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Thiefo of the House Volunteer Team, First of His Name, the Unmonochromed, King of the Profile Pics and the First Fan Art, NailedItLeesi of the Great Contest Sea, Breaker of Badly Drawn Fan Art, and Father of Vibrant Color.

DD Suggestion Guidelines

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DD Suggestion Guidelines

To make a suggestion, send me a note with the deviation you want to suggest.

A few tips:

- My areas of expertise include: Digital Art, Drawings & Paintings, Comics, Fan Art, Manga, etc. I would say I love all kinds of illustration, both digital and traditional. You can check my Collection of DDs to see what I like to feature!

- The artist needs to be active (at least for the past 30 days)

- I can only give a DD to someone who hasn't received one for the past 6 months. (there is currently no way to check this easily, so feel free to send your suggestion even if you're unsure!)

- Feel free to suggest yourself!

For the complete guidelines check: How do I suggest Daily Deviations?

"This will never go out of style!"

Girl Power!

Girl Power!

I'm a 90s kid. I was born in the 80s but like everybody else, I don't remember much of that decade, so the 90s were the era I have the most fond memories from. There were many fads back then, terrible fashion, baggy pants, lots of pockets and a lot of catchy pop music. My favorite group of the moment were definitely the Spice Girls, they were my first obsession! "Spice" and "Spiceworld" are still up to this day 2 of my most listened albums of all times, and don't get me started on the movie! It's so cheesy, full of terrible jokes, british humor and overall such a terrible, terrible movie. And I love it to pieces! That scene where Victoria is driving the bus, trying to get to the Royal Albert Hall in time and she shouts "Sunday drivers! and it's only Saturday" - I still shout that when I'm driving in a hurry hah! They were always deemed as a bubblegum pop group, shallow, without substance that wouldn't last, and while it was true that their peak lasted for only a few years, I

What decade were you born in?

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  • 60s or earlier. I'm not old, I'm old school!
  • 70s Disco baby!
  • 80s Can't touch this!
  • 90s Generation next, generation neeext!
  • 00s What's a... VHS?
  • 10s I shouldn't even be here!

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Deviousness Award

`Thiefoworld has made his mission to fill our community with vibrant colours and positive attitude. His illustrations are instantly recognisable and are somewhat iconic at deviantART. Thiefoworld's weekly webcomic is a must read for all deviants, and we love that his journals are filled with community spirit and encouragement for others. You know you've picked the right deviant when you have to double check that he hasn't received the Deviousness Award already.We are absolutely delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for August 2012 to `Thiefoworld!
Awarded Aug 2012

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Hey Thiefo, i found your old video on YouTube recently and this is what i ask: How old are you and how come you still haven't grow any hair even after you have became a old grandpa?

Okay, no offends what i said but i was also asking that who are those people in your old interview, your swimming racing and your karaoke? I was curious

Anyway, mucha gracias if you can answer all of these question.

Your art is epic!


Hey Jonathan, just asking that what's your favorite donut flavor?

Delicious flavored