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January 7, 2009
Minimum. Suite by ~thibaut28 Do you use Gnome? You do?! Are you using this? Why the hell not?!
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Minimum. Suite v 0.3

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I was wondering if I could design some really minimalist interface, without lots of effects, shiny stuff, etc... Here it is ;) I present you "Minimum", made using only contrast, and a few gradients :D It comes in Black and Black value reversed => White.

The archive contains :

- Minimum Black GTK Theme
- Minimum White GTK Theme
- Minimum Black Contrasted GTK Theme
- Minimum White Contrasted GTK Theme

- XFCE Black Windeco
- XFCE White Windeco
- XFCE Black Contrasted Windeco
- XFCE White Contrasted Windeco

- Metacity Black Windeco
- Metacity White Windeco
- Metacity Black Contrasted Windeco
- Metacity White Contrasted Windeco

- Gradient wallpapers

Have fun with it, download, try, fav, comment, etc...

Changelog :

01/06/09 :
Version 0.1b


01/06/09 : Added Metacity theme -> Version 0.2


01/15/09 : 2 contrasted version in Black and White are now available. The panel has been slightly reworked, so have the progressbars been. Added a small collection of Gradient wallpapers. The toolbars as also been reduced from 24x24 to 16x16 ;)
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Man, dunno how I skipped this awesomeness in the gtk2 times..