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Minimum. Suite v 0.3

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Published: January 6, 2009
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I was wondering if I could design some really minimalist interface, without lots of effects, shiny stuff, etc... Here it is ;) I present you "Minimum", made using only contrast, and a few gradients :D It comes in Black and Black value reversed => White.

The archive contains :

- Minimum Black GTK Theme
- Minimum White GTK Theme
- Minimum Black Contrasted GTK Theme
- Minimum White Contrasted GTK Theme

- XFCE Black Windeco
- XFCE White Windeco
- XFCE Black Contrasted Windeco
- XFCE White Contrasted Windeco

- Metacity Black Windeco
- Metacity White Windeco
- Metacity Black Contrasted Windeco
- Metacity White Contrasted Windeco

- Gradient wallpapers

Have fun with it, download, try, fav, comment, etc...

Changelog :

01/06/09 :
Version 0.1b


01/06/09 : Added Metacity theme -> Version 0.2


01/15/09 : 2 contrasted version in Black and White are now available. The panel has been slightly reworked, so have the progressbars been. Added a small collection of Gradient wallpapers. The toolbars as also been reduced from 24x24 to 16x16 ;)
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Man, dunno how I skipped this awesomeness in the gtk2 times..
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hello does the theme Minimum. Suite v 0.3in work with Ubuntu 12.04 ?

I have been having difficulty installing the theme in 12.04.

I'd appreciate if you could help.

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Hello Paul,

I just tried installing it. You have to extract the theme version folder you want into the .themes directory. To be able to select it from gnome-tweak-tool you need to create a gtk-3.0 directory in the theme folder along the gtk-2.0 directory. This should make it appears into the combo menu in gnome-tweak-tool. You should also be able to select the window decoration. However, note that gtk3 apps won't be styled...

best regards,

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Thank you so much!
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JeSuisNerdHobbyist Digital Artist
I realize it's in French, but one of the first things I noticed was the variable named "Tampon".

Anyway, really nice theme!
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:D For my defense, that's some old code.
"Buffer" shouldn't be translated, especially to store some int value, in a var name starting by an uppercase :D
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Great support for XFCE! looks great on Crunchbang #! :)
Thanks for the awesome theme!
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Great theme! for me the progressbars also seem to fail.. iam already did everything to get it fixed but it doesnt.. the bar includes some sort of small blocks, or is this normal ?
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It seems to be nice,will have a try :)
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theRealPadsterHobbyist Interface Designer
it is so beautiful :la:
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I <3 this. And have been using it, however 2 things stuck out to me. In some apps, progress bars do not show. Also, some items, specifically links, are colored too darkly.

I use clearlooks zenburn most of the time, you might want to check out the colors used there as I see you're using a similar soft dark base (#f3f3f3?).

I have a huge softspot for the zenburn color scheme, but I :love:LOVE how you've done the widgets here. An amalgamation of these two things would be my gtk forever :P
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Thanks for your feedback ! :)
Could you please tell me which apps are lacking the progressbars ?

That's already a 2 years old artwork, and I think it's high time to update it ;)
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The application I noticed it in originally was Transmission. I'll post any others I notice it in, the problem is a) I don't use a lot of apps with progress bars, and b) due to the coloring issues I can't use this as my primary theme.

I didn't realize till after my original comment how old this was, truly a good thing to stand such a test of time, or else I just like old things :P I look forward to updates if you make changes :D
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You are welcome
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half-leftHobbyist Interface Designer
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