are selfless here. What i love most about this community is that when you give, you always receive something valuable in return - appreciation and the thought that you made someone’s day better.
As for what I’d like to change… well, those that know me also know the fact that and I aren’t great friends… but the one thing I’d like to change at this moment is the limit of groups you can admin – up to 15? :D

If you were a guy, who would you go gay for?

Aaah, the gay question! :giggle: I think this answer comes as natural as breathing since gays are normal people and they work the same way as heterosexuals do. Your question though doesn't say if I’d already be gay or not, so:
:bulletred: if I’d be gay I’d be with the guy I’d be in love with and I hope he’d be gay too, otherwise my love may end up in a restraining order.
:bulletred: if I’d be a hetero male I’d go gay for a younger Anthony Hopkins – he’s exquisite! (he’s the one male celebrity everyone knows about that I could take into consideration).

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MY GOD, why did you agree to post these answers? Looking back it's sooooo childish *facepalm*